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Diamondback Bicycles Boy's Insight Performance Youth Hybrid Bike (24-Inch Wheels), One Size, Black

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Customer Reviews

Product Reviews

Excellent bike
I bought this for my 9 year old. He does two kid triathlons per year and we needed a "roadbike" that was still practical to be used as an everyday bike. He can easily keep up with me now on rides. Several previous reviewers have mentioned a "toe in" problem which is where the front tire can hit your foot on a sharp turn. This is a non issue. I road the bike myself and deliberately tried to hit my foot with the tire with repeated sharp back and forth turns. It can happen but it is not likely in real world riding. Bike is super easy to assemble. An excellent bike for the price.

Good bike, but know your way around tools
This is a better bike than you'll get at a store for the price, by far. However, it needs to be assembled. The chain/gear drive is assembled, but be ready to spend over an hour putting the rest together. I have mid-range mechanical skills, and I made a couple mistakes and had to fix them. After the first mistake, I parked another bike of the same style beside me and compared them as I worked. It's easy to get the handle bars backwards or up-side-down or connect the brake wires backwards, but you can also recover from those mistakes. My son loves it. They saved weight on the frame by designing for a rider not over 160 pounds, and I wouldn't push that limit. It's lighter than most kids' bikes and easier to shift, so my 10 year old can ride faster. It doesn't have a kick stand included but you could add one. The tech they chose is very mainstream. If you know bikes in general, you'll know this bike, and that's OK - nothing exotic or experimental, but really solid proven parts. If you can handle the assembly process I would recommend it.

If you foot hits the front tire try this...
Good bike, for those of you where feet hit the pedals, you have the front axle facing the wrong way...make sure the brakes are at the very front of the bike (look at the picture)...we had this issue at first too.

Amazing Bike
I got convinced to buy this bike after another parent said her son rides on junior triathlons. We got it 10 days ago and have gone on several bike rides between 2 and 5 miles. Each time my son says: "I love my bike!" It is light weight, fast, and boys love black. My son is 59" tall; the bike is a very good fit with some room for him to grow. This is not a little boys bike, this is an awesome bike. The only thing it lacks is a water bottle holder, but we'll add that like we added a stand

Very nice bike! Worth it!!
I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The design and quality of components are great and a bargain for the price. It was packaged very well and the assembly of the bike was less than an hour. The front tire is a little close and your foot will hit if your making tight turns but unlikely to happen during normal road riding. I bought the bike for my 6 yr old son. He's a little young but borderline tall for a 20"; and at these prices, I wanted to get him something he wouldn't outgrow next year. So I went for this 24"er. He quickly got the hang of the bike even though it's a little big for him. He also figured out how not to have the front tire rubb his foot on tight turns (don't pedal during tight turns). We have taken the bike around the neighborhood streets several times now. It rides very well and my son loves it!!

If your child does not bike in the mountains,, get this bike!
We ordered this bike for our almost 10 year old daughter. We wanted a bike that could be passed down to her little brother in the future, so this was great as it's black. It arrived only 2 days after ordering. My husband put the bike together, no missing pieces and said it was an easy task. She had an older 20" mountain bike, but since we don't do any off road biking this is a much better fit as it is a smoother ride and much lighter. She rides on grass and paved roads. Since was riding my older 24" sometimes, we knew she'd be good with the 24",, she has lots of room to grow with this bike. Definitely worth the money. A much better quality than those found in stores especially since it's hard to find a child's Hybrid bike anywhere. This bike is great quality, perfect for the neighborhood or long trail rides.

I was especially pleased with the stopping power of the brakes
I got this for my 10 year daughter to replace a cheap BMX bike that was nothing but problems. It was a snap to assemble if you any experience with Alan wrenches and a wrench, took me about 30 minutes. I was especially pleased with the stopping power of the brakes. While it is only rated to 160 Lbs, I rode it around the block to make sure it would all was well and the brakes were very responsive to my 185 Lbs. Shifting was also very crisp and responsive with solid clicks on the levers. If I had to pick a con I would say the tires are skinnier than I expected and took my daughter a few minutes to get used to but there are no quality issues and you can always swap them out for a bigger size. I'm not sure I'd pay the full retail of $330 but a at $199 this is a deal and a half.

Looks great also.
Bought this for my son. He loves it. He assembled it with no problems. Looks great also.


Technical data

  • INSIGHT 24" Light alloy frame w/replaceable hanger
  • Insight Jr. Aero Alloy straight blade
  • 165mm Alloy w/chainguard 34/42t
  • Shimano Front and Rear Derailleurs w/RS35 Revo 7spd Twist Shifters


Product Description

Podium 24 Light weight alloy frame for the aspiring youth cyclist 24 wheel, kid's road bike Jr. Aero Alloy Straight Blade Fork to minimize wind resistance 24 wheel, kid's road bike 24 alloy wheels to help keep up with mom and dad24 wheel, kid's road bike 8 speeds to choose from via easy action road shifters24 wheel, kid's road bike24 wheel, kid's road bike Here at diamondback we are breaking new ground in 2014 by offering a road specific youth platform with the new Podium 24. Manufactured with the same quality as our adult endurance Podium models, the 24 will bring to life the aspiring roadie inside your little rider.24 wheel, kid's road bike 24 wheel, kid's road bike Our 6061 Alloy Frame creates a light weight and durable ride so your child can keep pace and stay comfortable doing so. Saving weight with the Alloy frame goes a long way as your little pushes to do the same.24 wheel, kid's road bike A nice blend of road specific Shimano components including 8 speed Sora shifters and front/rear derailleurs will ensure precise shifting. A 2 ring alloy crankset with 38t/48t will make climbing up any hill a breeze while 32hole alloy rims will ensure strength and stability for the long haul.24 wheel, kid's road bike24 wheel, kid's road bike We have rounded out the cockpit with alloy handlebars wrapped in Cork bar tape and a Jr. Padded saddle to keep shorty nice and comfortable for each new mile of exploration.24 wheel, kid's road bike24 wheel, kid's road bike.

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