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Belkin Pivot Wall Mount Surge Protector with 6 Outlets

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Handles All Your Odd shaped adapters
Normally I don't review accessories such as these, but it really makes a huge difference with all the crazy different power adapters I have. If you think you don't, remember the chargers for your digital camera or NiMH AA charger.

Most modern compact battery chargers tend to fall out of most power sticks. For example, a AA charger or for your digital camera. Instead, you can angle them at 45 degrees so they will rest on the shelf or floor and not budge. Also, a portable wifi can also sit at an angle, rather than just popping out under its weight. The big adapters are additional supported by other cables that you may run horizontally. Check out the picture I posted to see what I mean.

Every other power stick would only have 1/3 of its plugs usable; not only that, but they would fall out too easily. Not with this belkin.

It actually handles a higher surge than many out there. I've simultaneously powered: my 17" Apple, 24" monitor, three externall hard drives, a monster stereo, a scanner, a printer, a wifi, an NiMH charger, and lithium battery charger, and even an electric razor. Works fanastic without a glitch.

Also shows you if its properly grounded and protected with indicator lights. Organizes wires and through a pop up loop. Protects the cable as well.

Only complaint: I wish the cord was maybe 5 feet longer. I hooked a high quality extension to it instead

clarifying comment
most surge protectors list a joule rating, and sadly this product page didn't have one. i checked belkin's site and they didn't have one either!

luckily, i have a friend who works for them, and they let me know the spec. this wall mount protector has a 1080J rating.

hope this helps people.

Protect ALL Your Equipment!
I've used cheap surge protectors only for the fact that I don't have enough outlets. When I heard that a friend blew out all his home theater devices with a lightning strike, I figured I should invest in a good one. The ones I already had are 6-8 outlets, but not all plugs are the same. Sometimes a plug will take two spots instead of one for some proprietary design. Since OnlineShopDealer has everything, I searched and found the Belkin Surge Protector. Now I am a bit impressed with a "Surge Protector", of all things.

Basically it is one strong unit that has twelve (12) outlets. Eight (8) of these are flexible/rotating for those odd-ball plugs. On one Belkin, I was able to connect my Television, Receiver, DVD players (2), Satellite Television box, multiple CD Player/Changer, a Light fixture, a Satellite Speaker Transmitter, and two Sub-woofers. The eight (8) foot cord is more than long enough as my electrical socket is very close. I don't have a phone jack in my living room, so I didn't need that (it is a good idea), but the 1-in, 1-out coaxial-cable protection makes me feel very good about protection.

It says that it has 4,320 Joules of Surge Protection and I have no idea what that means, but when combined with a $300,000 "Connected Equipment Warranty", I guess I don't need to. It would be curious to see if it failed and if Belkin would actually pay up on a faulty surge protector, but it's a very nice warranty. It has been on for four days now and it is not even warm. For the price, Belkin gave me a lot of piece of mind.

Now I think I'll buy another for my PC set-up. That is an entirely different issue!

Why didn't they come up with this design sooner?
This is a great design that solves a very common problem with trying to fit those large power plugs onto a singe surge protector. In the past with older protectors I had a few open outlet slots because those giant plugs took up so much space. The pivot design of this Belkin solves that problem perfectly. It has a full 180 degree rotate so you can go all the way to the left and then rotate it all the way to the right and stop anywhere in between. That's a great design!

Also it's narrow tube like design takes up very little space which is a huge benefit to me because I don't have much space underneath my desk. Some of the other designs from other manufacturers were too large for my needs. Apparently they were trying to solve the issue with large power plugs by spacing the outlets farther apart which made the surge strips huge or they had other designs that still took up too much space.

Lastly this surge strip has great protection unlike some of the other surge strips out there. It has 2320 Joules protection, response time less than 1 nanosecond, EMI/RFI noise filtration 150kHz~100MHz up to 40 dB reduction, etc. OnlineShopDealer doesn't list these specifications so I'm listing them for you but if you compare them to some of the other surge strips you we see that it offers better protection. If you are serious about protecting your electronics then don't get the ones that just barely protect you. You need to get the ones that can handle a good electric shock.

Great wall mount power strip
Purchased this needing a powerstrip for my home office since I have everything from a couple of computers, radio chargers, scanners, printers, and etc. to charge/power. I bought this knowing it was a wall mounted charger and weighed the idea of losing an outlet and gaining five. I must say I am pretty impressed with this little bugger. The built in screw provides a nice touch to secure the whole unit to the exsisting wall plug so it doesn't fall out with the weight of the unit/plugs. I left the wall cover on and taped the exsisting screw to the bottom of the unit so I do not lose it. The pivoting outlets are nice considering the radio chargers are the big brick style and I would have lost atleast one outlet due to the size. Pivoted them to the side and they work perfectly.

Surge protector with a twist
After years and years of using surge protectors in which there were always unusable outlets because of product design, fially a company comes up with one that is affordable to most of us. This unit is well constructed, and solid, plenty of oulets with the ability to rotate. The covered outlet is virtually eliminated, I could see that in extreme cases you might be able to block a couple of them, but with 12 outlets you won't be missing much. With technology as it is today this protectector covers the most common connections of cable, and phone also(has one phone in, with 2 phone out). All these features essentially make it perfect for home use. If you have a CAT 5 connection your out of luck.
There are also mounting holes on the back if you wish to connect to back of entertainment center, the wall, etc.. I got the one with the 8' cord from personal experience, but that is mostly just preferance, I always seems to run into a situation with most of my surge protectors where I want a longer cord.
Only thing I would like to see on this are built in outlet covers, but I do not think most people want these so most companys go with that, and you can get very inexpensively ones seperately, and install them yourself if it is that important to you, I just like to keep dirt and stuff out of an outlet that usually is on the floor where everything can get in it. I will update if I get any new pros or cons on this item.

Was reading other reviews, and thought I should add this, hope it helps;
Hopefully most of you understand that the joules rating is the amount of energy that the unit can handle in a surge, the actually rating of normal steady state power through the units is essentially the same as the watts/ per unit time. That would be that for the 12 outlet version which is rated for 1800watts that it is rated for 1800joules/sec. Please remember to add up the watt ratings of all the items you plug into the surge protector, and not to exceed the limit for the surge protector. The 4320 joules is the actually surge power, do not forget to look at unit response time for handling the increased energy, because that would let you know the amount of time that your electronics will see the surge before your device cuts power.

All that said the Belkin surge protectors meet the industry standard for time to respond for a class 3 surge protection device, which is what you will find for most plug in surge protectors. I hope this helps for those who do not know much about joules.

The Best Power Strip I've Tried
One of the biggest problems you'll ever face when buying a good power strip/surge protector is finding one that can handle a wide variety of plugs and adapters. Some companies think a little bit ahead and give you a few extra spaces for the classic "wall warts", but often times not enough and they'll look really sloppy and become unbalanced.

The Belkin Pivot-Plug Surge Protector goes a step beyond and takes care of many of these problems with a little thought, foresight, and ingenuity. Anything I can throw at it (within reason), it can handle just fine.

The addition of a power switch is a very useful feature as are the indicator lights. It's also a very attractive design which is nice since they're often times plainly visible under a desk or on a shelf.

As far as the surge protection goes, I can't speak on that feature yet and I hope that I'll never have to. Belkin has a good reputation, so I'm confident that it will do the job well when the day might come.

The one and only real complaint I have about this power strip is that Belkin really should offer these in both the flat plug and the traditional straight plug design. I prefer flat plugs because they fit tighter against the wall which looks better and keeps the cord out of the way. However, I can see the advantages of using a straight plug in certain situations where you're not able to use the bottom socket of an outlet. It's a matter of preference and differing circumstances, really, but Belkin should consider offering both options in the future.

All in all, this product is a real winner. A solid Five Stars out of Five from me. After I purchased the first one, I went back and bought a couple more. As far as I'm concerned, you can never have too many of these around.

You'd be crazy not to buy this surge protector
I have seen this on other websites for $20-$30 dollars more. Are they serious?! I believe that OnlineShopDealer sold this at a very fair price (a steal) considering what you're liable to plug into this surge protector. Very bulk, sturdy, yet lightweight material on this thing. I just received mines today, and I have got to say that this is probably the first time I have gotten something that looked like what was pictured on the box/website. What I like about it is the black pivoting sockets on the sides of the surge protector. This will and does allow you to plug in those big, bulky, bad-boys known as AC adapters. Anyone who has computers, speakers, and portable phones know how annoying these things can be. They get in the way of another socket, and so the adapter actual takes two sockets instead of one. Not anymore! plug in your big adapters on the side, and use the sockets in the middle for your other natural adapters. I have my XBOX 360, PS3, external HDD, Samsung HDTV, two DVD players, and 505 watt Logitech Speakers plugged into this thing. Trust me, lighting may only strike once, and rarely twice, so don't go unprotected another day without the proper surge protector. And the best thing is the price OnlineShopDealer is offering. This Christmas will see a ton of electronic equipment, and what better item to go along with all of those computers, gaming consoles, and HDTVs then an affordable, high-quality surge protector.

This product due to it's design and rotating outlets leaves no outlet , covered by adjacent plugs or adaptor,meaning all 12 outlets are available for use.The long cord and weight add to its quality and where and how it can be used.the price is excellent at $32.00 +OR-including delivery at,and $79.99 @ OfficeDepot.The only negative side is that there should be automatic covers for the outlets not in use for safety reasons when it is exposed to children when it lays visible on the floor,dark gray color blends well when on the computer desk

Great Wall Mount Outlets With Some Minor Issues
For those who care, here's the tech specs on the side of the box:
- Continuous Duty Electrical Rating: 15A / 120V / 1800W
- Max Energy Dissipation: 1080J (H-N: 360J, H-G: 360J, N-G: 360J)
- Max Spike Current: 72,000A (H-N: 24,000A, H-G: 24,000A, N-G: 24,000A)
- UL Clamping Voltage (3-line): UL 1449 500V
- Response Time: < 1 nanosec
- EMI/RFI Noise Filtration: 150KHz~100MHz upto 40dB reduction.

- 1080J
- I can plug in all 6 devices at once (including 2 big chargers and 1 night light) & clean up a big mess on the floor with a extension surge protector.

- Plug into only 1 wall outlet and can be secured by a screw in the middle. My wall outlet doesn't middle screw and it was unstable. I ended up replacing the outlet Leviton T5325-W 15 Amp NEMA 5-15R 2 Pole 3-Wire Tamper Resistant Decora Duplex Receptacle, White with this old style Leviton T5320-W 15 Amp, 125V, Nema 5-15R, 2P, 3W, Duplex Receptacle, Straight Blade, Residential Grade, Grounding, White so that I can secure it.
- LED indicators show on the box: protected = red, grounded = green, I've got protected = green, grounded = red.


Technical data

  • 6 Rotating Surge-Protected Outlets provide convenience and flexibility
  • Allows room for large block space outlets
  • 1080 Joule energy rating provides maximum protection of all your sensitive electronic devices
  • Filters EMI/RFI Noise Filtration 150 kHz~100 MHz (up to 40dB reduction)
  • Lifetime Product Warranty


Product Description

Belkin BP106000 6-Outlet 1080 Joules Pivot-Plug Surge Protector

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