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Camelbak Products Kid's Eddy Water Bottle, Hearts, 0.4-Litre

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Product Reviews

the air pressure made them squirt like crazy, all over the ceiling
We found that when we took these on an airplane and opened the mouthpiece mid-flight, the air pressure made them squirt like crazy, all over the ceiling, it wouldn't stop and we had to throw a shirt or something over it. (or close it, but I was taken quite by surprise) Glad it was just water! Happened to us then I saw it happen to another mom on a different flight. I think this is a great bottle but wanted to share that funny thing we learned.

CamelBak thinks of the kids too!
We love CamelBak Products and we’re stoked to find that they made bottles for our kids. Our son is about to start 2nd grade and our youngest daughter is about to start kindergarten.

I was super stoked to find out that CamelBak included a well thought out valve for our kids like they have with their Podium Chill bottles. It’s CamelBak’s thoughtful design with their valve technology that has made them our favorite bottle brand. Thanks CamelBak!

Here’s why you should consider these bottles for your kids. The valve allows the kids to get a mouthful of water or juice without having send straws with them in their lunch box (straws prevent tooth decay…look it up). We can confidently pack the Eddy bottle without fear of it leaking in his Darth Vader lunch bag/box. This is a HUGE plus and the reason we started looking for a new bottle for our son. The previous bottle we were using leaked and ruined his first Darth Vader Lunch Bag/Box.

If CamelBak could just add their Chill technology to the Eddy bottles, they would be perfect!

+ The bottle plastic does not get dingy or become faded and gray
+ Easy to handwash
+ Spill proof is an accurate claim
+ The valve comes off making it easy to clean
+ BPA Free makes my heart happy
+ Colorful graphics are cool looking and the kids dig em

- The printed graphics on the bottle wear off after many washes in dishwasher

+ I suggest handwashing these bottles to prevent the printed graphics from wearing off

Very easy for my 27 month-old son to use. Does not leak. Perfect size for Britax car carseat cup holder. You may want more than one!

Camelbak is THE best!
My son is always drinking out of mine, so I figured I would get him his own. HE LOVES IT. He wont leave home without it. Its durable and he can chew on the spout without any worry he will digest someone of it. Worth the price for sure!

I LOVE that my toddler can have his own toddler-sized Camelbak!
I always wanted to get my 20-month-old son his own Camelbak but figured the bite-valve would be harder to learn/master than a traditional straw cup. After he demanded ours and would run off with them (and drink more water - which is GREAT), I knew he would love having his own so I logged onto the trust 'ole OnlineShopDealer ;) and found these cute designs.

I ordered one and immediately ordered two more as it's his favorite cup to drink from and again, he drinks more from his Camelbak than from his other cups. I think he likes being "big" like us and playing with the folding bite valve.

Cleaning is a BREEZE with these versus mine - mine are all broken from pulling the bite valve off but the entire valve comes out of the gray piece to wash. It's super hygienic, which is nice when your kid loses one in the car for a few days.

Bottom line: if you love Camelbaks, your kid will love these mini-sized versions. The only downside is their price and that you'll want to have more than one on hand :)

Great Water Bottle for Kids/Not Meant to Replace or Serve as a Sippy Cup
I originally bought one of these for my daughter to take to camp in 2013. I needed one that was BPA free and would stand up to being dropped and banged around. It survived a summer and a half with us, but was stolen this past summer while my daughter was at camp in 2014. I ordered this one as a replacement and she takes it everywhere. The best part is, you can buy replacement straws and spouts. We lost a straw in the dishwasher somehow and I just bought a set of replacement valves and spouts. I've purchased various kid water bottles and this brand has held up the best. In fact, I purchased two more so all three of my kids have one. As long as the spout is installed correctly and it is down, the bottle is leak proof. It is not meant for kids under 3, if you're looking for a leak proof sippy cup for a toddler, this isn't it. The spout is too tempting for them and they'll play with it, making it very easy for the liquid inside to leak.

Virtually spill free sippy cup replacement
I love camelbak products for myself so I decided to buy a few for my 3 year old son. This is now his cup of choice. I love it because it is virtually spill free. If any liquid is left in the mouth piece and the bottle is dropped some liquid may come out but nothing like other sippys we have bought. I plan on slowly replacing all of his sippy cups with these. Even if he chews on the mouth piece no teeth marks are left like the hard plastic spouts of other cups. I also like handle on the cap. You can clip a carabiner on it to clip it on a backpack, purse, shopping cart or anywhere for on the go situations.

Switch the top with a Polar bottle, great size for young riders
The best thing about this is the top, and the fact that it fits the same size insulated Polar bottle. In either the kid or adult size, the threads and straw length are the same. I always buy both and switch them. It is easier for a 5-year old to drink from the camelback straw than the Polar nipple, especially when they are too big for a 16" bike but still a bit wobbly on the larger 22" bike. Mount using Thule hardware (also available here on OnlineShopDealer) on the handlebars and you'll avoid drops at lights which delay the ride - they can sip without removing the bottle.

The best kids cup ever made.
Finally, a kid's cup that doesn't leak... well almost.

If you leave it in a hot car it may start leak as the air pressure builds up in the cup. That happens because water is held in the straw all the way to the top, allowing you to take a drink without sucking up air first. This happens even if you close the tip, but more so if you don't.

We've also had to replace the tip after a while because our littlest likes to chew it. The tip is fairly durably and took some serious abuse before we had to replace it. Replacement tips are easy to find.

Durable and easy to use.
Overall: Wonderful buy!

Pros: Very easy to use, my daughter was always stealing mine so we got one for her and she loves it. It is very durable. It has been through the ringer with our toddler: fallen from playgrounds, thrown in our garage, dropped from the top of the car many times, and all sorts of other standard life happens situations. The spouts are replaceable as well so don't worry about that either!

Cons: It's not double insulated so it does sweat but that is to be expected. Will leak if spout is left up and upside-down.


Technical data

  • BPA free Tritan material in all sorts of colors
  • Detachable Bite Valve, easy for parents to clean
  • Flip open cap, easy for kids to operate
  • Carabineer/finger loop makes it easy for kids to carry
  • Shielded vent prevents unexpected messes


Product Description

Kid sized bottles for Big adventures and easy for parents to clean.

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