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Philips Avent BPA Free Natural Polypropylene Bottle, 11 Ounce, 3-Count

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Improved bottles
The original Avent bottles were already my favorite bottles; these new bottles are even better. While the original system was great, occasionally the nipple would deform slightly under vacuum. Not nearly as bad as other systems like the Medela bottles, but still a little deformation of the nipple would occasionally happen. This new system where the air is sucked in through the nipple prevents the nipple from collapsing even a little bit. However, with this new system you can hear the air being sucked in and the sound of the air bubbling through the milk. Another thing is that the nipple is shaped more like the real thing. The new nipple shape makes it so that the baby has to open their mouth wider and take in more of the nipple like a real breast making it easier to go back and forth from bottle and breast.

The bottles are shaped differently than the original bottles. I like the curvature of the new bottles as it sits better in the hands. However, the bottles are slightly wider than the original bottles making it a slightly snugger fit on the side of my diaper bag. They no longer fit in a mug that I normally use to warm the bottles. Another thing is that so far it seems that they only make this bottle in the 9oz size. I actually liked having the smaller sizes of the original system as at 7 months my baby doesn't drink more than 4-5 oz at any one sitting.

I tried to see what items from the old Avent system would work with the new Natural Avent bottles and this is what I have found:
- The natural screw ring and nipple attachment works with the older avent bottles. The older screw ring and nipple attachment works with the newer natural bottles. The screw rings and the nipples, however, are not interchangeable. Therefore, if you own both systems, you need to marry up the nipple to the correct rings prior to connecting to the bottles. Also, the older bottles had an adaptor ring you would need inside the bottle prior to putting the screw ring with nipple on. I don't know if you need the adaptor ring if you use the older screw ring/nipple attachment to prevent leaks, but I couldn't seem to screw down the old screw ring/nipple attachment with the adaptor ring.

- The natural Avent bottle works with the Avent Breast Pump Adapter/Connector ring. Therefore you can still pump directly into these bottles.

- The Natural Avent bottles do NOT work with the bottle to trainer sippy cup handles

- The classic bottle sealing discs to store milk work with one caveat. The sealing discs used to snap into the older system's screw rings. The discs don't snap into the new rings because the opening on the new Natural Avent bottles are larger. However, the sealing discs do still seal the new bottles if you take the sealing disc and put it on the bottle and use the screw ring just to tighten down the ring to the bottle.

Overall my feelings about this system is:
The shape of the new bottles feel good in the hands
The nipple shape prevents the nipple from collapsing
The shape of the new nipples seems to mimic the breast more closely allowing easier time between breast and bottle
BPA Free

If you own the old system, you will have two sets of screw rings and nipples to try to marry up
The items do not work with all existing Avent products. I like the versatility of the original bottles being able to turn into sippy cups eventually and you cannot do it with this system.

The new improved NATURAL bottles are amazing!!!
I'm a busy mom to infant triplets, and also have a 2 1/2 year old. So, with 4 kids under three years old I needed to find a bottle that was easy to clean and didn't have a lot of parts, but was still good at preventing air intake. We had some Dr. Brown's bottles from our first child, and were also sent home from the hospital with several Dr. Brown's. So, after two months of washing several pieces for each Dr. Brown bottle (2-3 bottles used at each feeding) and feeding every three hours- I just had to find something better/easier.

I received a classic style Avent bottle for my baby shower, and I liked it ok, and the babies didn't seem to mind it either. But, as other reviewers say it is prone to leaks and has a small ring that fits inside the outer ring that also needs cleaning after each use.

As I did more research I found the NATURAL bottles from AVENT. These are different from the classic and are sooo much better. There are only basic components to this bottle- the bottle, the nipple and the outer ring that's it! There are several things I love about these bottles:

-The bigger nipple has baby open mouth wider then the small skinny nipples (Dr. Brown's, playtex drop-ins), it actually improved the breastfeeding latch on all three babies.

-The nipple is designed to prevent colic and air intake. I actually noticed after the first day of use less burps and gas, which means less air in tummies and happier babies.

- The bottles are ergonomic. I have tiny hands and my husband has huge hands and we both prefer holding this bottle to any other we've tried.

This pack comes with #2 nipples which Avent says are slow flow nipples for use on 1-3 month old babies. However, I think that the flow is perfect for breastfed babies and I will probably not be buying any faster flow nipples. The flow is fast enough to not frustrate an established eater but still encourages them to suck so transitioning back and forth from bottle to breast is easy. We also recently started adding some rice cereal to their bottles, and 1 teaspoon of single grain rice per 2 ounces of liquid (breastmilk/formula) flows right through with no problem.

- I haven't had any bottle leaks ever, and I use over 15 bottles per day. Any reviewer talking about bottle leaks is refering to the classic bottle.

There are two different types of bottles from Avent, I think a lot of reviewers are confused with which type they are reviewing. There is the classic bottle and the natural bottle. For sure the natural is the way to go. However, these are a bit wider than most bottles, so I use the high capacity drying rack from Munchkin and it works perfectly, it's also a much sturdier rack than others. I also use the breastpump converstion kit to pump directly into the bottles.

really great for breastfeeding mommas
I have been using Dr. Browns and I do like them very much because of the airflow setup, they are offered in glass, and they are made in the USA! It is so hard to find a product that isn't made in China. I must admit, however, that I tried the Avent and I'm sold. I'm going to buy more. Here is why:
1. The nipple, unlike Dr. Browns, looks like an actual nipple. It is wide, forcing the baby's mouth open wide as if he were nursing. This will allow my baby to switch back and forth between breast and bottle, especially when I go back to work (I breastfeed him almost exclusively during the day currently). Ever since I introduced a bottle, his latch is a little off, which causes pain. I think these Avent bottles will do just the trick to save my sanity and get him back into a great latch.
2. They are made in England, which though it isn't the US, I still feel better about it. Phillips does have a large presence in the US, creating jobs for American workers.
3. I really like the size of these bottles. Instead of being tall and thin, they are short and fat. They are therefore easier to store than the tall Dr. Browns.
4. They are BPA free. I still prefer glass and I believe these same bottles are offered in glass.
I will still use the Dr. Browns bottles I have, but my future bottle purchases will be Avent Free Natural.

Love these bottles
These bottles are great because they vent without having too many parts to clean. They come with stage 2 nipples which are too fast for our baby, so we also purchased the stage 1 nipples separately.

Good Slow Flow Bottle
Another breastfeeding mom here.. I tried these after reading reviews because I wanted a slow flow type bottle. I have used one other type (MAM brand), and my daughter likes these much better. The milk does not drip when the bottle is flipped over, so it is a good speed of flow, especially for when she was first starting out on the bottle. Been using these for over a month now and no complaints. Will be buying the larger size soon, but for now she is almost 3 months old the 4oz size is perfect.

Highly Recommend them!
I LOVE these bottles! Just a note: they come with the level 2 nipples, so if you think you might need a slower flow for a newborn, you're going to want to order some size 1 nipples on OnlineShopDealer as well. I have looked at 3 different WalMarts, Target, Kmart, and lots of other places that sell these bottles and NO ONE carries those size 1 nipples. I believe they only come on the small 4 oz bottles. But I love that these bottles do not leak and are really easy to wash! I love the wider bottle because I developed pregnancy-induced-carpal-tunnel while pregnant and it is hard for me to grip smaller items. These are wide enough that they do not hurt my wrist to hold on to while little one is drinking. I highly recommend them!

lifesaver ! no more fussiness!
I am so glad I have this bottle. Well every baby is different. So I would like to thank Avent to create this bottle. It prevents gas. I tried Dr Brown bottle it made my baby more fussy. Then I saw this Avent bottle and gave it a try for my baby. It did show me a big difference. My baby is so happy with no fussiness. She sometimes fusses just wants us to entertain with her but that's it. But she never fusses about gas anymore. Please people who wants to buy this bottle, give it a try and see how it works for your baby. You never know maybe it can turn out good for your baby and for you. My baby also likes the nipple. She's very happy baby now.

Great transition for breastfed babies
These bottles come with the #2 (Slow Flow) nipple. Our 4-months-old is breastfed and supplemented with formula. The nipple shape and flow is just right for him. I would stay at this flow level (Slow Flow) as long as I'm breastfeeding him because it's pretty close to the flow when breastfeeding.

These bottles are wider than some of the other brands out there so packing and storing these bottles require more space than the average bottle. Just to give you an idea of the width, you can only fit 5 Avent Natural Flow nipples in the Munchkin Deluxe Dishwasher basket which could hold 10 of the standard brand nipples.

My baby prefers these bottles over the numerous other brands we've tried so I recommend these bottles for babies that are both breastfeeding and formula feeding.

Loving the new look!
These bottles do not only look good but they so ergonomic. The teats are much more closer to the natural shape of mommy's breast and this is helping my little girl swap between the breast and the bottle! Less parts, so easier to clean

New nipple design, same great product
My babies and I love Avent bottles. My 2yo had a different nipple design than what I'm using for my newborn now. They hold up pretty well (no tearing, discoloration, etc.). They also did away with the extra piece that kept the milk from spilling out. Which is a great thing! This bottle's new design doesn't even need that. Also, my breastfed baby has no issue going from Avent bottle nipple to breast (same is true for 2yo)- which is incredible important to a breastfeeding mom. All in all, its a cute bottle that works for me and baby.


Technical data

  • BPA-Free
  • Wide, breast-shape and unique comfort petals promote natural latch-on and offer flexibility without nipple collapse
  • Advanced anti-colic system with innovative twin-valve
  • Ergonomic shape makes it easy to hold and wide neck makes it easy to fill and clean
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe


Product Description

Philips AVENT SCF696/37 Natural 11 Ounce Bottle is the most natural way to bottle feed. The wide, breast-shaped nipple on the Natural bottle promotes natural latch-on so you can easily combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding. The unique comfort petals inside the nipple increase softness and flexibility without nipple collapse, and the innovative twin valve anti-colic medium-flow nipple helps infants feed comfortably and easily. The ergonomic shape makes it comfortable for parents to hold and easy for small fingers to grasp. Assembly is simple with only a few parts and the wide bottle neck makes filling and cleaning easy. The Natural bottle is made from polypropylene, a BPA free material, and works with all nipples and caps from the Natural line.

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