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Beats Studio Wireless Over-Ear Headphone (Matte Black)

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Best Headphones I've Owned, Amazing Sound on Wireless
These are, simply put, the best headphones I have ever owned. This includes both the wired and wireless varieties.

I connected these wireless to my iPad Air & my iPhone and they worked flawlessly. I was streaming audio from Spotify, using music on my device, and even watched several movies wearing these.

Unlike prior Beats products which were made by Monster, these have very balanced sound. While the traditional bass is there, it is very obvious they are providing a much cleaner sound now.

These are essentially the Beats Studio with wireless built in. This adds a little bit to the price, but this versatility is well worth it. I can use these headphones wired or wireless, which means I get the versatility of wireless but can still use them on an airplane or with non-Bluetooth devices like my Nintendo 3DS.

My only complaint is the carrying case,which I felt was a little spartan; I wish it had a couple of pockets inside to hold cables instead of having to have them loose in the case. Otherwise, it is a solid case that will protect the headphones well.

I have owned headphones, wired and wireless, from multiple companies including Bose. These have replaced by QC15 headphones as my go-to for noise cancellation, although I still use my QC20 at the gym.

I was hesitant to buy these after buying and returning a pair of the old Beats Wireless headphones. However, looking them over I felt like the chance was worth it since Beats has separated itself from Monster. Well worth every dime of the purchase.

Best wireless over-ear headphones on the market
Five stars. Easily the best wireless headphones I've used, maybe the best noise cancellation, and astonishingly, I'd say well worth the money.

I'm used to using on-ear noise cancelling headphones, so the biggest difference for me was the enclosed over-ear style. This dramatically increases the noise cancellation, but also had led to a little bit of air pressure on my ears after prolonged use (2-3 hours), which is only mild discomfort that disappears within minutes of stopping use. The noise cancellation is reliable in a lot of different environments; unlike some on-ear models there's no flutter when using outside in windy conditions. Seems to be very little, if any, sound leakage, even at higher volumes in quiet environments (again, better than on-ear alternatives).

Sound quality is very good (definitely better than the typical 'Beats' sound), with a variety of different music and video/voice/phone. And it can get very loud! That said, it's good enough to highlight quality issues with streaming sources; I've switched Spotify and Google Play Music to 320kbps to make up for this. Works ok as a phone headset, although the noise cancellation is so good that it's hard to work out the right level to speak at (without unexpectedly shouting!).

They're comfortable to wear, and the matte black looks great. Doesn't attract fingerprints, and isn't as obviously branded as some other Beats models. The lack of red on the headphones is particularly notable (although one of the included cables was bright red). Materials seem solid enough, albeit a little 'plasticky'. A 'stealth' option, as far as large over-ear headphones go. Packaging is quite large and suitably over-the-top, but comes with a good travel case (although I haven't needed to use this yet).

The Bluetooth stack seems quite reliable (especially compared to older pairs of Nokia wireless headphones I had). Having the battery indicator on my iPhone is a nice touch. I've paired with a few different devices - phones (iOS and Android) and Macs (laptop and desktop) - without any trouble at all. Pairing is fast and it reliably reconnects to the last device I used. The only annoying part is that the Mac media controls aren't activated by the Beats button on the headphones (this is an Apple issue, and not unique to Beats).

Speaking of which, the single Beats button is overloaded a bit. Pause/play is an easy single tap. Previous track (or usually 'start of current track') is a triple tap, which I find hard to time accurately every time. To go back to the start of the previous track can take six taps on the button, which is crazy! Next track is a more realistic two taps, but even that can be hard to get right. Adding two buttons (for previous and next track) would be a nice touch, it's just overloading a single button to do so much. On the other hand, volume control works well, and links to the volume on your device where possible (so it's in sync with apps and the device volume keys).

Battery life has been great so far. I'm curious to see how I go on a couple of long flights (it certainly won't hold out on London to Sydney, and I'm not confident about London to San Francisco). The design of the headphones makes it hard to accidentally turn them on in a bag or their case, which is good - I've had a couple of pairs that suffered from this in the past (Bose and Nokia). Standard micro USB charging, worked with all of my different travel chargers, and was quite quick from wall outlets, portable battery or laptop computer. Only drawback is that you can't charge and use the headphones at the same time, but the rapid charging time makes this a relatively minor problem.

They tick a lot of boxes across the board, without a doubt. I haven't used them wired, and probably won't. There are competitors with 'smarter' headphones that turn on/off when you fold them, pause/play when you remove them from your head, and have enough buttons to support previous/next track easily. But they all have their own drawbacks (mainly around Bluetooth and audio quality), and the Beats are brilliant at what they're designed for - active/passive noise cancellation whilst listening to great sounding music wirelessly over Bluetooth. They're not perfect, but they're the best option I've found, and although at a high price point, I think they're good value for money.

So that said, here's what I'd like to see in the 2015 (v3.0) edition:
* Automatic power on/off when folding the headphones (simple switch sensors)
* Automatic pause when removing headphones from your ears/head (proximity/pressure sensor)
* Better support for audio/media controls on MacOS (Apple's problem now)
* A better way to access previous/next tracks (is it too much to ask for another two hidden buttons on the earpiece?)
* Less bright LEDs when charging (in a dark room they can be very bright; ambient light sensor?)
* Ability to use the headphones while they are charging (good for ultra long haul flights, like London to Australia)
* Black cable for microphone/remote control connection (this is red, even in the black edition - the 'plain' cable is black though)
* Better protection before shipping - one ear cup was slightly crushed (other reviewers also reported this)

This is what music is SUPPOSED to sound like.....
My son got the wired Beats headphones for Christmas. He went on and on about them and when he got them, I had to try them. The first song I listened to on them was Sail by Awolnation. I'd heard the song at a friend's house over her awesome stereo system, and liked it. Hearing it on my son's Beats was an entirely new experience. I liked them so much I decided to replace my Bluetooth Motorola headphones with these. I primarily wear headphones at the gym. (It's a great way to zone out when you're on the stationary bike!)

All I can say is these wireless Studio Beats are incredible! I used to think turning up the system in my Mustang immersed me in the music - not like these Beats do! Every note is audible - IT IS LIKE HEARING ALL MY FAVORITE SONGS AGAIN FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME!!!!! From Adele to Dobie Gray to Rhiana to Alan Jackson to Pittbull to Otis Redding - I'm hooked on music all over, again! Yes, they're pricey, but now, to me, they're PRICELESS! Thank you, Dr. Dre!


Sound quality!!!!
Paired flawlessly with my Motorola Razr Maxx
Easy to control



If you have the extra cash to spend - (I justified my purchase by selling my old textbooks on OnlineShopDealer!) - give them a try! They might even motivate you (like they have me) to spend a little extra time at the gym - just to listen to the music!

Should've gotten the wireless model!
When you get the box, it is a high quality type of experience, similar to opening up the I-Phone box. You expect the product to be packaged well, from the headphones themselves to the wires in their little plastic sleeves. I finally got fed up with the crappy little ear plugs made by everyone. They always fall out of your ears and you always hear the jabbering idiots talking loudly next to you.

I decided that I deserved true "over the ear" high end headphones.... Did I get them with the Beats Studios?

YES YES YES......did I mention....yes?

These are the best quality earphones and they continue to get better. The first generation ones have been dramatically improved with this set. The carrying case is great. I always have them in my backpack riding on the Metro in the morning and have always dropped or knocked my pack against someone or something, no harm to the Beats!

The sound is great. Those that review and say that they hear things that are off.......are you ##$#@ kidding me? What the heck do you do for a living that that minute detail is that important? To the vast majority of people, these rank up there with the Sony Noise-cancelling one, but do not feel as "flimsy" as the Sonys. Sony has really let EVERYTHING go past them. They created the Walkman, the Discman, the Trinitron TV.....but they missed the ENTIRE boat on the MP3 players, flat screens, etc.......

The only thing wrong with these? The wire is a bit short, thus I wish I had spent the extra $$$ for the wireless version....!

Maybe when my next option/stock pick does well, I'll reward myself......

Perfect for me!
I gave up using a pair of Sony noise cancelling headphones many years ago - recently I decided to pull them out and give them another shot - they were a pair that rested on-ear, and during a flight to London - after about 2 hours my ears just plain hurt and the noise cancelling was simply not very good - so I began researching out other possibilities... I had noticed a lot of people wearing Beats - and on prior flights I have gotten to use Bose QC 15.

I went to a Best Buy to try both Bose and these wireless Beats Studio out - although the noise cancelling was superiorly better on the Bose, Bose simply has no competing product to the Beats Studio Over-Ear Wireless. And in my opinion, the Beats actually did sound better.

As I read these reviews I was worried about this hiss, but it's not like a buzz or what not and I don't even notice it really. Especially with airplane noises or what have you. When watching a movie on a plane or listening to music - these simply feel very comfortable - sound great and block "some" of the outside world.

Over all for me - I really really like these. I am no DJ - but they absolutely sound so much better then the Sony I had, more comfortable then the Apple ear buds - and I simply love the wireless/wired option. I feel a little ridiculous wearing them - but they do look better then alternatives and I bought them for the sound and wireless option!

So for me, these meet all my expectations very well!

Comfortable for wearing all day. Awesome sound quality
These are by far the best set of headphones I've owned. I was hesitant about paying another $79 just to get the wireless, but it was worth it.

I use these in my office where I am located on the corner of a busy street. The noise cancellation makes an unbelivable difference. Even with no music playing, I am not able to hear the traffic outside my window. With music on, I no longer notice the fire trucks screaming by.

Out of the box it was simple to set up. I paired it with my Galaxy S3 and listen to streaming audio. Battery life is good, I can work all day and not run out of juice. I do plug them in to charge while I'm at lunch.

Very comfortable as they are over the ear. Occasionally I give my ears a 5 minute break. The ear cushions are nice and do not compact like cheaper headphones.

Sound qualiity is awesome. The play/skip/volume controls work perfectly with my Galaxy S3. Deep, rich bass. No adustments for bass or treble, but you could control these through your device. I use the DI.FM app and it sounds perfect.

The carrying case looks like a giant pill and is not very convenient to carry if you have other things. It comes with a carbiner so you can hook it onto your laptop case, which I have done. It is still obnoxious looking and flops around while walking, but it's about as small as it can get to hold the headphone.

The packing material is over the top for me. I don't require an "Apple unboxing experience", but if you like that sort of thing, you won't be disappointed.

All in all I highly recommend these headphones.

Second A+ for Beats by Dr. Dre
I love wireless headphones. I own the Beats Wireless (not to be confused with the Beats Studio Wireless), which is a fantastic headset, but because they're over-ear my ears would be aching by the end of the day. Beats Wireless are great, but not for wearing for hours on end, like I do.

When I saw the new Studio Wireless headset, I had to give it a try. And man... this is the best headset I've ever owned! Well worth the money. They're a more intuitive machine than the former, and the noise-cancellation and volume are just amazing. Best of all, they fit comfortably over my ears and I've never felt the least bit of discomfort wearing them for 5-8 hours daily.

Matte black is nice!
Many audiophiles hate beats i get it and there may be headphones that sound as good or somewhat better. However these studios are so much better than previous beats models that i wonder if those putting them down tried the new ones. I have used a wide range of headphones including v-moda m80, seinhesser momentum, bowers and wilkins p5 and p7, bose aew2 wireless, sony mdr1 wireless and all the beats models except the mixrs. They were all good headphones but i did not see how the sound quality on many of them were any better than beats despite what some say. The old beats models werent that great but the new studios are nice. The earpads are so soft, the matte black color is slick and they supply plenty of good cables and a hard case! I would describe the sound as fun and comparable to any of the headphones i mentioned in this review. I would say maybe the bowers and wilkins p7 were slightly better but i didnt like the size of the earcups or how hot my ears got with them. For pop, hip hop, dance and rock though the beats are probably going to sound just as good.

Cons - Obviously price is one downside to the headphone. The matte black color though is incredibly sleek though and the option of wireless just made them hard to resist. I kind of wish they had a black inline remote cable so the entire product would be all black. They do include a red inline and a black regular cord without remote though. The other downside is the bluetooth controls are on the left earcup and i never saw any bluetooth headphones put it on that side, except the bose bluetooth ones maybe. Normally left handed people would like this but i walk my dog and hold the lesh with the left hand since im left handed. Not to big of a deal and its one ill get used to but maybe right handed people wont like it as much.

My advise is to ignore all the beats haters because the new studios have improved drastically over previous years models. Audiophiles represent a very small portion of the population and they sound great to everyone i showed them to. The matte black color is really nice and doesnt show fingerprints. This is the best bluetooth headphone in my opinion. I have heard the parrot one may sound slightly better but it looks no where near as nice and is just as expensive.

Worth the Upgrade
I have always been a fan of the beats studio. so I had the first generation of beats studio for about 2 years. But one thing that was bothering me with the older version was the wire.
When I heard that a wireless Bluetooth version was coming up.. I jumped right to it and trust me when I say: " I am glad that I did"

I think it mentioned that it can play on Bluetooth for 12 hours... I am not going to back this claim up but I the very least, I can tell you that on a full charge, this device can play for more than 10 hours... I spent a whole Saturday doing work while listening to music/movies from different Bluetooth transmitter, from my phone to my computer to another phone etc.. and it work very very well.

The most compelling factor to me to get this product is that it's wireless. Again wireless was for me the only reason why I upgraded. Being able to stand up and leave the room and still play music, being able to control devices from the headset itself was the world to me and I am very glad I did.

The sound quality is as good as the previous generation ( wired) I have been taking it to work everybody and listening to music and I haven't noticed the difference on the sounds output... I haven't really paid attention very much but I am sure that I would have noticed the difference it there was any.

the bad??! well when I take call with the device I get the sense that it just listen to the whole room; by that I mean that you will hear very clearly any object moving around the room you are located... although the people I talked to haven't complained yet ( asking if I put them on speaker or something), personally it's a little annoying to hear everything that's happening around you when you are trying to talk. But other than that the microphone is awesome.

Bottom line.

I am very happy with the product! I was afraid that I wasn't going to get my money worth but so far, the product is performing very well, I have not had any battery issue. it last me the whole day without any problem and the sound quality is great.
The noise canceling is also great, and although it doesn't cancel all the noise out, activating noise canceling does make a huge difference.

P.S: when I first used the headset I thought I was just happy because it's a new and shiny devices. But I think I am 3 weeks in and it still amaze me at how comfortable and "FREE" of wire I can be.

my 2 cents.

Wireless, sound quality, built-in mic
This is an excellent pair of headphones, sound quality is excellent for average consumers, I can't compare headphones in terms of how deep and bassy or how clear or or or, coz am not a professional, simply it is excellent for me good bass and clear lows mids and highs.

I have to say that I bought this after a good research, I chose this for the following reasons:-
1. Wireless: I wouldn't buy a wired headphone whatsoever - personal preference
2. Sound quality: I tried Solo HD before from a friend it sounds good honestly, and in my research I found that the new studio is the first beats that paid attention to clear mids and lows rather than boosting bass, so reviewers were gladly announcing that this pair is of the best beats sound quality.
3. Built-in mic: this feature is way too helpful, I am using it to answer calls and as it is wireless it is so convenient to be used in car or office. btw I have an android htc one.
4. Chargeable battery: while comparing it with bose, I was not sure which one should I get, but the fact that this is chargeable and bose is AAA battery, I went with these. again maybe bose is better sound and maybe not but for me I don't think I can say what is better even if I compare listening to them at the same moment, but the fact that bose has a better noise cancelling I am very sure of but I preferred to go with chargeable battery :)
5. Looks: this is a really stylish and sleek pair of headphones.

Note: for an android htc one, all controls worked properly, the remote control cable worked and I can make calls using it (but volume buttons didn't work), built-in mic worked properly while wireless which is the most important thing.

If you want to benefit from my research, if you are looking for a wireless headphone and a stylish look with excellent sound, consider these too:
Beats Studio Wireless, Parrot Zik Wireless (touch ear-cup), and check Senheiser models.

I personally loved to have Beats logo when compared them :)


Technical data

  • Versatility through wireless and wired capability. Beats Studio Wireless headphones deliver the sound quality that made Beats by Dr. Dre famous, only without the cord getting in your way.
  • Play Controls Via The "B" .Incredibly clear sound. Beats Wireless headphones feature powerful sound, as clear and strong as any wired headphone. Support SBC, AAC, for high quality stream.
  • What's In The Box: Beats Studio Wireless Bluetooth over-ear headphone ,USB Charging Cable ,In-line control and mic cable,(features may vary) ,Carrying case ,Beats by Dr. Dre cleaning cloth


Product Description

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The world’s most famous headphone has been completely redesigned and reimagined. The new Beats Studio is lighter, sexier, stronger, and more comfortable, with precision sound, Adaptive Noise Canceling, a 20-hour rechargeable battery, and RemoteTalk. It has all the energy and excitement you expect from Beats, plus a powerful, reengineered sound.

Features Feel Your Music

The Beats Acoustic Engine makes your listening experience intimate, personal, and real. Our signature DSP software is designed to generate the emotional experience that Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine, and some of the music industry’s greatest rock, hip-hop, pop, electronic, and R&B producers want you to feel. This is how music would sound if the artist could play it back for you in person.

Put the World on Mute

Silence the noise from your daily commute or the drama from your loud neighbors with our no-compromise dual-mode Adaptive Noise Canceling. When you’re listening to music, ANC automatically strikes a balance between your music and the world outside. If you only want to use the headphone to cancel external noise, the ANC-only mode automatically increases the level of noise cancellation to create a quieter world.

What Batteries?

Dead batteries can kill your vibe in a flash. The New Beats Studio fixes this with a 20-hour rechargeable battery. To prevent wasting energy, the Auto On/Off feature turns off the headphone when you unplug, and with the visible Battery Fuel Gauge, you always know how much juice is available. Forget specialized adapters; the New Studio can be charged via micro USB almost anywhere.

Lighter, Stronger, and More Comfortable

When we reimagined our legendary headphone, we designed it like a beautiful sports car and made disciplined choices. We streamlined the New Beats Studio with fast curves, smooth surfaces, and no visible screws. We shaved 13 percent off the original weight and gave it a lighter, stronger, and more comfortable headband. We created softer ear cups and an ergonomic bellow to create a flexible, custom fit for every head shape, so you can keep your music all to yourself.

  • Beats Studio over ear headphones
  • USB 2.0 charging cable
  • USB power adapter
  • 3.5 mm audio cable
  • RemoteTalk cable
  • Hard shell carrying case
  • Beats cleaning cloth
  • Quick Start-up Guide
  • Weight (kg): 0.26
  • Height (mm): 203
  • Type of jack: 3.5 mm
Product Highlights
  • Original Beats sound profile
  • Active Noise Control to cancel ambient noise
  • Durable lightweight design to comfort on the commute
  • In-line mic and remote to control calls, volume, and tracks
About Beats Audio

The company's mission is to provide a superior end-to-end music experience — with headphones, speakers, devices, and services — so fans feel the emotion and hear the music the way artists intended it to sound from the studio.

Solo Mixr Wireless Studio Executive Studio Wireless Pro
On Ear X X X
Over Ear X X X X
Fold Flat X
Collapsable X X X X X
Rotating Earcups X X
Passive X X X X
Rechargeable Battery X X X
Aluminum Alloy Skeleton X X
Wireless X X
2-Mode Noise Cancellation X X
Battery Fuel Gauge X X

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