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Philips AVENT BPA Free Classic Polypropylene Essentials Gift Set

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Customer Reviews

great starter kit for new mom!
I purchased this set because I needed more bottles, nipples & a sterilizer to add to my Avent collection. I am quite pleased with the overall quality of the Avent products, and this set does not disappoint. My husband and I love the wide bottles because they are easier to clean and you can use them to store & heat other things in (such as baby food). I have not used the included sippy cup as my daughter is not old enough yet, but I like that the Avent bottles convert that way. I have also used the Avent converters for my breast pump so I am able to pump directly into my baby's bottles if needed. The included sterilizer is awesome for sterilizing bottles, pump parts, pacifiers, etc. in just 2 minutes! This would make a great gift for a new mom if she is choosing to use the Avent line. The only downfall is that sometimes the wider 9oz bottles don't fit in a regular bottle warmer. We just use a mini crock pot filled with distilled water to warm them.

New Mom's Review
I gave this product to my daughter-in-law who just gave birth in June to our new grandson. I asked her to tell me what she thought of it after she had used it a few times. Here is what she has to say about it: "I tried out the bottle sanitizer. I think it works great. It is quick and easy to use. I was able to put my other bottles and my pump stuff in it as well. It took only two minutes in the microwave. The one thing that would make it better is if it could be used as a drying rack after you sanitize the bottles. I took off the lid and left the bottles over night in the tray. The next day they were still wet and I had to dry them out. It would be nice if they would dry on their own. It will go to good use, especially since we don't have a dishwasher."

Very useful and convenient for families with babies. One of the repetitive tasks you have to do is to boil the bottles so it's nice to be able to sterilize them in the microwave instead of having the boil them in a big pot of water.

1) This set has a lot of stuff in it and is really great as a gift set because it has all you need. I won't list them here, you can see them in the product description, even has a brush!
2) BPA-free. BPA is Bisphenol A and can affect the body's hormones, you definitely don't want to have this chemical in a baby bottle.
3) Very convenient, I think it almost works best as a travel set because once you sterilize the bottles, they will be kept sterile for 24 hours until you open the lid.
4) Bottle/nipple has anti-colic valve.

It's pretty big, you have to have a full size microwave in order to use it and not one of those small ones.

A very good all in one kit, and I think best for traveling. It'll make a great gift set, that's for sure.

Nice Starter Set and Sterilizer
Having used Avent products in the past with my two older children, I was happy to receive this BPA free feeding and sterilizing essentials set. In addition to having a nice starter collection of bottles and accessories, this set also includes a microwave sterilizer. I was quite happy to use Avent products with my first two babies and I look forward to using them again with our baby on the way. Since I originally used Avent products nearly ten years ago I can see that some improvements have been made regarding a few of the components in this gift set.

The microwave sterilizer has a nice improvement regarding how the lid attaches to the base. On the old model you had to fight with the snap on design to get it to open. It was frustrating and the worst part of an otherwise good sterilizer. The sterilizer in this set has nice hinged latches to secure the lid to the base. This improvement makes opening and closing the unit a snap. The tongs included for handling the freshly sterilized have been modified from the original design, but I would still classify them as useless.

The bottles included in this set are three 4oz bottles with stage 1 newborn flow nipples, and two 9oz bottles with stage 2 slow flow nipples. Also included in the set is a soft spout sippy spout insert (takes the place of the silicone nipple) and trainer handles which can be placed on a 4oz bottle to create a training sippy cup. Having tried the sippy spouts in the past with my children, I can tell you that I don't recommend them. My children had a difficult time getting liquid out of the cup with the Avent spouts. We much preferred the Playtex sippy cups for this stage of feeding. The sippy spout has been redesigned. It is now a two piece set up instead of a three piece design. The overall look of the spout is still that same, it's simply one less piece to clean.

The bottle brush included in this set is my favorite. The brush is durable and will not scratch your bottles like many other bottle brushes on the market will do. With my older daughters I had tried many different bottle brushes and this one was my absolute favorite hands down.

The newborn pacifier in this set is one that neither of my older children ever liked. For some reason Avent pacifiers would not stay in their mouths. The only thing I really liked about Avent pacifiers is the snap on cover that keeps the nipple clean when it is stored in your diaper bag or purse. Since it can take trying a few different brands of pacifiers to find one that your baby likes, it's nice that this one is included in the set.

This set also includes a powdered formula/snack dispenser. If you're using powdered formula, this dispenser has three sections for storing formula. The divider is actually a cup that can be removed from the cup so you can use it as a snack cup later. The opening for the dispenser is small so you could give this to a toddler and he or she would not be able to completely dump the contents in one fell swoop. Overall, the design of this dispenser seems thoughtfully designed.

I'd certainly recommend this essentials gift set as a nice and useful sampling of the Avent line of feeding and sterilizing products. This set would make a very nice shower gift.

Great Gift Set & Would Recommend!
Purchased as a gift for my sisters first pregnancy and she liked it. I wish I would have seen the "natural" set and purchased that instead if the "classic" but other than that I'm happy with the purchase. This kit comes with a lot which is great for a gift and will purchase the Avent bottle warmer in the future for her as well. I would recommend this product.

The best starter kit to have of gift.
I was well pleased with this starter kit. With my last baby I was using first years bottles but all the parts of the bottles with the cleaning and all really got to to me. At that time Avent had not yet launched the BPA free bottles. All my girls who had already experienced motherhood would swear by the avent bottles before that. So this time when on having my second baby this little thing came in right in time and when I had an option I knew this was going to be it. The quality of these bottles are the best. Cleaning is a snap. I already had both the microwave and the iQ sterilizer. And hands down prefer the microwave one because of sheer convenience and also because its saves electricity. I dont think keeping the sterilizer warm for extended periods is necessary. Just 2 - 3 mins for a bottle are we are done. Besides the microwave one does not occupy much space. So this is really a great starter kit for new moms.The bottle brush is a thoughtful addition. So are the pacifiers. I am not so much into formula milk but for those that are this also come with a formula dispenser. I think this is a great baby shower gift. Well rounded and complete. I am sticking to mine. Its too good to part with.Love it.

Awesome set for a decent price
Awesome set for a decent price. I have avent breastpump and all bottles can be attached to it, so milk is pumped directly into bottles, you only have to attach the teat.

The number of bottles is just right to create a mini-stash for your baby.

Sterilizer is wonderful - I especially like the fact that itself it is not electric, so I do not worry when I clean and wash it thourougly. Makes a great drying rack as well as a box for keeping clean bottles and pacifiers.

One insignificant downside - the brush can b. better. Otherwise - perfect product!

I bought this to sanitize our babies bottles and pacifiers ...
I bought this to sanitize our babies bottles and pacifiers. There is no need to buy an expensive sanitizer since you do not have to use unless you have new bottles, pacifiers, etc or if the baby has been sick. Our baby is two months old now and we have swapped the nipples out on the bottles to number two nipples. We have not used the trainer cup yet or the formula dispenser but I am sure we will in the future.

Love them
I bought this as a gift for a baby shower for my daughter in law. After the baby was born, she tried other brands and types of bottles (although she was breastfeeding) and this was the best to keep the baby form getting colicky. Now my daughter in law only buys Avent products (including the pacifiers) for my granddaughter as they has work the best for the baby.

Five Stars
Muy Bueno


  • Bottle feeding made easy
  • (2) 9 ounce bottles and (2) 4 ounce bottles
  • Bottle brush, formula dispenser, pacifier, trainer cup, express microwave sterilizer
  • Great for gifting
  • 9 ounce bottles and 4 ounce bottles


philips AVENT Infant Starter Set. Includes all feeding and sterilizing essentials.Philips AVENT Microwave Sterilizer: Ultra fast and easy to use. Sterilizes 6 bottles in 2 minutes. Compact and lightweight. Convenient for travelAVENT Bottle: Clinically proven to reduce colic. Anti-colic valve reduces colic for less air in baby's tummy.The bottle is made from Polypropylene (PP) – a BPA-Free material. (2) 9 ounce/260ml bottles and (2) 4 ounce/125ml bottles included.Bottle to First Cup Trainer: Nipple and soft spout for easy training.Newborn Silicone Pacifier: Soft, long-lasting silicone nipple.Milk Powder Dispenser: Ideal for travel. Bottle Brush: Cleans hard to reach areas.

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