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Camelbak Eddy Bottle (0.75-Liter/24-Ounce,Grass)

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Product Reviews

Super rugged
Bought my first one five years ago and still am using it was my bedside water bottle with no replacement hoses or tips. Has saved me from spilling water on phone, iPad , floor on countless occasions. Safe clean and secure, it's like having your personal water dispenser on the side of the bed. Bought one for fiancé when she moved in and we both can sleep knowing that neither the cats, dogs or ourselves are going to spill water on our electronics. Have dropped it countless times and built like a Tonka truck, no cracks or leaks after five years!!!

Sounds exaggerated I know, but seriously this is the best water bottle I've ever owned! It's spill-proof thanks to Camel-Bak's patented bite valve. Great to the gym, great for bedside the bed, great for travel! I took this on hikes, I took this on my Japan trip and after months of use, the valve hinge wouldn't stay closed. So I went on Camel Bak's website and it was really easy to request a replacement part. They sent it in a week and it's like-new! They really do got my back! Love this bottle!

Just right!
This water bottle is the perfect size for me to carry to work, around town, and when I go hiking. I keep it with me 24/7 and attach it to my bag with a carabiner. I bought two so I can alternate them. Durable, doesn't leak, does what I need.

This water bottle is great. You will drink so much water once you buy it. it's incredibly durable, looks good, and won't leak. I would definitely recommend any camelbak products!

Love this bottle
This is hands down the best bottle I have ever owned, I use it everyday and it fits in my bike bottle carrier. I like it biking because you don't have to tilt it up and block your view while ridding.
If you have used a Camelbak before it uses the same technique as always; slightly bit down on the mouth piece- draw some liquid up- let go. no spills no mess.

My 3d One
I love this water bottle so much that I've replaced it twice (stolen/mislaid by someone). The .75 liter size is perfect for me. It's narrow enough to fit as that last item into a gym or school bag, but voluminous enough that I don't have to refill it constantly. Though I still do plenty of that. Staying hydrated when you have a Camelbak Eddy nearby is so easy that it's almost fun. I always had trouble drinking enough water every day, but I never do when I can so easily drink from one of these. The ability to drink from the straw without having to tilt my head back means that I can drink while reading or typing or studying.

So, you've been warned. This bottle is perfect. So much so that you might have to replace it when someone wanders off with it. But you'll be happy to.

Received as was described, and a quick delivery. Did not realize that the color of it was in the description though, "Cambelbak Eddy Bottle .75L PLUM." As a guy, would not prefer Plum(purple) as my color of choice, haters gonna hate.

I love this bottle!
Great bottle. Paid less than what eddy charges for it with onlineshopdealer prime plus got it in two days. Works great, but then again I'm only using it for room temperature or slightly chilled water. Have had it for a while now and have had no problems with leakage. Just make sure you wash the bottle thoroughly every once in a while or else the straw starts getting a funky taste. The bottle did come with a tiny barely noticeable scratch on the side, maybe due to shipping. I was going to return it but used the bottle and saw that the scratch had no effect whatsoever on the ability for the bottle to hold water and that there was no leakage from the scratch/crack. Do however beware of filling the bottle too full and screwing the cap back on or screwing the cap back on crooked or water will fall out. I love the bite and sip straw part and it makes drinking water fun. Since getting this bottle i have been drinking almost triple the water that I used to. Highly recommend this product to anyone! Plus it comes in a whole bunch of colors so that you can pick your favorite!

great bottle, does what it needs to do
I've always liked the Camelbak bottles I've bought. They look nice, and they make me drink more water because they're kind of fun to drink out of!

I love this bottle! I've only had it for a couple of days but I've used it every single day since I got it. I make sure to clean it every day after I use it to prevent any bacteria or mold build up in the bite valve, lid, and straw. It's quite easy to clean so that isn't a hassle at all! I love it!!


Technical data

  • Redesigned cap and bite valve provide faster flow and enhanced durability
  • Flip, Bite and Sip. No tipping required (though possible: just remove the straw
  • Dishwasher Safe: All parts are top-rack dishwasher safe
  • Durable, BPA-Free, easy to carry and spill proof
  • CamelBak got your BakTM Lifetime guarantee


Product Description

The Bottle that started it all continues its dominance of the hard sided bottle market with even more color options than ever.

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