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Baby Banana Octo Brush, Purple

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Customer Reviews

hygienist review
I've been in the dental field for 12 years. And I have to say this is a great product and I try almost every toothbrush that comes out! I want to comment on a couple of the reviews. First of all I called the company and the bristles are re-inforced now and are a lot stronger. They've also created and improved upon the original design because so many parents were using it as a teether INSTEAD of a toothbrush. The 0-12 months has the thickest bristles because that's when the majority of teething takes place. So,use it longer if your child teeth come in latter than switch to the older training toothbrush. Remember, it's still a toothbrush NOT a teether!. I also found out that they've passed the strictest gov.t testing so if your cutie accidentally knaws one or two off it's OK because it isn't harmful in any way. Hope this helps!

This item has caused somewhat of a debate between customers. It seems that many have used this as a teether and the bristles have come off causing negative reviews. These reviews have been met with some belligerence from parents who have purchased and had great experiences with this product and feel as though the problem is more in line with lack of parental guidance and understanding, rather then the product itself. Id like to add my 2 cents, as well as some new info.

First off, I have found that the defending parents are correct in their assessment that this product states nowhere in the description that this is a teether, perhaps parents are coming to the conclusion that this is a teether by the references the description makes to " soothing the gums"?

While I do agree that parental guidance is necessary with any product you give your child and do feel that this along with better understanding the design and use intended for products plays a large role in preventing injury and hazards in children. I also have to agree with the customers who feel that this product should have made with more durability, as should any product intended for babies/toddlers, as it will endure rough use.

Everyone here is missing the obvious, whether this product is advertised as a teether or toothbrush is irrelevant. Children in the age bracket this product targets do not posses the ability or understanding as of yet to brush their teethe. Any item placed in their mouth will be met with the instinct to chew and will become a teether at any rate.

This is advertised as a product that "encourages" oral hygiene and tooth-brushing skills and should have been designed and created with the durability to withstand the chewing that will inevitably take place, no matter in what fashion a parent allows their child to use it.

I have found some new info that may be of interest to anyone who is considering purchasing this item and may put any negativity or debate regarding this product to rest.

I happen to find this item and therefore all of the controversy surrounding its use while looking at it for almost 18 month old daughter. After coming to the conclusion that this product is not for us, as it is recommend until age 12 months, I found the second step toothbrush offered by this same company. It is very similar in design to this one, the only real difference being, no handles and the shape is designed in a way that allows for more real tooth-brushing.

Upon reading those reviews, it seems that some of the same problems were taking place with this one also, bristles coming off after children brushed several times with it or chewed on it a bit, as they will still do this at toddler age as well, especially while molars are breaking through.

A new review was posted and it seems that the company, upon reading and hearing of the issues and realizing so many parents were using this as a teether for extended periods, has redesigned both of these products and the new design includes reinforced bristles. They both have this new design, however this product has the strongest bristles as it is designed for children under 12 months and will probably be met with more chewing.

So it seems that all of your complaints were heard and anyone who orders this product now will receive the newer tougher design. Thanks for reading and I hope this helps!

Dental advice
I have this toothbrush and my son loves it but when I saw the review about bleeding I became concerned. So I asked my dental hygienist who told me that bleeding is a normal part of teething whether an infant is chewing on something hard (like a cheerio) or soft (like the banana brush). In fact it helps the teeth work through the gums faster and generally provides relief to the infant. I feel much better now and will continue to use this toothbrush.

Baby's Favorite Teether!
I bought this teether (along with a couple of others) for our son when he was 4 months old and beginning to chew on EVERYTHING! He's 6 months old now and this is by far his favorite teether of the bunch! (He also has one that looks like keys that you can put in the fridge, but it's hard for him to manipulate and despite it's many textures and colors, he loses interest in it quickly.) The Baby Banana Toothbrush is soft, flexible and easy for him to hold and get to his mouth. He likes to chew on both ends and the handles. I use one of the BooginHead pacifier clips to attach it to him when I don't want him to drop it on the floor. It's only downside is that it IS a lint magnet! The silicone picks up hair and fuzz pretty easily, but nothing a quick rinse under warm water won't fix. I love that it's dishwasher safe, but I usually just hand wash it with a bit of mild dish soap.

As far as the oral hygiene part goes, I'm not sure that it would CLEAN a baby's teeth (my son doesn't have any teeth yet), but I don't really think that's the point. Besides, most baby teeth just need to be wiped clean, so it MIGHT work. I think the idea is more to get the baby used to a toothbrush and letting a parent brush the baby's teeth and gums. We do this with our son, saying, "Brush, brush, brush," while rubbing it over his gums and he thinks it's funny. We're getting him used to the idea that someday we'll be brushing his teeth with a real toothbrush. In that aspect, this is the perfect tool for beginning good oral hygiene with your baby!

Our son is nearly 17 months old. He has a bunch of teeth, and he is not afraid to use them when we brush using the infant brush that sits on your finger. This has made brushing his teeth a rather challenging and painful event.

He spit out the pacifier within 8 weeks or so and never used a teether. In fact, he never really puts anything in his mouth (which while a blessing in some ways has created its own set of challenges with feeding).

I washed the banana toothbrush and put a tab of the infant "toothpaste" on it and put it in our son's mouth. He grabbed the banana out of my hand and started going to town on it. I could not get it away from him. And he actually looked like he was brushing his teeth. Jammed it in his mouth along the sides, rubbing it around his mouth. I don't think he's getting his upper teeth and I would rather he let us brush them for him, but all things being equal, I am glad that he loves the toothbrush and he is doing a better job than we've been doing since we've been reluctant to put our fingers in his mouth due to the great pleasure he gets from biting our fingers.

A Revolutionary Product
I bought this for my 4 month old son when his pediatrician suggested that we start "brushing his teeth" at the 4 month mark. My son is not yet teething, but he loves the bright color and enjoys chewing on this. We do use it to brush his gums and he thinks it is a game! He's thrilled that his bedtime routine has this extra step in it. A lot of teethers are hard and seem uncomfortable even for adults. I feel confident about giving this to my baby knowing, -and hoping that he'll stick it in his mouth. This product is very well designed with babies in mind.

Favorite toothbrush for toddlers
I went back to using the toothbrush you slide over your finger since we left our first banana brush at Grandma's house 2,000 miles away a couple months ago. Holy cow, after my daughter nearly bit my finger off a few times I gave up and used one of the regular baby toothbrushes I had on hand from the baby shower. She sucks the toothpaste off the first time I stick it in her mouth and then refuses to let me brush. I had though Grandma was going to mail back the banana brush, but I can't wait any longer. I had to buy another. She LOVES it! The texture and flexibility make it her favorite way to clean her teeth and soothe her sore gums at the same time.

We love it!!! And so do my fingers.

Baby loves it!
Our 7 month old is teething and really digs the baby banana brush. It is pretty easy for him to hold and all of it's surfaces are good for chewing.
Good product!

This is my daughter's FAVORITE toy!
I bought this to brush my daughter's gums to help get her used to the sensation so that when she gets teeth it won't bother her too much. Little did I know that I was purchasing a product that would be her absolute favorite toy. She is six and a half months and although no teeth have appeared yet, she is teething like crazy and this banana is the only toy that seems to help; she just LOVES sucking on it and chewing it. She always gets so excited when I give it to her (makes lots of sounds and flapping of arms). She loves when I brush her gums with it too. So, although not advertised as a teething toy, it is the best out there!

Great Teether
I had a finger toothbrush for my daughter but she kept trying to chew through my finger and wouldn't let me take my finger away either, so that's when I started looking for an alternative. We have tons of teethers, ones with water, that vibrate... but aside from Sophie the Giraffe, my daugther was only interested in teething on my finger tooth brush. I decided to give the banana brush a try and I am so glad I did! She is very particular about the kind of silicon/ rubber that she like to teeth on and this is the perfect consistency. It's pretty soft and it's super easy for her to hold onto on her own. The only down side is that I have two dogs in my home and as much as I vacuum there is always hair on the brush, so I have to clean it every time before I give it to her. But I would highly recommend this to any mom who has a teething baby that has difficult holding onto and maneuvering teethers.


  • Safe, soft, bendable, durable
  • Ages newborn 24 months
  • 100% medical grade silicone
  • Promotes healthy oral development
  • Easy for little hands to grasp


The brand new Octo-Brush by Baby Banana is an exciting combination of a teether and a toothbrush in one. The fun shape has been specially engineered to promote healthy oral care habits from the earliest age possible. This Octo-Brush has large, durable, soft token'' bristles that help young teethers soothe their sore gums. There are bumps and nubs on both sides of the device, making it stimulating to baby however they hold onto it. This teether has unique tentacles'' that are easy and fun for babies to hold. The Octo-Brush, like all Baby Banana products, is made from the highest quality medical grade silicone, which is always dishwasher and freezer safe. Tested and approved safe for lead, phthalates, BPA and other toxins by the CPSIA (Consumer Protection and Safety Information Act). The Octo-Brush is completely non-toxic, non-allergenic and safe enough for newborns. There are no hard or sharp pieces and parts; it is intended solely for the safety and oral health of babies. Octo-Brush makes a great present for little ones, and will surely become their favorite teething toy.

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