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BlueVIBE DLX Premium Bluetooth Wireless Headset by GOgroove (White) w/ Quiet Comfort Plush , Lasting 14 Hour Battery Life , High Definition Audio Drivers & EVA Carrying Case - Works with Moto X+1 , LG G3 Stylus , HTC One E8 and more!

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GREAT headphones for pretty much EVERYTHING!
I’ll get right to it. These are the best headphones I’ve ever worn that I didn’t have to pay a bazillion dollars for. Granted, the price is still high, but it’s much more reasonable than some of the nicer brand name headphones by Beats, Sennheiser, etc, and you get what you pay for in this case. The sound quality is great, the comfort level is awesome, and they’re extremely versatile.

I can connect the DLX via Bluetooth to my phone or iPod if I want to go wireless and not have to worry about cords, but if the battery dies or I decide I don’t want to deal with the 10-second hassle of pairing, these headphones also come with a 3.5mm aux cable that I can use to plug them into pretty much anything with a headphone jack. I like having both options available, especially because I don’t have to worry about keeping them charged all the time since I know I can just plug them in and they’ll still work (I find this to be a very simple but fantastic feature, which is why I’m mentioning it twice). For the record though, the battery in the DLX lasts pretty long. I’ve never killed it in one sitting, but I think the battery life is somewhere between 12-15 hours, maybe more if you don’t blast your music.

In addition to the two different connection options, the headphones also come with some built-in controls that you can use while you’re wirelessly connected to your phone, tablet, or mp3 player. Unfortunately, the controls don’t work if you’re using a wired connection (I checked), but that’s only a small drawback for me. The controls are nice because you can pause and skip music tracks, lower or raise the volume, and even answer calls if you’re not within arm’s reach of your phone or iPod. Oh, and it has a microphone built in near the base of the ear pads, so you can use the DLX like a Bluetooth headset if taking calls wirelessly is your thing.

Last thing I’ll mention is the overall design. When I first took these headphones out of the box, I was kind of nervous because they seemed a little flimsy, but now that I’ve had them for a couple months, I can tell you that their build is great, and they are definitely NOT flimsy. They’ve taken quite a beating from various situations, including been tossed in a backpack with a bunch of heavy books, being worn at the gym, and even being dropped a few times. They’ve withstood all the damage I’ve thrown at them so far, and they still work and feel great. I also love that they can expand or contract super easily and fold up nice and compact for when I need to store them. I should mention they come with a pretty sturdy carrying case if you want to keep them in mint condition, though I usually don’t use mine unless I’m travelling somewhere. Anyways, they’re a great pair of headphones, and I wear them all the time now. I’d definitely recommend them if you’re looking for some nicer over-ear headphones and you’re tired of crappy earbuds.

(I almost feel bad.; -) ) Well made and generally solid
I got these deeply discounted w/a promo code, and so far these would have been worth full price. (I almost feel bad. ;-) ) Well made and generally solid, great sound, easy to pair and use. I was skeptical that anything priced this low would be worth it, but they're great.

Surprisingly Great
These come with a crescent shaped, hard shell zipper case that stores them along with the USB charging cable perfectly. They're adjustable to fit almost any size head. I have a pretty big head for a woman and the sides adjust firmly to fit even my big melon. They do slip a little when I move a lot or turn my head quickly, but aside from that they fit pretty well. When I looked in the mirror I thought they looked pretty cool, not as bizarre as I expected for these interesting headphones.

They connected easily via Bluetooth to all of my devices. The sound is really the greatest part. Crisp and clear with great bass that doesn't overwhelm but pumps nicely. Impressive high and low end right out of the box. I did later burn them in with my sine wave app, but they didn't really need it to produce great sound. I wouldn't go so far as to say audiophile quality, but really great for an everyday user.

As a Bluetooth phone headset they are clear and the caller said they sound good on their end. It did feel a little odd using them as a phone headset, but it was only odd in form, not function. They worked great.

I received this free sample set the same day as we had a party planned, so I was not the only one to test both their size and sound quality. Everyone looked at them and tried them out, at least one person said they'd like to buy a set. It was a unanimous vote for "Groovy Headphones".

Everything I was looking for!
- These are very comfortable
- While not active noise canceling, they do block out pretty a ton of outside noise. They worked great on the plane, which is where I have felt the most amount of frustration with other headsets not being loud enough.
-The blue tooth works great. It is so nice to be free of wires. I can set my phone down or connect via blue tooth to my computer and get everything I need to get done without being tied down.
- The internal battery lasts quite a long time between charges.
- As other reviewers mentioned, this headset also has a jack for a cable which does not require the headset to be charged. This is a great feature for travel, as I am often stuck sitting in one place so use the cable at that point in order to conserve the battery power.
- The case they come in is protective but not humongous, so they fit in the pocket of my back pack.
- On board controls are nice - volume, forward, back, pause and answer phone and hang up.
- People say they hear me well when I have calls, which I was worried about with the mic being farther from my mouth than on wired sets.

One drawback: controls do not work when plugged in, but it is a pretty minor limitation.

Quality look and powerful sounds.
Cheap but provide powerful sounds. The bass is deep and the sound is rich when playing music from my iPhone 5. Phone calls are clear. It even has a long connection range. Pair is not a hassle too. If you've ever had a Bluetooth headset you know hard it is to pair. This was easy to pair with my phone.

Cons: feel a little light on my head. The volume buttons are too small and hidden.

Definitely would recommend. Buy this headphone. It will not disappoint!

Great headphones.
I've listened to three songs on these and they are far better than I could have hoped for. Extremely satisfied with the sound, comfort and pairing process. Setup took less than 5 minutes. Rich bass and clear treble. If you can find these on sale like I did, don't hesitate if you're on the fence. It's worth every penny.

Aside from the pretty dorky name, this is a solid product. FIVE STARS.
First Impressions:
The headphones are collapsible. The packaging is quite premium. It gives you a fell that you just bought something substantial. You will get a micro usb to usb cable, a male-to-male headphone cable, and the headphones of course. The male-to-male headphone cable is there to be used when the batteries of the thing are up. More on that in a second.

It comes in a hard case. Case isn’ the hardest I’ve seen, but it offers some kind of passable protection.

I ordered the black one, it arrived nicely, it looks awesome, and it’s collapsible. What more could I ask for?


Ok, on to the meat an potatoes of the thing. In short: it upper midrange. The sound is engulfing, the bass is not too distracting but lacks a little punch. It does a nice job at blocking outside sound, making it a prime candidate for studying and plane rides. I haven’t tested it yet on the plane, but being somewhat noise cancelling (passive) and wireless that would seem to be its natural habitat. one thing though: your voice does sound different when using it for calling, you will hear it in a lot lower volume than normal because of its noise suppressing properties. I assume that is to be expected.

Connection is solid on my trusty blackberry Z30. It recognises, shows up by name, connects when I tell it to, disconnects when I tell it to. Sound is great as well, I call with it and it great, I listen to music on the device with it and it’s great, I leave my device on the table and walk around while listening to music on it and it’s great. I’d say the range is about 10 meters, in my non scientific trials, so I could be wrong. It kept a connection well beyond what I expected though, don’t know if its entirely my headphones or if it is my phone as well.

I would say it’s nose suppressing rather than cancelling. It can do a much better job at that but it’s passable enough.


Hey, it’s collapsible. This makes storing as ways as pie. It’s also lightweight, which means that I can have them on for extended periods of time and not really feel their presence. It does not make your ears get hot and sweaty IMO. It’s ear cups are a bit on the smaller squarish side, think Bowers & Wilkins P5 size.


I’d definitely recommend this to a friend. It’s a great buy for the price. I assume by spending more you could get a better product, but I’m not sure if I need one now that I have the DLX. I love it. And at this price, I honestly think it’s a steal.

Surprisingly good- I am surprised I don't hear too much about these.
Let me first off lay out why I bought this headphones and then maybe ppl can see if this matches their needs since there are too many things that people try to use their headphones for. I needed these for a studying and working and I was particularly interested in bluetooth headphones to cut down on any more cords (in my efforts to have a zen desk at home). With that said, here are the pros and cons:

- Great sounding - The music is well balanced. Its not too high on bass or treble but it is not low on these either. It sounds surprisingly good for bluetooth headphones. I am no audiophile but all the music I hear came across sounding great. The iPhone sounded better than my laptop music.

- Noise isolation - This was important as I work for a couple of days from home and I have a 1 year old who has started throwing tantrums while eating. These look like open cans but they block out a surprising amount of noise. I own a Bose QC15 (which is an active noise cancelling headphone and definitely has superior noise cancelling to these) and although the bluevibe doesn't come close to the Bose, its surprisingly good. I can still hear my wife calling in case she needs me but it does block out ambient uniform frequency sound.

- Cord &Cordless - The problem with the Bose QC15 was that if it runs out of batteries, you cannot use them. Not so with these. If you run out of charge on these, you can always use the cord which comes along with the purchase. Of course, the bluetooth will not work but cannot have everything, right?

- Cost - For me this was most important. I wanted the Bluevibes as a backup to my QC and so had to be of low cost. And boy, did I hit the jackpot with these. OnlineShopDealer was running a promotion where I got these for $40 and I think the price-to-value proposition at this price point is truly great.

- Charging: Is only through a USB connection, no batteries. If you run out of charge, you cannot replace them without connecting them to a charging dock or USB cradle. No way you are going to be able to use these on any camping trips if thats your thing...

- Bluetooth connection - I had slight trouble connecting this to my iPhone 5. It worked with my Macbook pro, Mac Pro at work and even on my wife's windows machines. But each time, I had to restart the machines (not the headphone, but the phones or computers) so that the machines could see and connect to the headphone. That sucks a bit because I would hate to restart my machine if I am in the middle of coding something and have a lot of windows open. I think the problem here is that the headphones broadcast their bluetooth details for a very short time...too short for the computers and cell phones to pick up. Once you are paired though, the connection remained solid for a good 6-7 hours. I should know, I once used them for a solid 8 hrs during a code jam session.

- Comfort - I gotta admit here that using this for anything more than 2-3 hours will hurt your ears. I have normal sized ears but there is not a whole amount of cushioning on these. After a few hours, these start hurting the folds of your ears. But considering these are my backup phones (I usually use them while working from home sometimes), I think I can overlook this.

There, I think I covered everything. Do not hesitate to post any questions about these and I will definitely try to answer as much as I can.

Very stylish headphones
I like to have multiple headphones for variety of purposes, for my long train commutes as well as use in gym walking. so when I was offered a unit for review I accepted as I could test for few days. Bluetooth is awesome for a wire-free and tangle free experience. This is especially useful in Gym settings.

I was able to pair up to my Nexus 5 as well as Samsung Galaxy series phones and tablets and had no issues. Charge kept up for several hours easily.

Now coming to the sound quality, it is perfect for my needs. I listen to lot of podcasts, audiobooks and classical music. I had absolutely no issues and sound reproduction was crisp and clear. Overall a very stylish headphones and delivered rich sound quality. It is a very good value indeed. As I mentioned earlier a sample was provided to me and this is my fair and honest review.

Amazing Value, high quality
Amazing value for the dollar. Purchased with a steep discount, but after receiving would recommend these even without the $50 discount. Very comfortable, clear sounding (A touch bass heavy, but most enjoy that), good connection process, solid design.
Have not used for voice calls, just music, but overall very impressed with the value, quality and overall quality function.

Granted, they are made for different activities, but when comparing to my Motorola SD-10, which cost at least double, it is laughable.


Technical data

  • The BlueVIBE DLX Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones offer phenomenal audio playback with virtually any media device with Bluetooth or a 3.5mm headphone port! Excellent with iPhone , LG , Samsung , HTC , Sony , Nokia , Motorola , OnePlus and many more!
  • TECH SPECS - - Bluetooth version: v2.1+EDR / Bluetooth frequency range: 2.4GHz - 2.48GHz / Operating distance: 30 feet / Charging time: 3 hours / Audio playback: 14 hours per charge / Standby time: 384 hours per charge / Power: DC 5.0V-500mA / Folded dimensions: 7 x 4 x 2.25 inches / Expanded dimensions: 7.25 x 7 x 2.25 inches / Weight: 3.8 oz
  • Guaranteed Quality - 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty


Product Description

GOgroove BlueVIBE DLX Bluetooth Headphones - Audio Sonic Excellence Premium, Long-Lasting Sound The BlueVIBE DLX headphones wield powerful drivers that offer crisp highs, full midrange, and booming bass so you'll always have excellent across the full spectrum of your music tastes. We specially engineered the DLX's rechargable battery to keep you listening for 14 straight hours uninterrupted. You can also use it as a wired headset with the included 3.5mm AUX cable! Comfort, Luxury, & Control The DLX comes fully loaded and tailored with brushed aluminum panels, a padded adjustable headband, a compact folding design, and soft, noise-isolating ear pads. In addition to a great look and feel, the DLX also comes outfitted with a set of integrated playback controls and a built-in microphone. The onboard controls allow you to easily manage your music and take phone calls without ever having to touch your device! Rugged Protection Every pair of DLX headphones comes with a weather-resistant EVA carrying case with cushioned interior and accessory cable storage. When you're done listening, you can utilize the travel-friendly folding design to pack the DLX securely in the case. Use it to absorb bumps, drops, and dings so your headphones don't have to! Works With Your... Apple iPhone 6 , 5S, 5C , 5 Samsung Galaxy Note 4 , Note 3 , Note Edge , Galaxy Alpha , Galaxy S5 , S5 Active , S5 Mini , S4 HTC One E8 , M8 , Mini , HTC Desire 820 Sony Xperia Z3 , M2 Aqua , Z2 , C3 , T3 Google Nexus 6 Motorola Moto G , Moto E , Moto X+1 Nokia Lumia 930 , 830 , 735 , 730 LG G3 Stylus , LG G3 , G Flex , G Pro 2 , Lucid 3 Sharp AQUOS Crystal and many more!

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