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CaseCrown Lux Glider Case (Purple Amethyst) for Apple iPhone 6

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One of my favorites!
I really liked the CaseCrown case for the 5S. So much so, that I'd buy one for friends as a little gift. So, I was excited for the Glider for the iPhone 6. I think the new Glider case is terrific for the money, like the 5S case is. I have a couple of recommendations. 1) I'd rather the button access be open than covered. But it looks like you could easily snap off the little covers if you wish to. 2) The brand lettering on the back of the case. I wish the case was all black with less visible branding. 3) The Lightening Connector access hole is smaller than it was on the 5S case. So, my non-Apple car charger with a compatable lightening connector doesn't fit. The Apple brand Lightening Connector fits fine, no problem. Still, I wish the hole on the new Glider case was slightly larger like it was on the 5S version. The 6 is a slimmer phone, so maybe the third party charger manufacturers will make an adjustment.

My go-to case for iPhones
I've bought the same case for all my iPhones and this case is as good as the prior ones. The case was originally noted to arrive a week after the iPhone launch (I got mine on launch day) but it arrived on Monday. Yay! As others have pointed out, this time the volume and on/off buttons have their own rubber cover. It makes the on/off button a bit harder to push, especially in its new location on the side. if it bugs me too much, I'll pull it off but for now it's reasonable. The case fits the new rounded edge of the iPhone 6 perfectly.

I had one for my 4s and was pleased. This one fits the bill also
Fits really well. I had one for my 4s and was pleased. This one fits the bill also. Satisfied!

amazing!!!!! Easy on, easy off!!
Perfect fit that won't snap off you power button. I have candyshell and this one and I like this slider waaay better for this six EXCEPT it's more slippery and prone to scratches....don't use a nail to pry apart. And yes it's a very tight Fitbit it beats speck in the way it goes on. See my iphone 6 has slightly wiggly buttons. I'm not at all convinced the candyshell won't snap one off over time. I can't even take it off without flipping the vibrate button so this gets a very high rating because I know it will go on and off without damage....vs 34,95 its a steal!! Seller beat ship estimate and the blue is soooo pretty on the silver. Logo matches the silver exactly and the camara cutout is perfect!! No risk of scratching the lens. The buttons are perfect and "snap" nicely. It's the perfect case.

Great case for the money!
I like CaseCrown cases because they are thin and don't make the phone too much larger compared to other cases. The main reason I wanted a case on my iPhone 6 was because the camera protrudes on the back and doesn't sit flush when you lay the phone on it's back. It does a great job of that and looks very sleek!

This just met every need
Choosing a phone case gives me anxiety. It feels like such a commitment!

In all seriousness, I wanted something that would generally protect my new iPhone 6, but preserve the slender feel of the phone. There are a million cases out there that claim to be grippy and slender. Don't waste your time at Best Buy - I tried every case they had and they were all $30+ and felt cheap.

This case is affordable (read: low risk) and does the job. There are two pieces that slide on from the top and bottom, respectively, and a velvet-like substance on the interior of the case to prevent scratching and provide a snug fit.

It fits the phone perfectly, provides easy access to buttons and ports. I was able to use a variety of chargers (including those from OnlineShopDealer) without issue.

There is also a slight lip on the front of the case - not enough to bug you while you are using the phone, but enough that if you dropped the phone (heaven forbid) directly on the face somehow, it would probably give enough of a buffer that you might not shatter the screen.

I bought and returned an Otterbox due to the clunkiness. This thing is sleek and feels good in the hand. I paired it with a Zagg Glass screen protector, and my phone feels slim and protected, which was my ultimate goal.

CaseCrown continues to provide a quality case - This time for the iPhone 6
I have been a fan of CaseCrown Glider Cases since my first one on an iPhone 4s. It has saved my phone more times than I can count. The case is a good balance of thinness to avoid the phone being significantly larger and sturdy enough to support a fall. My only complaint and I'm not sure how big of a deal it is - the front of cover provides a very small lip to protect the glass. It is there and the glass doesn't touch when it is laid face down but it is smaller than I remember previous glider cases having been. Again, the balance between keeping it thin and sturdy all at the same time. I will continue to buy these cases especially at these prices - which is about 1/3 of what I paid for my first one on the 4s.

One of the best cases out there!
I've used CaseCrown Lux Glider cases for the past few years on my iPhones because they make some of the best looking cases out there period. The fit, finish and color selection for these cases are phenomenal. I would recommend these cases to anyone regardless of the phone type as they make them for various phones.

Very pleased with CaseCrown glider cases for iPhone 6 Plus.
I've tried at least 15-20 cases since I got my iPhone 6 Plus, 90% of them have gone back to the stores that they came from because they just weren't what I was looking for. This case is not too bulky, is NOT a lint magnet like the Griffin super-dooper protector cases (yuck!!), and is not flimsy. or bendable. My phone feels secure in it and I'm so glad that I have a CaseCrown on it. To replace my phone would cost upwards of $1000 and if one's going to have an expensive phone, they should have a decent case to protect it.

My previous phone, an iPhone 4S, had a CaseCrown Glider case and it was the only case I'd use on the 4S phone in addition to a leather holster. I had the glider cases in all sorts of colors and I have been hoping that CaseCrown would come out with one for the iPhone 6 Plus. I am not disappointed by any means with my purchase.

In fact, I just ordered 3 more: another black, a blue and a red. I hope they go on to making them in the metallic colors like they had for the 4S phone.

If you are looking for a slim case, that will protect the phone but doesn't attract a ton of lint, and is more rigid, then this is the case for you too.

I saw how sturdy and reliable it was
My husband and I both got one of these for our iPhone 6 plus phones. He has had an iPhone 5 for about 2 years now and has had the same case crown case on that phone ever since. I saw how sturdy and reliable it was. It really protected his phone from all the drops and it for sure protected it from scratches. The case looks so good even to this day! That's why I specifically said "Okay, CaseCrown FTW (FOR THE WIN) when we got our iPhone 6plus's. The cases fit our new phones PERFECTLY and they were easy to slide on. I love my pink case! He got the red one and he loves it. Funny thing,his iPhone 5 case was red, too. Your money is well spent with this brand. If you really want a reliable and bold looking case, CaseCrown is IT. The colors are bold and amazing. Not dull at all. Fits in my hand perfectly. Stop researching for phone cases and buy one of these!


Technical data

  • Slim and lightweight for convenient travel
  • Side and camera cutouts to allow full functionality of device
  • Package includes case only


Product Description

Protect your Apple iPhone 6 with this CaseCrown Lux Glider Case. This svelte 2-piece case specifically designed for the iPhone 6, features a matte finish with rich colors that boldly embody a sense of class. Our Lux Glider case is made from durable polycarbonate material to withstand use. All the normal cut-outs are accessible, and our materials and snug design provide your iPhone 6 with the most protection at all times.

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