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This headset is the closest to perfect I've used.
This headset is the closest to perfect I've used.


* Dedicated sliding on/off switch.
* Streaming of music, audio, podcasts, etc.
* Long battery life
* Noise and wind cancellation
* Voice notifications

* Connects instantly to phone. No missed calls due to on/off delay.
* Small size.
* Light weight.
* Loud, crisp, audio.
* Battery lasts a LONG time.
* Standard micro-USB charging jack.
* Can stream music or other audio from phone to headset. Great for listening to talk radio, podcasts, etc.
* Great Bluetooth range.

* Single volume button rather than up/down volume.
* Noise cancellation not as effective as some other headsets.
* At max volume, it can crackle at times.

I have used about a dozen different Bluetooth headsets and this one is now my favorite. It's not perfect but it is the closest to perfect I've used. I've always been torn between the Moto and Plantronics brand headsets. The reason is the Moto headsets turn on instantly when you open the boom. They are also very comfortable. The problem is that the boom hinge breaks over time or if you put the headset in your pocket. Also, the battery life is okay but not great. Last, while the early Moto headsets had great voice quality, the newer ones are muffled sounding.

The Plantronics headsets get louder then other brands and they last. I have 4 different models and I've never had one of them break. They are rugged! Some aren't very comfortable though. Their battery lasts a very long time so I don't have to carry another charger when I travel for a day or two, which is good since Plantronics uses a proprietary charger. I always wondered why they don't use a standard mini or micro USB jack like everyone else. While I always liked Plantronics best, there was lots of room for improvement.

Enter the Plantronics M50. First, it has a slide switch for power. One of the most annoying things about most Bluetooth headsets is you must press and hold the power button for several seconds to power on the headset. By the time you do this, your call may be missed. This headset powers up instantly with the slide of the power switch. No delays and no missed calls. It is so small and light, you barely notice it is on your ear. It fits securely so I don't worry about it flying off my head if I bend down, turn my head quickly or I'm running to catch my flight. It gets plenty loud, which is a big complaint with other brand headsets. And, it uses a standard micro USB charging jack so I can charge it with my phone's charger. It includes a charger as well. The unit has 3 controls: a power on/off slider, a volume button and an answer/hang up button. It also has a status LED. The LED is red when charging, blue when talking, flashing red/blue for pairing and off when streaming audio. To pair the unit, turn it on, press and hold the answer button for a few seconds until the LED toggles red/blue and then follow your phone's pairing procedure.

When in operation, the headset gives you status messages through the earpiece so you aren't wondering if you turned it on or off, etc. When you switch the headset on, it speaks, "Power On, Battery High, Connected". When you switch it off; it says, "Power Off". The unit uses a single volume button that toggles between 3 volume settings. Each push toggles to the next setting high/med/low/med/high. With each push of the button, you hear a tone that gets louder or lower with the volume setting. When you reach maximum volume, the headset says, "Maximum Volume". As the battery gets weaker, the headset will give a voice prompt of "Battery Medium" and "Battery Low". At maximum volume, the audio did crackle sometimes but it was very loud so that is to be expected. While the headset only has 3 volume levels, you have finer volume control using the phones volume buttons.

The range of this headset is excellent. Most headset crackle if I have the headset on my right ear and the phone in my left front pocket. No cracking from this headset. While this headset claims to be noise and wind canceling, I didn't find the cancellation feature to be as effective as my Voyager 520. That said, the outgoing voice quality is excellent; crisp, clear and loud. Even with background noise present, my voice punched through.

Now for the best feature of all. This headset allows you to stream audio from the phone to the headset! You can listen to music, stream radio, podcasts or GPS directions directly to the headset. I have a radio app and a police scanner app on my Android phone and it is great to be able to listen privately through the headset. Don't expect high fidelity but it is fine for voice and okay for music if you are not too picky and don't care that it is not stereo. The LED is not illuminated when using the streaming function, so you do not attract unwanted attention. If the phone rings while you are listening, you get a tune in the earpiece as well as ringer or vibration on the phone. Just press the answer button and you can answer the phone. The streaming audio is silenced. This part isn't perfect and it caused a force close on one of my Droid apps. I'm not sure if that is a headset or app problem. It was a minor nuisance but the important thing is I was able to take my call. One note about the answer button... There is no visible button. You just press the outside surface of the headset where it meets you ear. It was easier than many headsets that have a protruding button.

This headset has a feature called "Multipoint" that lets you pair it with 2 phones and allows you to answer either phone. I have no use for that feature so I did not test it.

This is a great little headset that combines all the features I want and need. It is small, light, loud and comfortable. It charges with my phone's charger and it streams audio. What's not to love?

Good sound quality, comfortable fit, great battery life!
I have owned many bluetooth headsets over the years so here is my opinion of the Plantronics M50 in comparison. First of all this headset can stream music or podcasts from your smart phone which none of my previous headsets could do. It also has built-in noise reduction to reduce or eliminate background noise like wind, rain, traffic or music. It has voice alerts that tell you the battery level, volume level, talk time and more. It has a special battery meter that will show up on your screen if you have an iPhone.

This headset syncs easily on my Samsung Gravity Touch or PS3 if you happen to play video games online. The sound quality is good for an average priced headset. I don't have any problems with disconnects or voice transmission.

I have also owned other headsets that tend to want to move or feel like they are going to fall off. Not a problem with this one, it's held securely in place and is fairly comfortable.

I love the battery life on this headset and it will last me at least 8 hours of constant use. I usually stick with a Motorola headset because most of them also have good battery life. I have had many headsets that only last for about 4 hours and I didn't like that at all. You can get a lot of use out of this headset without constantly recharging it.

This headset will come with a wall charger and it's covered by a 1 year limited warranty. For the price I think this is one of the better headset options at the present time.

Experienced Bluetooth User
Everyone should own this bluetooth! I worked at a cellphone store for about three years, and I've probably used over 45 different bluetooths (Motorolla, Plantronics, Bose (too expensive), Jabra, Sony, etc). This Bluetooth is the best Bluetooth I've owned. It has an awesome stand-bye time. 11 hours of talk time, which is great (nobody spends more then 11 hours on their phone a day). Charge the bluetooth at night when you charge your phone, and you should never run out of battery. Although there are many pro's to this Bluetooth every item has a Con. I'll list them:

-Long talk time
-Long Standbye Time
-You can listen to music (Many bluetooth's don't offer that)
-Clear sound, and very crisp
-Very loud, shouldn't have a problem hearing the other person
-Very responsive, the other person can hear you very well
-Look very professional, I've gotten lots of compliments wearing this bluetooth (Looks great on Men and Women)
-Charges very fast (about 1 hour for a full charge, if charged from empty)
-Talks to you, let's you know when the battery is low, if the bluetooth is connected, and when it is shutting off, or disconnecting.
-Very comfortable, I've gotten a lot of earaches with previous bluetooths, this one is a perfect fit. I forget I have it on sometimes
-Fits both ears
-Inexpensive, cost 30 bucks, but built very well. Great quality

-When the volume is all the way up, it has a static noise. (very minimal, but can bother some people)
-Charging port is on top of the Bluetooth, sometimes the clip can get in the way when you are trying to charge it. No big deal, but charging port should of been on the bottom.

Overall, this bluetooth deserves a five star rating. The pro's outweigh the cons, and the cons are very small issues. I have had a few friends already purchase one, and they love it also. Don't hesitate to buy this item, you will love it. Plus it can save you a ticket, and safer to drive with.

Excellent noise-cancellation!
Over the years I have used numerous Bluetooth headsets. As I write this review, this product is not yet available at the retail OnlineShopDealer site but I was sent this for free to review. That's why I cannot comment about its price and compare its value with other headsets that I have used.


One of the most important features that I want in a Bluetooth headset is noise cancellation. Almost 90% of the times when I am using a Bluetooth, I am also driving. So the first test for this headset was using it in extremely noisy and windy environment. I have to say I was extremely impressed by its performance. The only other Bluetooth headset that performed this good was my old (original) Jawbone. Between this and the Jawbone, I have gone through at least four different headsets but I kept going back to the Jawbone because of its performance in windy/noisy environment. After using this headset, I can finally retire my old Jawbone.

The second best feature that I liked about this headset is its ease of use. It is easy enough to put on and take off that I don't have to use two hands (especially for putting it on). It fits very well and its very comfortable for extended use.

Some of the other features I like are:
Long Battery: It's been running on standby for days on a single charge.
Slim design: I like the fact that it's not too bulky and I can easily put it in my pockets.
Bluetooth 3.0: Though I used it with my Motorola Atrix which only has Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, I like the fact that this has the latest Bluetooth standard which will be supported by newer devices. It paired with my phone within seconds. I also tried to pair it with my Windows 7 but my computer could not load the drivers for it. Though it detected the headset, my Windows PC kept prompting me to download the drivers for it. I couldn't locate any drivers manually. It also couldn't download the drivers automatically. This is perhaps because the product is not released so Windows 7 is unable to download its drivers. Ironically, my MacBook Air was able to pair with it as quickly as did my Motorola phone (i.e. within seconds).


I do not like the fact that its earloop is made of plastic. I fear that, because it looks too fragile, it will eventually break. I have been putting it in my jeans front pockets and so far it's been okay. But I am not sure if the earloop is going to last long.

Even though, it fit my ear very well, I found it surprising that it didn't include any additional earbuds. Not all ears are the same, so some people may find the earbuds included to be too small for them.


Overall, I really love this headset because of its superior noise-cancellation feature and its long battery life.

My 5th BT headset
I have went through various headsets. Presently I am rotating between a Jabra Wave and a Motorols HX-1. Both have superior reception, sound, and battery life. BUT, with me working in the field and receiving numerous calls I have to rotate ears as well. Not with the M50. When I first put it in my ear I was thinking the sound is going to stink. Mostly because it does not jam in your ear like my other 2. I have to remind myself to take it out and leave in the car. I usually realize it is still in when I change out of my work attire. The sound ingoing and outgoing is great. I have it paired with 2 phones. My work and personal and transfers between the 2 nicely. For the price it is an excellent accessory.

Awesome! My first BT headset
I have an iphone 4s and this my first bluetooth headset so I don't have anything to compare it to. I actually purchased this at BestBuy because I had giftcards but for the price, this thing is pretty cool and it works perfectly with Siri. I made a few calls and sent a few text messages with no problems at all through Siri and everyone said they could hear me fine as well. I wasn't expecting to be able to listen to podcasts or music/pandora through it so that's kind of a bonus... except it's no fun listening to things through just one ear. But all in all, the quality of use has been excellent. I do agree with another review that I wish this came with some kinda pouch to put it in while I'm not using it but oh well, the price more than makes up for it, especially through OnlineShopDealer. I haven't been wearing it long at all but it seems really comfortable. I don't have any urget to take it off so I guess that's a good sign. I'll be sure to update if I run into any problems along the way. So far, I highly recommend it if you don't want to spend a ton of money.

Small, Comfortable and Modern
I'm very pleased with the M50. The sound is clear on my end, and when I don't ask the person on the other end of my line how it sounds, there doesn't seem to be any trouble hearing anything.

I like the battery readout meter which shows up on my iPhone 4. The on/off switch seems to be something I've come to prefer over the two-second button press. The audibly spoken status within the earpiece conveniently states the powered on status, the battery level and then the successful connection.

The M50's Bluetooth 3.0 profile lets me route the phone's application and mp3 audio to the headset; it's not really a feature that thrills me for any reason, especially since I have no interest in listening to music in only one ear if I don't have to, but I suppose it's nice to have the option for an alternate speaker.

The M50 is lightweight. It looks sleek with its very thin, almost transparent, bluish ear hook. It is more on the elegant side - I likely would not be confused for a Borg. It has a nice long battery life, too; being rated for ten hours of talk time, it's definitely a step up from the previous headsets I've owned. It seems to be very efficient power. I like the M50 very much.

Better than the M55
I had a M50 and lost it. I went to purchased the M55 from Best Buy for $40 and it was cutting in and out, bad reception, etc. I went onto OnlineShopDealer and bought the M50 and have had no problems. Clear, great battery life, comfortable to the ear. Great purchase.

Works great!
I purchased mine expressly for listening to streaming audio and mp3s. No music. Just audiobooks and talk radio, etc. It works great and automatically pairs with available devices as soon as its turned on...after the initial set up of course. I have not and don't plan to use it for calls so I can't comment on that aspect of it. One might want to know that this particular unit is refurbished and is stamped as such. It may or may not be listed that way in the description but, in my opinion, the product listing title should include the word "refurbished."

Very Nice Headset/Use in Either Ear!
I can't add much more positive comments than what's already been said about this headset, but I was surprised at how comfortable it was in my ear. I am very picky about anything going into my ear, like headsets and earbuds. I had some initial difficulty getting the blue plastic hook adjusted and having long hair makes the task a little bit harder to accomplish. But once I had it comfortably attached to my ear I actually forgot I was wearing it. I got a call and it scared the snot out of me because it's been a long time since I last used a Bluetooth headset and was not expecting the incoming call. I can see how people could wear these into the shower accidentally. I first thought the hook hinge was flimsy but I took a closer look at it and it seems to be well-built, sturdy hinge so I'm not too worried about breaking it off.

Setting it up was super easy and it and my phone connected quickly. I made a few calls out to some friends to see what they had to say about the sound and they could hear me loud and clear. Even my 84 year old mother who is partially deaf could hear me. And I could hear them quite well too. I have an android tablet which I will try to connect to the M50, but I can't stream music now since I pay by the minute on my phone and it will eat up all my time.

But so far, this is a great headset even if you don't use it to stream music or listen to internet pod casts. I hope to be able to do that soon with my droid. Also, I almost forgot to mention, the ear hook is hinged so that the M50 can be worn in either ear. So if you hear better in one ear, then it can go into that one. My other Bluetooth headset will only go into your right ear. And my left ear is my dominant ear so it was a little irksome. I like being able to use my left ear to listen to my M50.


Technical data

  • Streams music and audio from your smartphone; noise and wind resistant for clear calls
  • Voice alerts tell you talk time, volume, connection, and more
  • iPhone displays headset battery meter so you'll always have time to talk
  • Up to 11 hours of talk time, up to 384 hours (16 days) of standby time
  • What's in the Box: headset, ear hook, Micro USB AC Charger, operating instructions
  • Block noise and wind from calls
  • Comfortably fits either ear
  • Pair 2 phones and take a call from either
  • Stream tunes and podcasts
  • iPhone dispays headset battery meter


Product Description

Hear it all-music, calls and more. plantronics M50 Bluetooth headset streams audio form your Smartphone and makes every call worry-free with extended battery life, whispered alerts and noise reduction features. Monitor the battery life automatically on your iPhone. Rechargeable non-replaceable lithium ion polymer. Bluetooth has a working “range” of up to 33 feet between the phone and headset before audio degrades and the connection is lost.

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