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Tech ArmorĀ® ActivePower 12000mAh External Battery Portable Dual USB Charger Power Bank - Fast Charging, High Capacity, Ultra Compact. For iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5S 5C 5 4S, iPad Air, iPad mini, Galaxy S5 S4 S3, Note 4 Note 3, Tab 4 Tab 3 Tab 2 Pro, Nexus 5, H

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Highly Recommend -20800 mAh, affordable, high capacity, good built quality

This is a review for the Tech Armor Powerbank 20800 mAh (I believe all the reviews are bunched together with different models). Note I specifically bought this product from Tech Armor site directly, since it was just released last week. This is now my 5-6 Tech Armor product I have bought. I have had great experiences with the company in the past. Their customer service is excellent and their products are amazing. If you are a first time buyer of Tech Armor, don't be afraid, I highly recommend buying from this company.

The Product:

Let me first note the specifications (size and weight) It is 165mm x 80mm x 23mm (6.49x3.15x0.9in) and it weighs 446g + 10g (15.7 oz or 0.9 pounds). I don't exactly know what the +10g refers to maybe the micro USB cable they include, but that's how it is written in the owner's manual. The product came nicely packaged, a nice cardboard box, padded on the inside on the lid as well. And included a white micro usb cable to charge the battery pack itself, or to charge a device which may have a micro usb port. The cable length is about 2 feet, not to long. There is no carrying pouch for this battery pack, kinda disappointing, but then again for $40 i wasn't expecting it. There are two inputs one which says tablet which has an output of 2.1a and the other which says phone which is 1.0A. If you plug your phone into the the tablet usb, it will charge faster, which is what I usually do when I don't have my iPad plugged in. The battery pack also includes a built in LED flashlight, which can be turned on by holding down the on/off button for like 2 seconds. And can be powered off by holding the on/off button again for 2 seconds. When you have a device connected straight to the powerbank, press the on/off button once to start charging it. Press it again to stop charging it. It's that simple.

Charging the Powerbank:

There are four LED indicator lights on the device itself, which tells you how much power is left in the battery pack. By pressing the on/off button once you can tell how many LED's show up.
4 LED's = 75% - 100%
3 LED's= 50% - 75%
2 LED's= 25% - 50%
1 LED= 5% - 25%
1 LED (Flashing) = 1% - 5% (You should be charging at this point)
There are several way to charge, using the micro usb included or any micro usb cable plug one end into to the device and the other into a computer, wall adapter (not included, but you can use any wall adapter), or a car cigarette lighter. I recommend using the wall adapter with an output of 2.1a (Such as a ipad wall adapter or any tablet wall adapter) it will charge much more faster, and since this is such as large battery, you will want to have it charged as soon as possible. Generally with a wall adapter with a 2.1a it will charge completely in 12 hours, if it is a wall adapter/car cigarette charge 1.0a or a computer it will probably take close to a day, which is why I recommend using a wall adapter with 2.1a.


I highly recommend this external battery pack. I have purchased many different brands and capacities in the past, they also make great gifts. Compared to other brands this is the cheapest I've seen a external battery pack for 208000 mah capacity. Many I've researched were in the $80 - $100+ range. This is completely completely affordable for $44-$45 (If it's ever one sale for less you shouldn't hesitate to buy it). It is about the size of my iPhone 6 Plus in length and width. And there is some weight to it, which is expected with such a large capacity, but I'm not afraid it will break. This is will charge my iPhone 6 plus about 7 times!!! And my iPad 3 which has a 11,000 mAh battery close to 2 times.
Tip: (Apple Devices) When charging you should charge when it gets to 20% and unplug when it gets to 80%. This is when your phone will charge the fastest.
This battery pack charges everything which as a usb cable: ipads, iphones, android phones, android tablets, wireless headphones, cameras, e-readers, GPS, even another external battery pack ;) And there is a 2 year warranty! I know first hand that Tech Armor's warranty plan is a fast easy replacement!

Charging Times (Based on Phone's battery sizes):

iPhone 4s - 14 times
iPhone 5 - 14 times
iPhone 5c - 13.5 times
iPhone 5s - 13 times
iPhone 6 - 11.5 times
iPhone 6 Plus - 7 times
iPad 1 - 3 times
iPad 2 - 3 times
iPad 3 - 1.8 times
iPad 4 - 1.8 times
iPad Air - 2.5 times
iPad Air 2 - 2.8 times
iPad Mini 1 - 4.5 times
iPad Mini 2 - 3 times
iPad Mini 3 - 3 times
Samsung Galaxy S3 - 10 times
Samsung Galaxy S4 - 8 times
Samsung Galaxy S5 - 7.5 times
Samsung Note 3 - 6.5 times
Samsung Note 4 - 6.5 times
LG G3 - 7 times
HTC One - 8 times

Great Products
I just purchased one of these as a gift for a friend when I saw they were on sale this week. Tech Armor offers a 2 year replacement warranty and there customer service is second to none. I own their screen protectors and recommend them to anyone in need of a high quality product and a reasonable price and lifetime free replacements, (which i have requested once due to my own mistakes). I expect this product to be of the same standard of excellence and service to my friend who has an iphone 5C that always seem to die at the worst times when spending time outdoors and hiking. This 3000mAh ActivePower will be just the trick offering one full charge to their phone.


Today I received the ActivePower 3000 and tried it out before wrapping it up as a present. I am very pleased with the build quality so far, and the plastic is all neatly molded and very high quality. The dimensions are roughly 1 inch in diameter by 3.5 inches in length. The ActivePower 3000 charges quickly and has a LED light to indicate when it is fully charged. Shipping was extremely quick as well taking only 3 business days. I haven't been disappointed by and of the Tech Armor products I have had yet and strongly recommend them not only for their quality products, but also their excellent customer service.

Great product with a great company behind it
It took a couple days but I received the battery pack.

Packaging is very simple but I would prefer something more eco friendly. Inside the box we have some pamphlets, the battery pack and a micro-usb cable.
The material on the pack is nice. The white is some smooth poly-carbonate material and the blue part is a nice matte texture.
The battery pack lights up red while charging and green when it's done. The micro usb cable is only for charging. It will not work for data transfers though the connection is very snug.
There is no LED battery indicator which is meh.
They also offer a hassle free 2 year warranty. With my past experience with this company, I wouldn't hesitate to buy any one of their more expensive battery packs.
I still haven't been able to test the performance but I will post an update when I can.

I've used it for about a week. I take back the led comment. You don't need it. They market it as being able to charge your phone entirely once although I get maybe 120% on my nexus 5 which is great. It charges pretty fast as well.

Hassle Free Power On The Go
I wish I would have had this 2 weeks ago. I was waiting for my first grandson to be born. I had my phone to receive text messages from my son and I had my Tablet to watch NetFlix to keep me occupied. The batteries on both devices were draining faster than I had expected.
Even though I had enough forethought to bring my chargers I didn't take in consideration the availability of working electrical outlets.
I found 1 that was working and accessible. What a frickin hassle.

I'm charging my phone as I write this review.. I lovin' it. It was @ 62% when I started writing this review about a half an hour ago and it now at 93%.
I like the look,color,weight and it's super easy to use. Love the LED light.

I highly recommend this product. I'm probably going to get another one for my son in college.

Very good product
I have a HTC One (M8) and I have my phone protected with Tech Armor's Premium Ballistic Glass Screen Protector. I have been buying products from Tech Armor since I had the original HTC One (M7) last year and I love Tech Armor's customer support. I go to a lot of music concerts and I always either have to borrow a external battery packs from friends or go without one and come out with very low battery or a died phone. Saw this item was on sale through a email I received from Tech Armor so I made the purchase and so far it looks promising great built quality rubber finish. And it has a 2 year Tech Armor warranty so I know if something goes wrong I just send them a email about the problem and they will take care of the rest. Very happy with my purchase.

Great Battery Pack for Phones and Tablets
This seems to be a great product. Well designed, easy to carry, perfect size. It has a non-slip finish so it won't easily slide around. The dual purpose on-off switch is a great feature, it activates the extremely handy included built-in LED flashlight and it turns the charging ability of the unit on and off. So you can attach your phone or tablet but turn the charger off if you want to wait to charge them. The remaining power indicator on the unit is well designed and easy to see. This is a big step up from the other chargers I own. The 2 year warranty is a plus also.

Never knew I needed it until I used it.
Just received this item in the mail today. It came fully charged, which was a nice touch. Something I must've glossed over is that it includes a built-in flashlight - very useful and easy to activate. The actual product weighs only a little more than my S3, and fits nicely in the palm of my hand. It charges my phone at a rate similar to my USB wall charger.

Where outlets and chargers are not readily available, for example when travelling abroad or leaving a gaming app on, I find this very convenient and I can't wait to try it out.

Perfect for those on the go!
Just purchased this item and looking forward to using it on my multi-day hikes/climbs to charge my iPhone6 for pictures, videos, etc. When full charged, it charges the iPhone to 100%, as promised! Great Product! The 2-year warranty is a nice perk and provides a peace in mind that if anything goes wrong with it you can just replace it! Excellent customer service by Tech Armor and I wouldn't expect any less!

and I like it very much
I recently purchased aTech Armor ActivePower 12000mAh power bank, and I like it very much. The power bank is small and very compact, yet it has 12000mAh whose power is enough to charge my iPhone at least four times over! I now take it every time I travel, and I don't have to worry about finding a wall outlet to charge my iPhone.

Very amazing power bank and strongly recommend it to everyone!!!

Convenient Rescuer!
Got one for my wife, who lives on her iPhone. Perfect size to fit in her purse, and rescues her when she's out-and-about. She just needs to remember to: 1) keep a cord with it, and 2) keep this charged.

Need to get another one for my daughter, who can't seem to ever remember to charge her phone.


Technical data

  • Join over 4 million members of Tech Armor Nation who choose to power and protect their devices with Tech Armor products.
  • Industry Leading, Hassle Free, 2-Year Warranty.
  • More than quadruples the battery life for your iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5s, 5c, and most other smaller smartphones.
  • Adds 150% battery life to most mini tablets and 80% to most full sized tablets.
  • Dual USB Ports to charge two devices at once! Ultra Compact design with elegant, soft-touch rubber housing with quick-charging technology.


Product Description

Tech Armor ActivePower Mobile Power Banks Keep Your Mobile Phone or Tablet Battery Full No Matter Where You Roam!

Tech Armor's high performance ActivePower external battery packs use only the highest quality, Grade A, Korean battery cells available on the market today. With four models to meet anyone's power needs, you can be sure Tech Armor ActivePower series has something for you.

Even though the ActivePower 12000 is about the size of a hockey puck, it still holds enough power to bring most mobile phones from empty to full 4 times. Or, it will refill most mini tablets once. Featuring a built in flashlight and dual USB ports to allow you to charge multiple devices at once, it's also covered by an Industry-Leading Hassle-Free Two-Year Warranty.

COMPATIBILITY:Smartphones, tablets, GPS, Bluetooth Speakers, gaming devices, Bluetooth Earbuds, and much more.

Every Tech Armor powerbank is backed by the TECH ARMOR 2 YEAR REPLACEMENT WARRANTY!


We are committed to your satisfaction and will send you free replacements for:

-Defective or unsatisfactory product

Our commitment to you is that we will provide the best customer experience, the TECH ARMOR WAY, or your money back.

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