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Mr. Beams MB723 Battery-Powered Motion-Sensing LED Stick-Anywhere Nightlight, 3-Pack

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Good Range, Good Sensitivity, Right Price, Bright LED.
I've a soft spot for lights... torchlights, motion lights, spotlights, nightlights, etc. I've at least 2 dozen night lights; motion-activated, darkness-activated, battery-operated and electric. So my review is with reference to my collection and usage experience.

Good - This Mr Beams MB 723 is by far the best for lighting up pathways. Design is simple and robust, easily removed for portability, no reflective cover, no direct eye-contact with LED, wide-angle detection range(about 160 degrees), and has an active sensor (meaning it won't leave you in darkness until you're out of range and will only shut off 30 seconds thereafter). Although rated for 1.5V, Eneloop rechargeable batteries (1.2V) works just fine.

Caution - other reviewers had bad experience with the included double-sided adhesive; it is definitely of cheap quality and will almost certainly damage your wall when removed. This nightlight requiring 4xAA batteries needs stronger adhesive. I guessed that is why mounting screws are included. If you hate making holes in wall like myself, strongly suggest using 3M damage-free adhesive which I've been happily using and removing without pain.

Note: This is not meant for above eye-level placement because its LED will blind you!

Conclusion - For its purpose, this nightlight is a great design. Not meant to compare with overhead or directional models. Hence, I've rated this 5 stars. I'm usually skeptical about purchasing lights online especially when lumens ratings are not given. I took the risk even though some reviewers complained about it being not bright enough. Comparing this with my dozens of nightlight, it is brighter than all of them (both battery and electrical operated). All 3 works out-of-the-box as advertised and having read pro-active comments from the manufacturer for those 1-star reviews, I was not worried about DOA anyway. Glad I bought this and hope this review helps!

Reliable & functional!
Received these in less than a week from Smarthome.

Each light takes 4 AA batteries, so buy a 12-pack too! The booklet recommends alkaline or lithium AA-cells with 1.5v rating -- your usual energizer/duracell AA battery, in other words. I had hoped to try the new Eneloop -long-lasting-charge rechargeables (i still might), but we'll see how long it takes for these batteries to die first.

these come with a mounting bracket and double-sided sticky patches; the sticky patches will be fine since these items only weigh 1% more than 4 AA batteries. :)

My hallway is dark at night, and i have these space every 5 feet along the floor. The light is somewhat directional, and i have 'em aimed down (as in the picture) so they illuminate mainly the floor (so you won't be blinded when stumbling to the loo in the middle of the night).

The motion sensor has a wide angle, and as i walk down my hall, the lights light up when i get within four feet (like an 80-degree angle) away, which is great. They light up at night, at dusk, at dawn, and when it's grey & cloudy like today. Yesterday was sunny, even (sort of) in my hallway, and they detected that and didn't light up.

So for about $50 (forty for the lights, ten for the batteries) i now have illumination in my hallway, my kids aren't scared of walking down it, my parents & in-laws need not worry about tripping... the only question is HOW LONG WILL THE AA'S LAST? I'll try to check in at 6 month intervals (comment to this and i'll receive an email alert if i need reminding.) ;^_^

Great little lights at a great little price

Length:: 2:26 Mins

I walk through the product's highlights, and demonstrate the lights operating in a stairwell.

Super Deal
These things are super sweet. Our upstairs hallway and stairs have no outlets to put small nightlight in with constant power. It has been frustrating getting up at night to attend to our two kids or to use the bathroom. I stumbled across these while looking for outdoor lighting. So I gave them a try.

1. They are really bright! I was planning on using 2 on the stairs and one in the hallway. Guess what? I strategically placed just one near the top of the stairs and it gives plenty of light to light both enough to navigate around at night. So I have two more left and I'm deciding where to put them.
2. I had read some reviews elsewhere that said these were not sensitive enough. I totally disagree. They activate in near darkness from a distance of about 10-15 feet.

I do recommend getting rechargeble batteries for these. I use eneloops (sold here on onlineshopdealer too). They are rated at only 1.2v each vs the recommend 1.5v on the package, but they work perfectly fine.

Mounting hardware is solid.

Highly recommend these lights on boats!
These are mounted above the mirror/medicine cabinet in our boat bathrooms in which all the wall and ceiling surfaces are white, the floors are a dark wood grate. The small head is 3' x 4' and the light is more than we need at night so I use a standard post it to soften the light. The large head is 3' x 7.5' and the light is centrally located providing just enough light throughout the space.

It's a quality product. The sensor is very sensitive and the photocell works great with the ambiant light from the ceiling hatch. On one light the double stick tape wore out after 6 months but it's such a useful light we mounted it permanently. It's been a year and the initial Duracell batteries we installed are still working. It's such a plain looking light it should work in most spaces.

I highly recommend these lights and I would purchase them again, but there are 2 things I would tweak in the design. Since it's a directional light I wish it could be mounted either up or down so we can shine it up on the ceiling. Although it's a pleasant white LED I wish it came in a warmer LED.

Work great on the stairs
I have the night lights going up my stairs. Since there are no plugs, these were perfect. They work awesome after turning off the tv and trying to walk upstairs in total darkness. Only complaint I have is that the sticky mounting plates didn't work. They fell off the wall after about 3 hours of sticking them on. I was trying to avoid screwing them into the wall, but they work so great I'll pierce my precious wall with screws to get them to stay in place.

Love! Love! Love!
LOVE my new motion lights and they are exactly what I wanted (with one minor problem).

First, ==THE REASON== I bought these. I have a 12-year-old 15lbs rescue dog (Zorro) with early stage Cushing's Syndrome. Almost overnight, he began having eyesight problems. His eyes took too long to adjust when walking from a lighted hallway, into the master bedroom (if my husband is sleeping, or I am sleeping, we obviously didn't turn the room light on, but used the hallway light as a guide). Then after we noticed this, within a few weeks, Zorro went blind in one eye due to a mature cataract. But the problem was when he moved around at night in the bedroom. Dogs with Cushing's drink a lot of water, so he would get up from his bed often to drink and we would hear him bumping into furniture or being stuck not knowing where to turn.

A nightlight, even as dim as possible, was NOT an option because I have a hard time falling asleep with any light. So a motion sensor light that turned off after a few seconds was the PERFECT option. If there's light AFTER I fell asleep, then it does not wake me up.

This Mr. Beams light was the perfect fit for what I needed, especially being the 3-pack because we wanted to spread 3 lights in different parts of our bedroom, including one that leads to the bathroom so no more bumping our toes on furniture at night!

==THE PROBLEM== - Out of 3 lights, two were white lights and ONE was a warm yellow. We liked the YELLOW better because the whites were too bright and sort of blueish. Warm yellow was more cozy and gave the right amount of light anyway.

I came to OnlineShopDealer to see if anyone else had this problem and found several people who also received different lights. Most people liked the white light better. How funny. People have different tastes and of course different USES for these lights. To be honest, both my husband and I, hated the white light for the bedroom. Maybe to light up a closet, pantry, etc... the white would be fine.

I called customer service on a Friday, got a voice mail and left a message. The lady called me back on Monday but I was unable to answer. We ended up playing phone tag for a while, but in the meantime, I was desperate to use the lights so my dog would not bump into things anymore.

By the time I finally got to talk to the Mr. Beams lady, I told her what the problem was, but then I said that I had fixed the problem myself, and was happy with the outcome. She still offered to replace the white lights, but I told her it was not necessary anymore.

==THE SOLUTION= - Cellophane plastic wrap!!!!! To be more exact, YELLOW cellophane! Yep.. that see-through plastic used to wrap flowers, gift baskets or for candy/treats bags. I already had a yellow roll that I once bought at Michael's craft store. (If you don't need a big roll, go to a Party store and look for little cellophane candy bags of various colors.)

Then.. Double-sided tape is the trick!!! One layer of cellophane was not enough, I wanted a darker yellow so I had to use 2 layers. As in: double-sided tape, cellophane, double-sided tape again, cellophane again. I cut it neatly to fit over the Mr. Beams LED light, stuck it there, and VOILA!!! Happy!! Happy!! Happy!! It's the perfect warm yellow and amount of light we needed. And works PERFECTLY when my dog moves around the room. I just wish it had a setting to auto-turn-off in less than 30-seconds.

Oh, yes, I also put the cellophane over the original YELLOW LED light, but used just one layer. Got it pretty close to the other two that had white LEDs.

Now the best part of using cellophane, is that you can change the colors in the future if you wish. Depending what you are using these lights for... how about doing red/white/blue for 4th of July? Or red and green lights for Christmas? Or orange for Halloween? Just peel the old cellophane, add new ones and ta-daaa.. you have different color lights!

I understand that this is not a fix for those who received yellow lights and wanted them white. In my case, it was the other way around, so I hope this helped those in the same situation.

I added pics of what I did. See the custom pics section.

Oh... and for those who complained about the included tape not sticking and the item falling off... Does it really deserve a star less on your review because of THAT?? Come on people... Puleeeeze!! Ever heard of Command Strips???? Don't sweat the small stuff!

Great little light
I bought this Night light to use in my nightstand so I dont wake my wife up at night. I ran all my charging cables (phone, ipod, camera, etc) up through a drawer in my nightstand and I keep my electronics in there. I often get home from work after my wife has gone to bed and need to plug all my stuff in, which requires turning on the bedroom light so I can see all the little connectors in the drawer. Turning on the light will wake her up, so I bought this light and mounted it inside the drawer. Perfect Solution. I would have been happy even if had an on-off switch, but the fact that it is motion operated makes it that much better.

When I bought it I figured it should have enough light to illuminate a drawer. I am shocked how bright this things is. I tested it out in a closet and it lights the whole closet up. Now that I know how bright it is, I have many more applications. Will be buying more, including one for my wife's nightstand.

very happy
have had these for about six months and they work great. I use them in upstairs hallway, I was worried about someone getting disoriented at night and falling down stairs, as they are in a weird spot. they light up immediately with any movement and from quite far away. did have to screw them into the wall, as the sticky pad is not strong enough to hold them. they come right off the piece that is screwed into the wall and you can use it as a flashlight in a pinch. batteries have not had to be changed yet.

As described
We installed one of these lights near the top step of our basement stairs because our black dog sometimes parks himself right on the top step in hopes that he can come upstairs after his bedtime. Sometimes we don't bother to turn on the light to go grab the laundry at night and lo and behold, he'd be there, but we cannot see him in the dark. After almost breaking our necks a few times, we thought we'd give this motion activated light a try and it works perfectly. If he's near it, it's on. Thank you!


Technical data

  • Set of 3 motion-sensing LED nightlights for indoor or outdoor use. Mr Beams mb723 is a 3-pack set of model MB720. These little lights are mighty bright
  • Sophisticated motion sensor combined with a light sensor allows light to turn on only when it is dark and only when motion is detected
  • Motion sensor for auto-on up to 15 feet. Auto-off after 30 seconds of no motion detected
  • Super-bright LED bulbs, Lumens: 10, last up to 50,000 hours; stays off during daylight hours; Simple to install, no hard-wiring, each fixture requires 4 AA batteries (not included)
  • Each light measures 1.2-Inch long by 3.75-Inch wide by 3.25-Inch tall


Product Description

  • Brand: Mr. beams
  • -
  • Battery Life: 1 yr+ with Normal Use
  • -
  • Housing: UV Resistant and Weatherproof
  • -
  • LED Color: Nichia Bright White
  • -
  • Light Source: LED
  • -
  • Mounting: Tape or Screws
  • -
  • Warranty: 1 Yea

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