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Buy Bottle Warmer & Steam Sterilizer, 3-in-1 Baby Bottle Warmer and Baby Food Heater for Breast Milk or Formula with Double Bottles Design (Bottle Brush and Tongs Included)


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Bottle Warmer & Steam Sterilizer, 3-in-1 Baby Bottle Warmer and Baby Food Heater for Breast Milk or Formula with Double Bottles Design (Bottle Brush and Tongs Included)

Customer Reviews

I love it. Makes mom's life easy
So far so good. It's hard to purchase something that doesn't have any reviews but I took a chance with this since heating bottles for my twins takes forever.
I ended up putting the knob to heat food for it to heat the milk warm enough and it did warm it really quick, maybe 4 minutes.
I think if you leave it plugged in the heat settings will be more accurate.
Keeps bottles warm for hours without burning off the water like some bottle warmers do. Has various temperature settings.
So far hasn't failed me after a month or two of regular use. It's impossible for travel. I'll update my review in a few weeks.

Good product!
This is my first time received the bottle warmer. This is a good product. It warms the milk in glass bottles very quickly. It took around 7 to 9 minutes to get the 100ml bottle warm. If warm the plastic 200ml bottle it might took 11 to 13 minutes more. The temperature is good for my baby hold not too hot or cool. That's pretty costly product, but I think it is worth the money spent coz this warmer also can warm up the baby food in jars. This warmer is very easy to use and heats the bottle up in no time at all. We love it all its products. We definitely will recommend this warmer to every family with a baby. The only thing that the warmer could improve is the timer option or beeper to remind you the bottle is warming to prevent overheating that's very important for this product improvement. On the other hand, the bad thing is doesn't have a timer, handle for removing heated baby food jars, auto shut off and water tube that's the serious problem with this warm.

Keeps the next bottle perfect temp
Anyone who says this is not good is using it the wrong way. I boil the water as normal in the kettle and then put the bottle in the warmer setting it at warm milk. When your baby is ready for the next feed it's ready and perfect. It's all about preparing in advance and this keeps it warm at perfect temp. Happy baby with no tears! Happy mum :)


  • THREE FUNCTIONS --- Milk warmer, baby food heater and steam sterilizer in ONE machine, no need to buy three single-function products. Simplify your life, save your money and space.
  • DOUBLE-BOTTLE DESIGN --- Large capacity allows to heat two bottles together. Warming milk and heating water for milk formula simultaneously is out of question. The bottle warmer fits for most bottles on the market, including breast milk bags.
  • ONE-TURN OPERATION --- Three corresponding modes can be achieved by simply turning the knob. ONE-HAND operation without complicated settings or redundant buttons. Easy operation ensures that the milk warmer can be used by everyone, including the elderly.
  • WARMING EVENLY --- Water bath heating warms milk evenly and maintains nutrition in food. Our bottle warmer ensures constant temperature of milk for 24 hours. You won't have to spend much time warming milk late at night. No more waiting or baby crying.
  • REASSURING MATERIAL AND ACCESSORIES --- Making up of BPA-free and high-temperature resistant material, our bottle warmer takes care of the health of your whole family. The complimentary accessories also help you to clean baby products more conveniently.


❤Simplify Parents' Baby-Raising Life
Saving your storage space at home, reducing your time spent in warming milk and saving your worries about complex operation,
Our milk warmer is a good helper for you to feed your baby late at night.
You can take care of your baby with an easy mind, free from the hassle of warming milk manually.

❤Specially Designed for Caring Your Baby
212°F high temperature sterilizer can eradicate 99.9% of malignant germs and bacteria in baby products like milk bottles and pacifiers.
Helping you to get warm milk at any moment and germfree baby products,
the Babebay Bottle Warmer offers all-round care for feeding infants and guarantees a healthy growth of your baby!

Still testing the milk temperature time and time again?
Still putting baby bottles in boiling water for sterilization?
Still being worried that your baby may not get fed in time and suffer from hunger?

Wanna get rid of these troubles?
Add the Babebay Bottle Warmer to your cart and place an order right now!

***The Operating Principle of the Babebay Bottle Warmer***
To maintain the nutrition in baby food to the largest extend, our milk warmer adopts the water bath heating principle.
SO it heats up bottles three to four times during the Warm Milk process in order to warm up the milk evenly to the target temperature.
▶Thus, if you want to accelerate the warming time,
please turn the knob to the Heat Food position. After two or three minutes, turn the knob to the Warm Milk position.
After it reaches the target temperature, it will go into the heat preservation mode.

Model No: NH-1001
Material: PP
Rated voltage: 120 V
Rated frequency: 60 Hz
Rated power: 150 W
Temperature range:95°F- 212°F
Item Size:7.87'' X5.90'' X 3.15''

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