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Smith & Wesson CH0014 Black Clip Point Blade and Black Aluminum Insertable Handle with pocket clip

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Pretty great knife, especially for the price
I've had my knife for about a week now, so take this review for what it's worth. So far, this knife is really good. Very solid construction. No blade wiggle. I was using a serrated Cutco knife to cut steak the other day but it wasn't the right knife for the job. I pulled out my S&W knife and the blade practically fell through the meat. It was sliding through it like butter. I was hesitant to buy the thing simply because of the price. How could a knife for less than $10 be any good? Answer: I have no idea, it just is. I'm still suspicious of the knife though. I am curious to see if it falls apart or something. I'll update this after I've had the thing for a while.

Great knife
One of the best knives I've ever had. It's a good size, a little on the heavy end for a knife, not ideal for backpacking or anything, but I like the weight.
Good quality.
Pocket clip works great, big thing for me, I've lost a few knifes that way.
Comes pretty sharp.
Everything I was hoping for with Smith and Weston, and more.

Great inexpensive blade.
I bought one of these blades for work, mainly for box opening. I would say that it is well crafted and exceeds expectations for the price. When I first bought the knife it was only to open a steady stream of UPS boxes that land on my desk. However, after using it for a while at work, I began to bring it on fishing trips as well. The blade is fairly sharp and holds its edge. Plus, it is inexpensive enough that I don't mind getting it banged up. After my initial purchase, I bought a few more for my nephews.

Your kind of knife
I have had this knife for almost two years now, and i have taken it to more boy scout trips than i care to recall. this knife comes really sharp not to mention it is well built enough to drag through the mud MULTIPLE times. when it first comes it is a little stiff, but that's what you want any well built knife to be like. as you use it more it will eventually loosen up. it takes along time for it to start to loosen too much, for me it took around a year and a half. this is when you need to tighten up the screws a bit then your still fine. in about a year and three fourths the hard jell grip on the side will break off. all in all for ten bucks you can get a knife for a year. Now that my first one is broken i am ordering a second.

For nine bucks what can beat it?
I bought this knife and a sharpener with it, 25 bucks total. So whatever edge this blade holds can be mutilated and then sharpened back up. I own knives of all varieties and quality. I bought this one as a workhorse and it does its job. Dont expect more than you pay for but this knife and a sharpner are less than half of what my good knives cost and you dont have to worry about screwing it up. Great buy just dont expect the best

Solid Knife
I bought this knife to use at work, where I mainly use it for cutting open boxes and plastic bags, and occasionally scraping and prying. the lock is solid, there's no wiggle in the blade. the handles are plastic on the outside with a rubberized texture area in the middle over a metal frame. came sharp enough out of the box. the clip has good tension and goes on and off my pocket easily. the blade is a little stiff coming out but after a while it loosens up a little to where you can flick it open with one hand. no thumb ramp but the jimping is good and catches your thumb well. this is easily a $20 knife, for it to be less than 8 bucks is outstanding.

Great price to value ratio.
I've owned numerous knives:(your Gerbers, Spydercoes and, Kershaws) this is one has balanced price to value ratio. At the price of 8 dollars what's there to complain about? Its a simple, no bull knife, and at 8 bucks you wont be crying if you break it. After putting it through its paces, I've noticed its a smooth deploying folder, not too tight and not to loose. The handle is nice and comfortable and has a nice rubber accent to help with your grip. The blade is a nice size, along with that is a pocket clip which makes this knife perfect for EDC applications. Lastly, after all the crap I've put this badboy through, nothing has gone lose or fallen off! One caveat I've notice however, (some folks might not like it) is its a little on the heavy side. Heck, its heavier than my Gerber 5 inch combat folder! However, I'm not much of a weight weenie so it doesn't bother me that much. If you want a knife that's (very) affordable and durable this one is for you!

Great knife
I found this knife to be a very well made knife for the price. I was not expecting it to be so good

very good knife for the price
My son wanted a pocket knife. We looked at some at a local store but the ones he liked were $25+.
So I ordered this one at onlineshopdealer. Definitely worth it's price.
My son thinks it is cool that the knife is a Smith & Wesson, just like a rifle that I own.

Great knife
This is a great knife it came pretty sharp right out of the box. It has a thick plastic handle that's is sturdy and about a 2 1/2 inch blade. It's all black has a pocket clip and the handle has a good grip that fits my hand perfict over all I love this knife. I carry it in the woods all the time and it's perfict for bushes blocking the trails and I plan on getting another one.


Technical data

  • 3.1" blade, 4.5" handle
  • 400 Series stainless steel
  • Thumb-stud on blade for one-handed opening
  • Aluminum handle
  • 4.6 ouces


Product Description

Smith & Wesson Black Clip Point Blade And - CH0014

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