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Camelbak Eddy Glass .7-Liter Water Bottle, Aqua

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Product Reviews

I am SO HAPPY that they finally made a glass Camelbak!! I have it in blue but will be getting it in every color because I'm so excited they finally gave me what I wanted. For a couple of years now I had been using a kerplunk glass bottle and just placing the camelbak top/straw on it. But it didn't fit quite right. This bottle is great. There's no plasticy or metal taste to the water. Glass is the only material that doesn't leach a seperate taste to the water after it's been in there for a while. The only thing is that the straw is still plastic. I actually have some straws made out of glass that I sometimes use with the camelbaks, and they work, but again- there is a fit issue so I often can't use them. I wish camelbak would make a stainless steel version of their straw.

UPDATE/ March 2013: for those who are interested, I found a company that makes custom sized glass straws. It's called "GLASS DHARMA" and they have a website. If you order their "smoothie" sized straws and ask that they be custom cut to 7 & 3/8 inches, they will fit great with these camelbaks. I've been using their glass straws for years and they are really durable- last forever if you don't drop them on a hard floor (they are glass after-all), but this is the first time I realized they did custom sizes so I measured and ordered a couple and they fit/work great! Their straws come with a life-time guarantee. I even dropped my camelbak on the floor once and luckily it didn't break, but I lifted the lid and checked the glass straw to make sure it was fine- not a scratch. If you decide to use these you should wet the glass straw and inside of the camelbak lid before twisting the straw in- The lubrication will make it slide in without you having to worry about being too rough. The straws hold up perfectly inside these camelbaks. (Oh- and since they are glass I wouldn't use them in bottles that you use for sports activities or anything like that.) They look cooler than the plastic straws too because you can see the cloudy white plastic straw through the bottle vs the crystal-clear glass straw that matches better with the bottle (and the water).

I still use the plastic straw when I leave the house so that I don't have to worry about breakage during transport etc... but when I drink indoors (which is 99% of the time for me) I use these glass straws instead. The plastic straw is ok- unlike when I use plastic bottles which give off a plasticy taste almost immediately- the straw only seems to leech a plasticy taste if it's been sitting in the water for a couple of days or more... but Still I like to avoid plastic whenever possible and if you are like me you might appreciate this alternative too.

Great Glass water blottle
I was worried that the glass part was going to be made in China, but no, is made in France (better than China I guess) then I was a little hesitant on buying it because the straw is made of plastic, but someone recommended a glass straw form Glass Dharma, I called them and they have a Camelbak straw kit, I paid U$15 including the S & H. Includes the straw that goes inside the bottle and a little one that goes outside the bottle where the bite valve is (you can replace the valve with the straw see pic) but I like to put the straw and then the bite valve to protect the glass straw, and to be able to open the bite valve.
I use this bottle every day, I even throw it to the front seat when I’m helping my daughter with her car seat, and the glass straws haven’t broken or dislodge. Looks like they are not going to move, I even made a sling to take the bottle around (the bottle bounces a bit when I walk fast and the straws stay in place) I’m very happy with this bottle. Even my daughters use it.

Perfect Glass water bottle
Yes, It is a little heavy. But otherwise excellent. This is my fourth Camelbak, I have two plastic and one metal versions. By far this is my favorite. I took a previous reviewer's suggestion of getting the glass straw. The company was top rate and I had the straw the day after my Prime delivered Camelbak. Highly recommended.

A must have for this great product!
I just received my Camelbak Eddy Glass water bottle and Love it!! It is a great design, extremely well made and comes in a plethora of fun glass cover colors for the outside! I also took the advice of another reviewer and ordered the Glass dharma glass straw attachment
for the inside of my bottle, but did not like using the ' plastic squeeze' no matter how much it prevented water or drinks from spilling. So I ordered the glass mouth piece attachment for my CamelBak glass water bottle from Glass dharma as well and can't say enough about
it!! What a difference!!!! Now I have the very best of both worlds! You merely squeeze and insert the small straw attachment into the hole of the mouth piece and it fits perfectly, and securely, into the top leaving you plenty of room to enjoy your favorite drink without touching the plastic tip OR spilling!
Thank you Glass dharma, I now have the perfect solution for my CamelBak bottle!


Great buy
Great bottle, nice to hold and drink from- absolutely no taste from the bottle itself like I get from my stainless steel bottle.

Makes Water Fun to Drink
Not only is this water bottle cute and trendy looking, but I have actually enjoyed drinking from it! The straw clicks in firmly so there are no leaks between uses, and the bottle itself is very sturdy! Be aware that the bottle is heavier and wider than the average plastic bottle, however it has overall exceeded my expectations.

Great non-leak water bottle!
I use this all the time! It doesn't leak so I can put it in my music rehearsal bag, my gym bag, etc. and not worry about anything getting wet. I put a different brand of "leak-proof" bottle in my music bag and it leaked all over my folder and music! I can put ice in this as well so the water stays cool in the summer.

Use this everyday
I use this water bottle everyday. It is durable, easy to clean and does not leave a funny taste in the water. I accidentally dropped it off of a second story balcony onto a wooden walk way and it survived without any chips, cracks or breaks. I was this in the top rack of my dishwasher and it comes out clean every time. As a former plastic bottle user and a loyal Camelbak consumer, I definitely recommend this bottle to someone looking to switch to glass.

Having never used anything by Camelback, I was leery of the bite valve. I wasn't sure I was going to enjoy using it. I love it. Due to it being glass, it is a bit heavy but that is to be expected. Doesn't leak.

a great way to drink water!
it was finally time to replace my trusty plastic camelbak. after 4 years of service it had seen better days. so i searched camelbak here on onlineshopdealer and this cool glass one came up. i couldn't resist clicking buy it now. when it showed up today, i washed it and filled it up with cold, delicious water and took a sip. you can taste the difference between this and the plastic camebak right away. even though the straw is plastic, the water just has a cleaner taste. i like the redesigned nozzle too. overall, i'm very happy with this thing and look forward to many more years of sipping water with camelbak.


Technical data

  • Grip able silicone sleeve is stylish and protective, Glass is naturally BPA free and doesn't retain taste or odor
  • Flip, Bite and Sip, No tipping required though possible, just remove the straw
  • Dishwasher Safe, All parts are top-rack dishwasher safe
  • Redesigned cap and bite valve provide faster flow and enhanced durability
  • CamelBak got your Lifetime guarantee


Product Description

CamelBak has been the innovation and performance leader in outdoor hydration products since 1989. CamelBak Bottles, bringing new levels of performance and innovation to the bottle category.

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