Image for LIQUID CHALK Markers - Chalk ink paint pens 8pck 6mm chisel tip. Perfect for slate Chalkboard, Blackboard, Windows, Signs, Whiteboards, Scrapbooking.

Buy LIQUID CHALK Markers - Chalk ink paint pens 8pck 6mm chisel tip. Perfect for slate Chalkboard, Blackboard, Windows, Signs, Whiteboards, Scrapbooking.

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LIQUID CHALK Markers - Chalk ink paint pens 8pck 6mm chisel tip. Perfect for slate Chalkboard, Blackboard, Windows, Signs, Whiteboards, Scrapbooking.

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Customer Reviews

Just right for keyboard/mouse combo
My monitor has one USB connector and the keyboard I was using had none, so I couldn't plug in both the mouse and keyboard - enter this tiny 2-port hub - it works like a charm.

Works great
I pluged this into my desktop on the rear panel which gives me an extra usb port for my camera usb wires. Works great. I have been using it for over a month now.

Great item!
This is a great little item if you need additional ports. I used mine to connect my external hard-drive and printer to my laptop. I just plugged in my two usb ports into this hub, then connected the hub to my computer! Easy. Works great. Everything seems to be working as well as it did before the hub was connected. I followed the recommended devices that were best suited to using this device, so I haven't experienced any problems. I am quite satisfied with this purchase. I won't hestitate to buy another if I need additional ports. Also, this company stands behind its product, so you can't go wrong with purchasing this item. I highly recommend it if you need additional ports; however, use it for low-powered items.

Good to go
I'm only using this for power two devices, no data transfer so I can't comment on throughput or anything related. The thing has a good build quality and works fine for me.

Perfect fit..
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This 2 port hub works exactly the way I need it to. Short wire connection is great - no wires on the floor.

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  • Premium Chalk Ink Markers for Maximum Coverage, Clean Smudge Proof Lines, 6MM Chisel Tip, 8pck in bright neon colors (white, pink, red, green, blue, yellow, purple & orange)
  • Our Liquid Chalk Markers are acclaimed for their bold VIBRANT COLOR, our inks REMOVE EASILY, Simply Wet & Wipe. NOT recommended for Chalk Painted Surfaces
  • Kid Friendly - Perfect kids drawing chalk - No Mess, Non-Toxic, Water-Based, Odor Free, Xylene Free.
  • Completely Dust Free, our chalk paint markers are ideal for the office, café message boards, signs, the classroom, home crafts - scrapbooking, your kids crafts & art supplies, organizing and decorating.
  • Our Chalk Marker pens are perfect for any Non-Porous surface: WINDOWS, blackboard, GLASS, slate CHALKBOARD, whiteboards, MIRRORS etc.


Chalk Art At It's Best! Whether you're Inspiring your Classroom, creating interest in your Cafe Message Boards, Brainstorming ideas in your Workplace, or looking for great art supplies for your home and kids crafts, you'll love this product.


✔ The liquid Chalk markers are of the Highest Quality, ensuring Maximum Coverage

✔ 6mm Chisel Tip delivers clean Smudge Proof Lines

✔ Shelf life of 6-12mths - no more one use wonders!

✔ No Dust, no mess, ideal for Allergy & Asthma sufferers and use around computers!

✔ Kids Safe - Non-toxic, Odour free, Eco-Friendly

✔ Erased Easily from non-porous surfaces, (Windows, Glass, Chalkboard, Blackboard, Whiteboard, Mirrors...) simply wet & wipe

Why Inspired By Craft's Liquid Chalk? Too often chalk paint pens are watery, translucent in color and can be a nightmare to remove, well no longer! Our New Premium Formula has launched Chalk Ink technology to the next level and overcome these problems!NO RISK PURCHASEWith the highest manufacturing standards, we back this product with a no questions asked, hassle free, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

BONUS DISCOUNT! Limited Time Pricing Offer! Take Advantage, BUY NOW, click the orange ADD TO CART button at the top of your screen.


An art supplies must have, these chalk paint markers are so bright, perfect for scrapbooking!!

The kids love them! They use them on our glass windows, they are also great for kids crafts

I can highly recommend these chalkboard markers - we use them in our office for brainstorming on our glass wall, and they are great!

Always test a small area first to ensure your surface is non-porous

*NOT recommended for CHALK PAINTED Surfaces

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