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Buy OZ Naturals - The BEST Body Butter - This Natural and Organic Body Moisturizer Contains Sweet Almond & Macadamia Nut - A Rich & Luxurious Skin Moisturizer Will Provide Your Body With That Healthy Vibrant Glow!

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OZ Naturals - The BEST Body Butter - This Natural and Organic Body Moisturizer Contains Sweet Almond & Macadamia Nut - A Rich & Luxurious Skin Moisturizer Will Provide Your Body With That Healthy Vibrant Glow!

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Customer Reviews

My new favorite moisturizer
They say the best time to apply a moisturizer is right after you get out of the shower, while your skin is still damp. However, when I jump out of the shower, my mind is on drying my hair and getting dressed and I always forget to put lotion on. Nivea has the solution for me- do it BEFORE I get out of the shower! On first glance it seemed counter-intuitive to rinse off a moisturizing lotion. But when I thought about it, I realized it's no different than what I've been doing with my hair conditioner my entire life.

This product is designed to be applied after you use and rinse off whatever soap or body wash you clean with. Then you smooth on the body lotion and rinse it off. *Ladies can get double duty from the product by using it as a shaving gel.* NOTE: make Nivea the last step in your shower routine. You don't want to be rinsing out your shampoo with hands that have lotion all over them. Also- don't put any on the bottom of your feet because the stuff is a little slippery. It's a good idea to warn your significant other too because the shower stall will be a tad slippery for the next user as well.

I received both the Normal to Dry formula and the Very Dry skin formula to test. I'll be posting this review on both products so you have a comparison to go by. I found them to be equally effective. My skin was soft immediately after showering, still soft later that day and I had none of the dry flakes my winter skin would usually have even by the following morning. Furthermore, it doesn't leave the least bit of sticky residue that would often accompany a heavy lotion. The Very Dry skin formula is noticeably thicker out of the bottle than the Normal. For me that made it easier to dispense in the slippery shower setting. The thicker consistency makes it easier to control the "portion size" and not use more than needed. For that reason, I'd recommend the Very Dry skin formula as a better value but I really like both of these products.

My favorite thing is that it gives me an excuse to stay in the shower an extra minute or two!

This Lotion Surprised Me By How Well It Works
I was skeptical at first whether this product could possibly work. After all, you wash it off before it has a chance to absorb. Since I like hot showers and since it is winter, I need all the help I can get, so I gave it a shot. I'm glad I did. My skin felt good after the first application, and each day, it gets better. The best part is that this Nivea does not adversely effect my sensitive skin.

To use, you shower as usual, including using your normal soap or body wash. You apply the Nivea all over your body (or just the areas you want to target), and rinse it off. That's it. Unlike regular moisturizers, this doesn't leave a greasy or slippery film and instead feels like normal, albeit it moisturized, skin. The first time I used it, I was amazed that I didn't see any dryness in my skin at all, but that changed in about an hour. Yes, my skin was moisturized more than when I had stepped into the shower, just not enough. Each day, however, has gotten progressively better. At first, I used Basis soap. When it became clear that the Nivea actually worked, I switched back to using my Dove extra dry skin body wash, followed by the Nivea. This combination works REALLY well.

The floor of your shower might be more slippery after you've washed off the lotion. Since I wipe my shower down after use, it hasn't been an issue for me; however, if you or someone else who uses your shower is prone to falling, take extra care.

Every so often, I am surprised by a product despite my initial skepticism. The Nivea In-Shower lotion is one of those. I just love that I no longer have to slather on the lotion post-shower and wait for it to fully absorb before I get dressed.

-- Debbie Lee Wesselmann

I like it a lot.
I admit that I was a little concerned about using Nivea Body In-Shower Nourishing Body Lotion for Very Dry Skin. I had visions of it making my tub slippery and difficult to clean. Who wants that? But I have always struggled with very dry skin, and the elusive THEY always tell you that you should apply lotion while wet, as it locks in the moisture. That's easy enough in the hot summer weather, less fun when it's cold outside, and stepping out of the shower feels like stepping into a refrigerator, some days.

Nivea products are always good, lets face it. I have used them off and on for many years. Due to the reasons listed above, I was reluctant to try Nivea Body In-Shower Nourishing Body Lotion for Very Dry Skin. But, I also liked having the opportunity to try a new product that might help my skin, so here is what I think. I really like it! So far, it is great to apply it in the warmth of the shower, and I fin that it lasts pretty well from shower to shower. Of course hands and feet need more attention, and what I use is one I get at the hardware store that is meant for hands that work outdoors, and that works perfectly for for those extra dry spots.

After using Nivea for several days, I will say that I do recommend it, if you are careful there will be no slippery, oily mess to be cleaned from the tub, which of course always manages to be three feet wider when you are trying to clean it. All in all a good product that works as promised.

What a concept....body lotion in the shower!
I have never seen a product like this before. Believe it or not this is a body moisturizer that you apply in the shower. It smells sooo good and takes care of my winter dry skin. I really recommend you give this product a try.

Works for men too
My skin gets really dry and itchy in the winter when the humidity drops. I switch to a moisturizing soap but this year it just wasn't helping as much as it used to and still found myself scratching my skin raw. Not really a fan of using moisturizing lotions that can leave a greasy feeling on your skin. This product is really easy to apply in the shower, has only a very light scent which doesn't persist after rinsing, which I'm sure men will appreciate, and really works. Rinses off easily and your skin doesn't feel like it has anything extra on it. My skin no longer is itchy and just feels normal. Recommend this product highly.

Avoid Applying to Bottom of Feet?
This is the first in-shower lotion I have tried, and I was intrigued by the idea of putting lotion on in the shower. This is a very thick lotion, more like a cream. It left my skin feeling great. While it is one more thing to do in the shower, it does eliminates the need to put lotion on after you have dried off. I find that I am often in too much of a hurry to take time to put lotion on and I really need it in the winter. Although some reviewers have found the scent to be strong, I thought it was very light and really couldn't smell it after drying off.

The package does say to avoid applying it to the bottom of your feet. Since the bottom of my feet is the driest skin I have, I decided to chance it anyway. It can make your feet a little slippery, so I guess I will have to take time to put lotion on my feet before putting on my socks.

Beats dry winter skin & leaves me clean
I'm a big fan of Nivea products, and have used their lotions for years. I was excited to try their new body wash/in-shower lotion, and held it to high expectations. I was not disappointed.

In-shower lotion is a great idea, and welcome innovation. It's especially useful in the dry winter months. After only a few uses, I've noticed that my skin is more well hydrated and less dry. There's no real fragrance, which is great because I added a couple drops of essential oil to the bottle, to make my own scent.

Just use it the same way is anybody wash, it doesn't lather as much as other products, but definitely leaves me feeling clean and moisturized. In the future, I will definitely read purchase this item – especially during winter time.

Buy This Now! It's Awesome!
Recently I added this to my shower routine, which seems to be getting longer but so much fun. I have rather dry skin on my legs, especially during the winter and this product has been all of the difference.
After using this product for a week, I took this with me on a weekend trip. It traveled well, with no leaking or anything terrible like that. Then everyone I bunked with this weekend had used it and loved it as well.

I put it on after I wash my body and shave my legs. Let it set on my skin for an extra minute then wash off. It's not overly slippery so you don't have to be concerned with it causing you to fall in the shower. Some products I have tried out, have really caused me to fall, but then again maybe I'm just clumsy.

Looking forward to continue to use and repurchase this product.

I have always hated the sticky feeling of applying lotion after getting out of the shower so i never used it. I take suoer hot showers and everytime i would dry myself with my towel i could see dead dried up skin coming off (especially on my legs). I saw this on tv and thought why not? I take my regular hot shower applied the lotion and dried myself and i was soooooo surpried! Literally after one use there was no more flakes of dead skin coming off! My arms and legs were radiant and smooth! I have struggled with this problem for years and boom just like that it has been fixed! If youre any way like me who hates lotion then this is definetly for you :)!

This is like the ultimate finishing touch to your shower! I first tried Nivea products while stationed in Germany for many years and loved their lotions and creams. I have very dry skin which sometimes itches even following a shower so I am a body lotion person! This is like the conditioner after the shampoo but only for your body. Shower, rinse, put on the lotion IN THE SHOWER and rinse again. Towel dry and your skin feels conditioned and soft. No more flaky skin or itch. Do not put it on the bottom of your feet however because it does cause a slippery smooth surface. The lotion is non-greasy feeling and makes my skin soft and smooth


  • THIS BODY BUTTER contains sweet almond & macadamia nut oil for the richest, silkiest replenishing all-over body moisturizer available. If you want your body to have that rich and healthy summer-shine, this is your body butter.
  • THIS BODY BUTTER is formulated to provide that healthy, shiny, summer look and is packed with nourishing ingredients to hydrate skin during harsh and dry winter months.
  • This NOURISHING & HYDRATING formula can also be used on the face for overly dry skin types.
  • CRUELTY FREE, ORGANIC Sweet Almond & Macadamia Nut Body Butter does not contain alcohol, parabens or sulfates and is safe for all skin types.
  • MADE IN THE USA in a state of the art FDA registered facility - OZ Naturals formulates the most effective anti-aging products on the market - OZ Naturals products work & they work extremely well - We guarantee you'll get results!


Nourish & Renew Your Body's Skin with Our Luxurious Body Butter With Sweet Almond and Macadamia Nut Oils.

This Body Butter Quickly Penetrates Your Skin - Leaving It Silky And Smooth.Our Body Butter Contains The Richest Nutrients

To Hydrate Even Very Dry Skin & Increase Epidermal Elasticity. Our Sweet Almond and Macadamia Nut Body Butter Will Provide Your Skin With The Following Benefits:

This rich Body Butter has everything your skin needs and leaves your skin with a radiant glow and smooth, non-greasy hydration

It provides anti-oxidants which enter the deepest layers of the skin and create a protective shield, which locks in moisture.

Renews your skin cells and provides protection against free radicals & makes them more elastic for a younger, healthier, glowing skin.

Our Guarantee To You If within 30 days you're not 100% happy with your purchase of OZ naturals Body Butter, let us know and we'll refund your entire purchase questions asked.

Very Important...Read This: - We Apologize If We're Sold Out. Because Of The Extremely High Demand For Our Body Butter, We Tend To Run Out Of Inventory Fast.

Order Your OZ Naturals Body Butter Now While It's Still In Stock!

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