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Oceanstar FM1163 Bamboo Floor and Shower Mat

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Product Reviews

We love this mat! The review that said it was slippery when wet made me a little nervous but I haven't had that problem at all. Even our toddler is fine standing on this when it is wet. Actually, she really loves to jump on it. It looks nice and is very sturdy.

I am so happy to have something next to the shower that doesn't stay cold and soggy all the time. This mat dries quickly and has little plastic feet on the bottom so that there is a bit of separation between the floor and the mat that lets all the surfaces dry completely.

I am very happy to have a bamboo mat instead of teak because it is hard to determine if teak is from a sustainable source and, of course, teak is much more expensive.

Wooden shower mat
I now own two. I use it in the shower. Sturdy. No slippage. No splinters. A very good product. To clean I place it in the sun
for a few hours.

Fantastic Addition
This bathroom mat is a perfect addition to any bathroom, especially in colder climates (or during winter). Its fantastic to step out of the shower/bath onto a temperature neutral, raised platform. Never again stand in a pool of water or have to deal with a wet bath mat every time you dry off after a shower. Even without these great features, the mat itself is quite easy on the eyes and looks good with any bathroom decor theme. Three months into ownership and not a single problem has arisen. As for the reports of the mat being slippery when wet, I have had absolutely no trouble balancing on this mat. I actually have trouble imagining this mat being slippery. Showering twice daily for three months and I have yet to feel even the slightest tendency towards slipperiness with this mat. Highly recommend!

Loves it!
It looks nice, has great function. I read other reviews before buying and they said it was I put it to the test and found that it was very sturdy, no slip at all. It's easy to clean, just wipe it down. It's great that it has a little height to it so your guest don't walk all over it and it definately beats washing shower mats!

Cool beenz
This was exactly what the shower in my house boat needed ... and the water flows out perfectly, the mat drys faster than the teak wood mat I had before this... THanks

Stylish, Good quality for a fair price
I think this is a unique alternative to a rug style bath/shower mat. I liked it right away for that reason. I am loving it for getting out of the Jacuzzi! It was well worth the purchase. I was concerned with the color of the bamboo wood, but when I did receive it, it was exactly what the picture had showed in the listing. It is made very well and very sturdy too. When I first stepped on it, it did make some creeking noises but it seemed to settle down after that. It is a very nice mat and we are using it in our bathroom as a mat when you get out of the shower. I like it since it doesn't hold any moisture and it is easy move, lightweight and fits perfectly in our bathroom. I brought one from another store and had that one as a door mat when you goes into the house from the garage. Found OnlineShopDealer cheaper, so I brought another one for my bathroom. great buy.

keeps my feet from getting waterlogged
I bought this after I was at a hotel overseas where they had a shower with a mat the kept you off the water in the shower. It was great, because my feet tend to get waterlogged and cracked from standing in the water the pools in the shower. I put this in the shower, and take it out after each shower, lean it against the wall on the rug outside the shower. it is great, it works very well. it is not slippery, and I've had it almost a year, and it is still holding up. if it wears out in another year or two I will buy another one.

Eight months later: I still love it, some of the finish is wearing off the top, and it's turning gray, but I use it in the shower every day. I still think it's great. I imagine it will hold out another year or so, then I will definitely buy another one.

Great mat!
Seems to be everything I need for using in the bathroom. Just rinse off when done and let air dry.
No slipping occurred.

good buy
The bamboo floor mat is an excellent purchase, bang for buck. It is working out well without and problems.

Use them in my tiny bathroom
I initially ordered one but liked the first one so much that I ordered a second. Fits just about perfect in my tiny bathroom. By the way, my mats at first creaked and cracked but once I had showered a couple of times the humidity swelled them up so they barely creak. I weigh 190 lbs give or take a few and they feel quite strong and supportive.


Technical data

  • Made with 100% natural bamboo
  • Elevated design allows for water to evaporate
  • Modern, stylish and no assembly required
  • Versatile and can serve for many different purposes
  • Dimensions: 1 in H x 23.75 inches L x 17.75 inches W


Product Description

Enjoy elegance and sophistication with the Floor & Bath mat from Oceanstar Design Collection. Its versatile design allows you to be creative in placing it either in your bathroom, near spa and pool, indoor or outdoor. Made with 100% natural bamboo. The Oceanstar Floor & Bath mat is a perfect addition to your home or as an admirable gift to your loved ones. Decorative items are not included. Caution: Always use caution when stepping on the bamboo mat to avoid fall or slip.

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