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BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original, Black, Organic Cotton

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Customer Reviews

My baby 13 months old and I still use this daily! The BJORN gave me my 2 hands back!
This carrier is the best! My son is child #5 and I have had a carrier for each one. This last one is definately the best! Not wanting to spend this much money on a "carrier" of all things, I researched and considered carefully before purchasing this. All reviews and reports were accurate...This is definately worth the extra dollars.

The ease of use is remarkable. I can get baby in and out all by myself. From the day after Luca and I arrived home from the hospital, we were out for our daily walks. I sing in our church choir every Sunday and Luca is in his Bjorn close to me and we have never missed a Mass! It is always in the diaper bag when we shop because he ultimately ends up in his carrier. Even at age 13 months I use this daily! Now he sits forward in it and charms all he sees!

My older boys take Karate 5 days a week, so Luca is in the carrier facing forward and watching his brothers. My other mom friends are struggling with their toddlers and mine is content in his BJORN! A few of them even went out and purchased it after seeing how easy it is to use. Now we have our own section where we stand and let our babies talk and interact with eachother. My little guy is so content in his that I can even sit down using mine!

The BABY BJORN has become a regular part of my wardrobe! Before I get in the car, I put on my BJORN. I have two strollers in the back of the van but I never use them! This carrier is where he is most content!

Shopping, trips to the vet, doctors, karate, weekly Mass, recently a trip to the funeral home for a close relative, football games and sporting events, pumpkin patch and corn mazes, parades, summer carnivals festivals and picnics, I even ran stand for our church's picnic last summer with my baby in his BJORN...and oh... the list just goes on and on.

I cannot praise this enough for the convenience it has added to my family's life. There is NO staying home using the new baby as an excuse when your baby is #5! This carrier makes it so much easier! Easy in, easy out! When Luca falls asleep in his car seat he goes in this facing me. When he wakes up, he faces out. I can unfasten this and turn him aropund and re-fasten him without putting him down or passiong him off to someone else...that is the amazing feature of this wonderful product!

Seems intimidating at fira=st but believe me, you catch on fast! I cannot tell you how many of these I have sold in stores I just happened to be in shopping! Exasperated parents would just approach me asking me where I got my carrier. Several times I actually watched parents take this from the box on the shelves, put baby in, and pay for it on the way out!

No backaches for me. I am about 5'7" and weigh about 115lbs. Luca is about 23 lbs. I have no complaints and on karate nights I am wearing him for about 90 minutes!

Unfortunately I have never figured out how to nurse baby when in this. I do recall reading that you could but I have found it impossible, at least for me.

You put your arms through the straps and the front of the carrier is open, you then take the front piece and snap it on (very easy) You can then place your baby on you and hold him/her with one arm and pick up the front of the carrier and bring it up over baby sliding the built in post-like fasteners into their respective color coded openings on the straps. Baby is safe secure and mom/dad has 2 free hands!

You really will not be sorry you splurged on this!

Great great product!

Love the BB Carrier with extra-long straps!
My husband (6' 1") insisted on the Baby Bjoern with the extra-long straps. I am happy to report that it is magnificent, even for short people! (I'm only 5' 3".) It converts to fit either one of us quickly and easily and I have always felt that our son was snug and secure inside. Now that he's older (6 months), he LOVES to face outward and see where we're headed. We toured Colonial Williamsburg (lots of walking and wandering in and out of colonial buildings), quickly and easily with the BB. While other mommies struggled with their strollers and couldn't get into many of the buildings, we whisked through everything safely and easily.

I know many people are concerned that they won't use it enough to justify the price - my response is that you need to make yourself use it! Try it out during a simple walk through the mall or your neighborhood. As you grow accustomed to it you'll realize how easy it is to hook on and go.

Enjoy! I HIGHLY recommend this product!

Read THIS! It may just save your back!!
This has been one of my greatest buys for baby #1 and now #2. We are using the same bjorn I bought for DD #1 in 2004 and it still looks brand new. It is the best designed carrier, and that matters why? Because it is easy to use, you can lay down a sleeping baby, it is more comfortable for your baby and easier on your back. Spend the $! Get the Bjorn, you won't be sorry.
Nearly every mom I see wearing their Bjorn is wearing it wrong! When they seem friendly, I share this tip with them. The black plastic cross piece in the back (where the straps cross through the plastic piece) MUST BE BELOW YOUR SHOULDER BLADES! Just about my bra line is where it is most comfortable, right in the middle. When my back starts to hurt, I reach my arm around my back and re adjust it lower. It is instant relief and comfort again! This makes sure the weight of the baby is on your frame instead of pulling at your shoulders. Everyone I tell is so happy, it makes a huge difference. Guess that's one plus of being a read-the-manual type.
The Bjorn is most comfortable until about 9 mos. The babies really seem to dig it about 4 mos plus, when they can face out. Before that, I love the Hotsling and Peanut Shell.

A must have for hot, humid Indiana summers
I purchased the BB Air from another retailer after I realized that our Original BB was way too warm for summertime use. Consequently we now have two BB's, the Original and the Air. This product keeps both the baby and the wearer cool and comfortable. My husband and I have not experienced any back pain while carrying the baby in the BB Air. We use it nearly every day and wear it for extended periods of time. It also fits a variety of heights comfortably, I'm 5'6 and my husband is 6'2. I've had numerous people in malls and busy stores comment on how quiet and content the baby seems in the Air carrier. I appreciate that I can run errands or do housework while keeping the baby close and happy. When Autumn returns, I'll be switching to the Original BB and anticipate enjoying it as much as the BB Air.

Surprised that this is our favorite carrier!
There have been so many times we really loved this carrier. Originally, though, I wanted a sling because I thought they were better for baby, like the previous reviewer, and all my crunchy friends recommended them. They may be, but we've tried the hotsling, the maya wrap, and even the ergo baby carrier, and this is by far the best and easiest for us.

For months, the only way to get my baby to stop his colicky crying was to put him in the Bjorn and go for a walk. It would put him right to sleep like magic, and we'd come inside, lean over his rocker, and unlatch the Bjorn with him in it (the outer piece comes completely off) and he would just stay asleep. Try that with a sling!

Now that he's past his colicky phase, I use the sling a lot and it's great, but for a quick run to the store, nothing beats the Bjorn for speed. It's so easy to put on and take off - and it's also easier to get my husband (and my dad!) to wear the baby with the Bjorn, he thinks the sling is for moms.

I had two problems: at about 20 pounds and 27 inches, his arms don't fit in the arm holes, and they don't fit above them either. It still works without the top latches, though, and it's cooler in summer. I just keep a hold on him to be sure. And when he was a couple months old and I was wearing the Bjorn a lot, I got a plugged milk duct. I thought it was about where the strap lay on my chest, so I stopped wearing the Bjorn for a while. I was having other breastfeeding problems at the time so it might not have been the Bjorn, but who knows?

I got this as a hand-me-down, and I thought it was going to just collect dust, but boy was I wrong. It's in the washer right now!

The best!
A must for parents! We used the carrier while hiking as well as shopping for food in the store. The carrier has so many adjustments that it will fit any person and any baby/toddler. My girl is now 14 months old and I still use the carrier! Great quality and very easy to both move the baby in and out of the carrier. The back support is very good and if you are a man of normal strenght you should have no problem using the carrier for hours at the time. Highly recommended!

Mommy Must-Have
With my firstborn, I went through several inexpensive carriers, never wanting to pay the high price of a Baby Bjorn.

With baby carriers, you get what you pay for. All the cheap carriers ended up on ebay or at Goodwill.

My incredibly frugal sister-in-law SWORE by her Baby Bjorn, saying it was the best money ever spent on a baby item. So I put one on my registry when I got pregnant with my second. I chose this version because we live in the desert southwest.

I put my 5 week old son in this carrier for the first time yesterday. Within 10 minutes he was fast asleep. I wore the carrier for an hour, doing chores and playing with my 4-year-old. My infant son never woke and my back never hurt (which is amazing considering I'm recovering from a c-section). Neither baby or I ever felt hot.

Five Stars! A must-have for a new Mom (and money well spent).

takes out the guesswork in baby wearing
I have this bjorn and also a padded sling. I have tried several slings and none measure up to the bjorn. My daughter feels more safe and secure in the bjorn and I don't have to spend 10 minutes fighting to figure out how to carry her in it. It's one of my top 5 baby items.

Just want to help new mothers, like other reviews helped me!
LOVE IT- This was the best gift ever and I plan to get one for my brother. My husband and I still both enjoy carrying our 8 month old son in this. He is teething now and it is really the only thing that soothes him. Some friends have had back aches with it, but you really need to follow directions for where x-on back should be. I had to keep trying before it really felt comfy. Moms you will feel so close to your baby when he is in this and I don't think you need the more expensive one or longer strap. I am an XL right now and it still fits great!

JUST GET IT!! It is worth every penny!
I had a Snugli with my first child and I couldn't get him in or out of the dumb thing. It was so hard to adjust and get on and off, and his legs curled under when I tried to put him in. I read the reviews on the Bjorn but couldn't justify spending the money on something that I didn't think would last very long. When my second child was about 2 months old I found the Bjorn on clearance for $50 and snatched it up. I only wish I had bought it sooner! It is more than worth it! My daughter is 10 months old and a little over 20 pounds and I still use it at least twice a week at the grocery store and whenever we are walking or running errands and she gets tired of the stroller. This is a lifesaver in the airport! (I have even nursed in it, though it's a little tricky.) It is definitely worth the $$$.


  • Easy to use; fits parents perfectly and securely with only a few adjustments
  • Provides closeness and contact; physical closeness and eye contact create an important emotional bond between you and your baby
  • Perfect for newborn & growing babies; specially developed to give the proper support for baby's head, neck, spine and hips, and child may be carried facing forward once he or she is a bit older and able to hold up his or head own head
  • Easy and secure; 24/7 The baby carrier is easy for you to put on and take off by yourself
  • The smart safety click lets you know you have done it right; Thanks to the colored buckles and the smart safety click, it's not possible to fasten the baby carrier incorrectly


BABYBJORN launched the very first baby carrier in 1973, and it's still a classic today. The BABYBJORN Baby Carrier original is simple, easy to use and is the perfect fit for your newborn baby.

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