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the timing of the release was perfect. Any way to the review
The reason for my purchase is different than most, I think. I simply wanted something different. After going through a bunch of Android phones, jailbreaks, roots, stock and custom ROMs, four generations of the iPhone, and now out of contract, I just wanted to try something else. I didn't actually plan to buy a BlackBerry, it sort of just happened. I ordered it yesterday after about a week of looking for my next phone, the timing of the release was perfect.

Any way to the review, just wanted to put a disclaimer that I'm not a BlackBerry fanboy.

This phone is absolutely, plain simply, awesome! I have been using it for nearly 6 hours after opening the box, which had about 50% initial battery. I have yet to plug in a USB cable, six hours of setting up the phone, downloading applications, account setups, and the battery is now at 41%. Never seen anything like that.

I can download all the application and games I need. If what I'm looking for is not in BlackBerry World, it's definitely in the OnlineShopDealer App Store. Netflix, Candy Crush, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you name it. The Android Runtime seems to be, at least, faster than actually running it on an Android Phone like Galaxy S4 (my last Galaxy). I guess the hardware on the Passport is just that much better.

The BlackBerry Hub is the best, and most productive feature I'd seen. All your emails, BBM, text, Facebook, Twitter, all your notifications in one place, and I thought I'd be a mess to sort through it, but it's not. Each notification has its own identifier.

The keyboard, revolutionary. Typing is absolutely easy and fast, you can scroll up, down, left, right on anything by just sliding your finger on the keyboard, no need to touch the screen, like the MacBook's trackpad.

If you're looking for, arguably, the most innovative phone in the market, this is it. If you're tired of the same Apple gimmick, or the battery drain on the Android devices, this is the phone for you.

Amazing phone. Puts you at the peak of productivity.
I've been a former blackberry user with my bold 9900, and was honestly incredibly disappointed with the company and its phones when I've experienced maps which never work, a browser that's slow as a snail, crashing phones where i'd always have to pull out my battery, and lastly the lack of productive apps. I've since moved to the iPhone 5 in 2012 and thought I'd never look back.

The passport though, is really something different. Before, one huge factor that caused me to switch from BB to iPhone was because of the apps and the speed of the phone. However, after using the iPhone for 2 years. I honestly COULD NOT CARE LESS ABOUT THE APPS.

I realize what really was more important to me - which is the productivity of my phone - NOT candy crush, angry birds, flappy birds, or any other games. I barely even visit the apple app store anymore. Also, I have since passed my honeymoon phase with all the iPhone apps, and honestly have no other game apps on my phone - only the productive ones.

I've received my blackberry passport and absolutely LOVED it. Typing on touchscreen never really bothered me, however, being able to write a paragraph of email and jump back to the middle of it did. Where iphone requires you to keep trying to touch that spot in between the words to add a paragraph, blackbery passport does it simply by moving the cursor over.

The phone is fast. The amount of apps they have now is exactly what I need to stay productive ( i could care less about the other stuff ). And MOST IMPORTANTLY of all, I feel SO good to have instant push on my email again rather than having to wait 15 minutes every time on an iphone.

The square screen is awkward at first. Not gonna lie. But when I'm reading articles or books while in transit, this is SO MUCH BETTER. No longer do I have to side-scroll my page on an iphone which gets quite annoying.

Overall blackberry has done an amazing job with this phone. Though not perfect (maps, blackberry assistant, and camera could be a bit quicker and upgraded). But I have high hopes for their products in the future.

Get the passport for productivity. you won't regret it.

Meet the new King of Productivity: The BlackBerry Passport
I ordered this phone on the day of release right after the Launch Event presentations blew me off my feet. I wanted to use it for at least a week before giving a review, to be as accurate as possible, and now I feel confident in saying that you can DEFINITELY believe the hype. This phone is the real deal! I am going WAY in depth with this review, trying to hit as many things as I can. (EDIT: Invoice link since some people are so quick to discredit reviews from non "Verified Purchase" users...even though I stated it was bought direct from shopblackberry. Purchase dated 9/24, review posted 10/3 after about a week of use. It was available for hours on shopblackberry before OnlineShopDealer had it, so of course a lot of the first batch users did not purchase from OnlineShopDealer which explains the few old Verified Purchase reviews.)

**********First, the hardware:**********

- Processor: Snapdragon 801, which is a tweaked 2.26ghz Quad core beast of a mobile processor, just like the one in the highly reviewed LG G3. Not that the super efficient QNX based BB10 OS needs that much horsepower, but it is nice to have. Apps open and close staggeringly fast, and the "Peek and Flow" gesture based OS is a joy to use with so much horsepower under the hood. I'll get to that later...

- GPU: Adreno 330, clocked at 450mhz. This GPU from Qualcomm is roughly 50% faster then the previous mobile GPU standard. Again, a productivity machine like the Passport doesn't "need" so much graphical power...but it sure is nice to have! 3D games like the strangely addictive Hungry Shark run smooth as butter, and it has no problem pushing the over 2 million pixels in the 1440x1440 display.

- RAM: 3GB. Yes, that is TRIPLE the memory of the iPhone 6 and a full Gigabyte more RAM then many high end phones. This allows true multi-tasking. Programs are not "bookmarked" when minimized, and multiple tabs in your browser are actual pages loaded in every tab - programs and browser tabs are not closed when you minimize them like the pseudo-multitasking most consumers are used to. This serves two benefits - not only are apps up and running in the background (allowing things like reply to messages without pausing videos or games), but your minimized apps open instantly. That is because apps were never closed - just tucked away into that massive 3GB memory pool. Add all that to the small footprint of the BB10 OS, which gives significantly more free RAM compared to an Android with the same physical memory, and you have a beast of a multitasker.

-Battery: ~3500mAh monster of a battery. This is not a phone you charge every night as you tuck yourself into bed. The first day will suck a bit more juice then normal due to multiple accounts and settings syncing and "settling in". After that? You will be amazed. Easy 2 days of juice with "normal" use. I took mine off the charger this morning at 7AM. I keep bluetooth on, Pebble App synced and running, three different Email Accounts synced, a busy Twitter Feed, my Stock brokerage app, a Browser instance, and my Device Manager always running with 5 active tiles on screen. I check my phone often, and use it non-stop during my full 45 minute break and randomly throughout the day. I got home from work at 6PM with 72% battery. That is 28% in 11 hours of heavy use! That is around 40hrs(!) of battery life with of mixed use, well in line with the 30hours of "heavy use" promised.

-Display: 1440x1440 IPS LCD. Again, this is the display tech of the beastly G3...but with a twist. The LCD has the benefit of not needing "dark themes" to save battery life like AMOLED screens do, and is nice and bright with great contrast. The real twist is of course the 1:1 aspect ratio. This phone gives a true DESKTOP EXPERIENCE. You will never want to view a mobile version of a website again. Text is crisp and easily visible even when zoomed way out, and even at the default half brightness your whites are nice and bright. Webpages, Calanders, Spreadsheets, PDFs, and Documents all look amazing, with tons of available screen real estate. For the first time, I am willing to not only view my documents (using the included stellar Documents to Go suite), but I can happily edit them as well. Which leads to the next part, which is probably what impresses people the most, the keyboard...

-Keyboard: Full QWERTY with built-in trackpad. Yes, a full trackpad. I was expecting simple Left/Right/Up/Down swipe functions, but this is an actual laptop-esque trackpad. You can drag figure 8's across the keyboard and the screen responds appropriately. The first day of use I kept catching myself scrolling with my finger on the screen, before pleasantly remembering that I can use the keyboard as a great scrollbar for both horizontal and vertical scrolling. No more accidentally clicking hyperlinks when attempting to scroll a webpage or blocking your content with your own hands and finger. The keyboard is very wide, which takes some getting used to, and with only 3 rows context sensitive punctuation and symbols are delegated to the bottom row of the massive screen. This is a blessing and a curse - you get the slick virtual keyboard perks of BB10 like being able to swipe a physical keyboard to the left to delete your last word or swipe up to accept word suggestions, but adds another learning curve to get used to reaching UP for punctuation instead of down. Again, a few days into using the device you will wonder how you lived without it.

-Misc: Speakers are brilliant. While made for Conference Call accuracy, I set it down to an HTC M8 display and loaded up the same music video on both devices. The M8 had a slightly higher volume ceiling, but the Passport quality was much better. Deeper, smoother sound is how I would describe it. Call quality is of course excellent, being one of the core Blackberry features to this day. At the local bar, I'm rocking 4 bars indoors where my buddies with the same carrier have 2-3. Calls are clear and easy to hear, thanks to the FOUR microphones that observe ambient noise and adjust volume levels on the fly. Camera is the best Blackberry has offered...but that is not saying much and while it does admirably in good lighting it is still not as good as other top tier phones in other situations like poor lighting. I feel this is most likely a software issue, since the specs are right up there with the best of them - 13MP Optical Image Stabilization with scene modes for HDR, Panoramic, low light, etc.

**********Operating System:**********

The phone ships with the new and improved BB10.3 OS. In this version, native .apk support is up and running, and it ships with OnlineShopDealer Appstore. It seems currently a few core apps that I know for a fact are compatible with the OS since they run fine on my aging Z10 with the 10.3 leak are not showing up for the Passport still. I can only assume this is to optimize them for the display, since some apps do not scale properly and although the work fine look a bit wonky and are either stretched out or with tons of empty space :). Never fear though, since Play Store can be sideloaded easily through a front end called Snap, allowing full Google Play Store access. Of course this is not officially supported by Blackberry, but I have found a resounding majority of apps will run fine when installed from snap. With Blackberry World, OnlineShopDealer Market, and Play Store through Snap you should be able to find whatever you need.

With the small footprint and efficiency of the QNX based BB10 OS paired with the high end hardware of the Passport, of course the OS is shockingly fast and snappy. Apps open and close nearly instantly - not that you need to close them with all that free RAM - and menus and actions all respond accordingly. The Peek and Flow OS is a joy to use on such a large screen, and it makes you wonder how you got around clumsy menu based OS's like Android...and I pray to the Diety of your choice you don't have to use a home button based iPhone after BB10. It is an exercise in frustration...

Overall, if productivity is your goal and you spend more time posting on Forums, writing Emails, or viewing documents and spreadsheets then you do throwing birds across your screen or matching candies, I have a hard time thinking of a better workhorse then the Passport.

- Learning curve. Keyboard and Gesture based OS take a couple days to get used to.
- 100% of all apps may not work. With three different App storefronts this is not as big a deal as it used to, but still worth mentioning.
- Size may be an issue to some - notably those with small hands and 1 handed texters...oh, and those with Skinny Jeans :). Fits just fine in all my Slacks, Khakis, and Jeans.
- Camera low/poor light performance leaves something to be desired, and focus is slow (true at time of the review, focus issue is mostly remedied with new OS update)
EVERYTHING ELSE. Seriously, the phone is a joy to use. Screen, Keyboard, Battery life, Call quality, etc are all stellar.

Don't be afraid to try something different - give it a week or so to get used to the "culture shock" then see if you can go back to the crowd of identical handsets. I know I can't.

Media Pundits have an iPhone-bias. This is one phone you definitely want to try.
There are several reasons I chose this over iPhone 6+:
1. Battery life: It blew away all other smartphones out there!!! I move around between places, and boy, do I hate carrying chargers everywhere.
2. Typing and editing is the biggest pain in the neck on a iPhone or Samsung. Passport's wide screen is huge bless for text and spreadsheet work, not to mention the physical keyboard.
3. This doesn't bend. Who would want a phone that bends in your jeans.
4. Strong signal and amazing reception.
5. Great sound system.
6. The Blend feature! I can control and work on this beast via any other device. That's amazing.
7. Office, Word, Spreadsheet apps. Work-related apps.
BlackBerry is finally doing something right. Don't listen to the media reviewers. They just walked out from a lavish dinner with Apple people, and will naturally downplay this lovely gem from BB.
I say just try it. Trust your own judgement. And if you don't like it, simply return it to OnlineShopDealer for FREE! So what's the risk?

Finally A Phone That Feels Like It Was Built Just For Me
I consider myself one of the lucky ones who was able to purchase a Passport from OnlineShopDealer on launch day before it sold out. I was considering a few phones, but this one caught my eye and eventually my imagination.

After almost two weeks I have to say that I am totally thrilled that I went with the Passport over those other cookie-cutter phones on the two-company market

The first thing you notice is the build. It is definitely a premium quality device. And it is large, but not as large in your hand as you thought it would be. Actually, most things I can still get away with only using one hand (ie. surfing the web, watching YouTube videos, sending short texts, etc.), while any texts or emails longer than a few words usually takes both hands. And It fits just fine in my jacket pocket. I happen to be one of those people who does not put any cellphone in my pant pockets.

The screen is awesome. It is a joy to surf the web on a phone without having to constantly be tilting it back and forth. The same goes for emails, texts, documents, etc. Videos are crystal clear and vivid, but you do not get the same amount of screen real estate for videos that you would with other phones that are tilted in landscape mode.

My only real concern before purchasing was the keyboard. As someone who has never used a hardware keyboard, I wasn't sure I could adapt after the virtual keyboards on my previous phones. I needn't have worried. After a couple of days, I can honestly say that I have never typed faster or more accurately than on the Passport. The word suggestions are awesome, and as the device gets used to the words you often use, you find yourself typing alot less and instead swiping up complete words alot more. Sometimes it only takes me 6 or 7 pushes on the keys to write a 20 or 30 word sentence, as the keyboard lets me swipe more than type. The swipe-sensitive keyboard also allows you to scroll though webpages, emails, and documents without having to swipe on the screen. I must say that I really appreciate the thought and innovation that went into this device.

The battery is incredible. Although I'm not a "business" type (just a regular blue-collar guy), I do consider myself a heavy user, and my phone lasts the entire day and then some. On heavier use days the battery will last a good 18 hours, while on lighter use days I get at least 24 hours. I used to plug my phone in as soon as I got home, but now I just plug it in before I go to sleep (and it still usually has a 25% of the battery left).

As everybody knows, Blackberry doesn't have anything close to the app selection of Android and Apple, but this wasn't a big concern to me. The apps that I actually do use are either already available through Blackberry, or I can download them via OnlineShopDealer, 1MobileMarket, Snap, or other sites that let you sideload. Whether it's Netflix, my football team's app, my banking app, or games like Pacman, I have them all on my Passport, and they all work great.

I really love the multitasking you can do with this phone. When they say you can have up to eight active screens going at the same time, they aren't kidding. You simply never have to close a screen or an app in order to open up another one.

If you have several apps that you use to communicate with people, then the Hub is a feature that will completely change the way you look at your phone. It lets you receive all your communications in one place, and respond to all of them, without the necessity of having to leave the Hub, and go separately into each app or email or text or whatever, in order to respond. Simply brilliant. I have several email accounts, Facebook, Twitter, texts, and phone calls all set in the Hub, and it sure makes my ability to respond a breeze.

Blackberry Blend is also a great feature that lets you sync you laptop or tablet to the Passport so that you can access the communications on your phone on those other devices. I've got a laptop and it works perfectly. Again, it is very simple and easy to use innovative feature of this phone.

The OS on the Passport is very nice. It is simple, appealing, effective, and super fast. I guess the non-Android OS, along with the 3 MB of Ram under the hood, is the reason I have yet to notice any lags on this device at all.

I haven't used the camera too much, but the shots I have taken have been very nice, and I hope to start using some of it's other features (like panoramic mode) very soon.

The sound on this device is top notch. I have a 64 GB SD card with a 4,000 song library on my phone and the speakers on the Passport blow away my friends' Apple and Android phones . The speaker phone is also top of the line - clear and crisp.

As icing on the cake, the mini-HDMI port lets me watch Netflix or YouTube videos, or anything really, on my TV screen

I guess the bottom line is this: If you are looking for a phone that lets you do things quickly, innovatively, and effortlessly, and don't mind using two hands most of the time, then the Passport just might be the phone for you. On the other hand, if you simply must use only one hand, must watch videos in landscape mode, absolutely need to put you phone in your skinny jeans, or are addicted to plugging in your phone more than once during the day, then this phone just might not be for you.

The BEST Smartphone on the market, PERIOD!
The BEST Smartphone on the market, PERIOD!

Wow, what can I say... just WOW! This phone is not only the BEST Blackberry ever made, may also be the BEST PHONE ever made! At least it's the best phone to purchase at the moment (specially if you want to buy an unlocked model)...

1. Most reviewers have highlighted the Battery, it's freaking AWESOME. I was sick and tired of my iPhone 5 dying on me by 2-3pm, and this thing literally can last even 2 days, basically if you charge your phone at night, you would NEVER need to worry about a plug-in, charger, USB, etc... that's not possible with any other phone in the market today.

2. Blackberry 10, is simply amazing! They didn't market it well in the past, but it's amazingly fast, has an true multi-tasking (play youtube on the background and read your emails), and the gestures, the swipe up/down and many innovative things they did was actually copied by Apple!

3. HUB! I have no idea how did I live without the Hub, now I can literally keep track of all of my notification in ONE PLACE. No need to launch one app after another after another, to reply on FB, Twitter, Email, Gmail, Hotmail, Instagram, Whatsapp, BBM, etc... they're ALL IN ONE PLACE. It's genius!

4. OnlineShopDealer Android App Store. This is the KICKER, while BB in the past lacked some popular apps like Instagram, they're all there now today via OnlineShopDealer Store which is bundled with the phone

5. Camera is fantastic, 13MP, optical image stabilization (missing in iPhone 6), and a great flash.

6. Build quality, fit and finish, how it looks and material used are top-notch, solid stainless steel that does NOT BEND, high quality material all around and it just looks FANTASTIC! This phone WOWS, and literally everyone asks me what's this phone wherever I go. iPhone is so 2012!

7. Last but not least, it's the AMAZING screen, wow, I was first worried about Square screen, but it's fantastic. If you read a lot, text a lot, email a lot, or just read the web a lot, you gotto TRY THIS... it's absolutely amazing, you don't need a table no more, don't need to scroll, and the screen resolution and pixel density is better than iPhone 6, fantastic!

I'd say the only downside of the phone maybe it's width, and harder to use in one-hand, but that's the case with most bigger phones these days, otherwise this phone is PERRFECT, and it's by far the BEST PHONE to buy today, PERIOD!

Excellent device!
BlackBerry did a great job with the Passport. I was concerned about the size of the phone at first, but holding it it's not as wide as the pictures make it seem and it fits in jeans or pants pockets.

Going in categories based on my first impression.

The battery life is amazing. After 8 hrs with moderate use of web, email (5 email accounts), and apps (3-4 activate frames running) my battery was at 75%. The phone also comes with a Device Monitor which provides information on battery, memory, CPU, and mobile data usage, and is extremely useful in locating resource draining apps, and this one is actually easy to read and understand.

Screen quality/size are great. 1440x1440px resolution is crisp. I no longer dread visiting Full/Desktop sites and viewing documents/spreadsheets is a lot better.

Touch-sensitive physical keyboard. I don't know how they did it, but I'm really enjoying swiping to delete words and pick suggested words on the physical keyboard. No learning curve on those two features. I haven't used the keyboard to scroll through webpages and apps too much yet, but the times I have it works well. Keyboard itself has a quality feel to it, combination of physical and context virtual keys works great as well.

Build quality. The Passport is a solid phone with a premium look and feel to it. Stainless steel frame is a nice touch.

BlackBerry 10.3 OS and Android support. BB10 was an impressive operating system from the start. 10.3 added a lot of good features that make use of the Passport's screen. The Hub and the calendar are the most used features on my phone. One notable improvement is the Assistant. Voice recognition has improved significantly; I actually use it now to set appointments, alarms, play music, sent emails and texts. It's also good to see the addition of sports/movies and improved knowledge information.

Android support really shines in BB 10.3. OnlineShopDealer App Store is pre-loaded so that's 200,000+ apps available. There is also an app called Snap which can be loaded seperately and pulls directly from Google Play, though I only used it to get Bank of America app and ESPN Fantasy Football. For me Blackberry World apps cover 85% of what I need/use, OnlineShopDealer takes care of 10% (they put up a paid app for free daily) and one-offs I download from Google Play. The Android apps run on same performance level as native apps; UI difference is the only way I can tell for sure which is running. No Google Play Services support, but that's expected.

Ease of use. User Interface was designed with purpose. Context actions are there when you need them without searching all over the screen. Typing does require both hands which doesn't bother me much since I mostly typed two handed on any phone.

Connectivity. It looks like BlackBerry made one model to fit as many carriers as possible. I've never seen so many bands/frequencies supported by a single phone. It is GSM. I imagine this will be useful when traveling.

Overall, excellent device. Cheaper than the new IPhone and new Galaxies. With access to Android apps you are not missing out on popular apps. What makes the Passport great is the productivity features and battery life, well ahead of other phones/OS's. The Passport gives you the advantage of in-house optimization of software and hardware that the IPhone has, the advanced features and flexibility that Android users enjoy with BlackBerry organizing and streamlining those features, and has the easy access to information with the Hub and Active Frames that Windows 8 aims to achieve.

BlackBerry is known for security. I'm sure security experts would have more good things to say about that.

I would definitely recommend this phone to any cell phone user, not just BlackBerry fans.

If you know BB10 you will fall in love with this BEAST.
I was an android user for years. I owned many google Flagship devices (nexus line). I had bought a Q10 a year ago because I could no longer take the online keyboards... in all honesty they never worked for me. The biggest learning curve I had with the Q10 was BB10 OS, it took about a month to get used to it. I immediately picked up a passport, and fell in love. It is certainly not for everyone, and in all honesty blackberry clearly stated this is not a consumer device. This is for those who like to get shi* done. The biggest limiting factor to you enjoying passport is going to be the learning curve of BB10.... If you are familiar with the OS... I cant see you not loving this new blackberry phablet. After many years using android devices, I cannot see myself ever giving up this incredibly unique Blackberry ecosystem.

My experience as an android user...
I am really impressed with what blackberry has done with this phone. It's fast, easy to use and different from everything that's on the market.
First about me...
I am a college student and I have always used an Android device. My last phone was a LG g2. I use my phone for texting, surfing the web, YouTube and (like every college student nowadays) take notes, write small essays, open many files( most .doc), and listen to music. I don't play a lot of games.

Honestly, I bought this device because its different. I wanted to try something different, I was getting bored of the android interface. I was a bit skeptical about buying this phone since everyone says BB is dead. My surprises that this phone is pretty good...

Since I own this phone I am using less my tablet and even my laptop. The screen is so wide that you can see much more than a regular smartphone. I don't use a lot of apps, but now with the onlineshopdealer app store, almost every important app is there, Netflix, Spotify, YouTube etc... (except for Google service apps).
Battery life is... very very good. I have been able to get 2 days of battery life with regular use (not playing games). The speakers are awesome, nothing compared to iPhones or Samsung. The camera is also very good. Pictures have a square shape (like Instagram) but picture quality and color saturation are very good ( similar to my old G2).

In conclusion, this is a very impressive phone. I wasn't expecting this from BB. If what you want is a phone to be productive, excellent battery life and different from what everybody else carries, this is the best on the market. Even tough there are a lot of apps in BB now, if you are a heavy app user (specially games) and cannot leave the Google world, you should stay with Android or Apple.

nice size square screen and great response touch-enabled keyboard
Long life battery, nice size square screen and great response touch-enabled keyboard. I'm glad I bought it.


Technical data

  • 3450 mAh battery, up to 30 hours of mixed use
  • Touch-enabled QWERTY keyboard
  • Wide Touchscreen 4.5inch Display
  • More ways to access Apps with the OnlineShopDealer AppStore
  • BlackBerry Blend - the power of BlackBerry on your computer or tablet
  • Although FD-LTE coverage is fairly wide-spread across the US, we recommend checking the coverage map of your service provider to ensure the best possible experience.
  • Among the major US carriers, this banding is not compatible with CDMA based networks (Verizon, Sprint, US Cellular)
  • Minimum Rated Standby Time: 432hrs Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) Rating: M4
  • Network Compatibility: BlackBerry Passport supports the following US network bands: FD-LTE: 2,4,5,17 HSPA +: 1,2,4,5/6, 8, EDGE


Product Description

This Brand New Blackberry Passport 32GB Black Factory Unlocked phone comes in Original box with all Original accessories in the box. This is GSM Version of the phone and will NOT work on CDMA Network such as Sprint or Verizon.

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