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Alesis DM Lite Kit 5-Piece Electronic Drum Set with Collapsible 4-Post Rack

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Customer Reviews

Very well priced for multiple devices and easy to install
Very well priced for multiple devices and easy to install.

I bought a 10-license pack, plus Norton Backup with 25-GB online storage, from Norton's website for $89.99. I think their licensing wording could be improved, but I used chat with a very friendly agent who explained the licensing, took me through the purchase AND installation process. These 10 licenses can be used on Windows PCs, Macs, and Android phones and tablets.

So far, I've installed 2 licenses on Windows 7 desktops, 1 license on a Windows XP desktop, 1 license on a Windows 7 laptop, 1 license on a Samsung Android tablet, and 2 licenses on Samsung Galaxy S phones. All installations were much easier than in the past. I still have 3 licenses that I can use on new equipment I'll buy. If I get rid of a device then I can return its license to the license pool and reuse it. $90 for 10 licenses plus Norton Backup is a far better deal than in past years.

Also, if you take a look at their most common customer Q&A, you'll see that it is VERY easy to turn off the auto-renewal program. I like having auto-renewal, but if I ever change my mind I can turn it off. Their Q&A also says they will notify you well in advance of charging for a renewal and you can decline then, too.

Contact Symantec/Norton online chat and ask for help before purchasing. And tell them to do a better job explaining how their licensing works!

I've been using Norton for years, not one single virus
I've been using Norton for years at 2 motorcycle dealerships where they look at just about everything on the internet in the winter when they're bored, not one single virus. Kaspersky, mcaffee, trend, avg have all let viruses through over the years, norton 360 has never let a single one through. I also use it on my parent's computer & a few other senior's in the neighborhood, same results. Malware & virus makers target seniors because they blindly click things, much like teenagers, they have all been good with norton , this is just the new generation. It's for 5 devices so it's a great deal. To the person that says it was too expensive, it's a hell of a lot cheaper than virus removal. It does not nag you with confusing questions like many anti-virus programs do. As to people who said they had problems downloading & didn't know what to do with the code they purchased? The directions were completely simple, if you read them anyone could install & register it. Totally recommend it, it's as good as it gets.

Adding Subscription days from current Norton installed to new Norton Security
Norton just upgraded their Norton Security. They rolled all the security product into one-of-two products. Norton Security, and Norton Security with Cloud Storage. I use Google Cloud storage so I do not need the Norton Cloud Storage.

Until 01 Dec 2014 OnlineShopDealer is running a sale on the new Norton Security. $20 / yr for up to 5 machines including Macs, and smart phones. The best “Discount” price from everybody else is $39 (normal price is $80). You have to do it carefully if you want all the benefits. This is how I did it and it worked.

I was running Norton 360 on 3 machines and had 95 days left on my subscription. I bought the OnlineShopDealer new Norton Security, paid my $19.99 for it, and received the Product Key. Save that key to a file (Word or Notebook)

I went on Norton’s chat line:
and put in the email I used for my Norton Account and started chatting with the Rep. I gave the Rep my new Product Key and asked him to install the new Norton Security and add my 95 days to my new product. Make sure you know your Norton password before you start talking to the Rep. He logged into my machine, updated to the new Norton Security, then added my 95 days to my new product. I understand that if you just update it yourself that your 1 year subscription starts from the day you install it (today) and you lose you days from previous versions, in my case 95 days.

All worked great and now I have the new product, and 461 days of service and 5 total machines that I can install it on. The other 2 machines are still running Norton 360. I will update them in a few days. When they added my 95 days to my new product they “Disabled” my Norton 360. The other 2 machines were converted into a 30 day trial license, but it still works fine and lets me do the live update just fine. I think it will die in 30 days and will require me to update to the new Norton Security.

When you install the new Norton Security run Live Update by hand a few times (took me 3 times) to get all the updates and reboot your computer between updates.

To install the new Notron on the rest of your machines go to:
On the machine you want to update. Login to your account, click on Services at the top, then Norton Security button, then click Download. Make sure the new Norton Security is selected and NOT your old product before you do Download. Once it is downloaded run it (how you do this depends on the browser you are using, for Chrome it is at the lower left). It will de-install your old product (in my case Norton 360), and install the new Norton Security. It will reboot a few times in the process. Don’t forget to run live update a few times after your new Norton Security is installed.

Excellent Product...Easy Installation
Norton Security is an excellent security suite and the installation is a breeze. To install and activate once you purchase the "download" version of the software just go to the Norton website, download the Norton Security program (not the version that includes "and backup" - that's a different product) and activate the free 30 day trial. Once installed click the "Renew" button at the bottom of the Norton pop-up window and click the "I have a key or code to enter" option. Then copy/paste the code you receive after purchasing this product and press "ok"'re done. You should then notice at the bottom of the window that your subscription status should be in green text and display "366 days".

I hope this helps. Enjoy!

Easy Download/Easy Installation
I am pleased with Norton Security (for 5 devices) download. I wanted to try a different virus scanner on my MacBook and on my PC, so I started with Kaspersky last year and after a few days switched back to Norton. This year I started with Webroot on my Mac and PC but was not pleased with it. Although Webroot got great reviews, I did not like the speed of it; It was too fast, it did not scan all the programs and it probably would miss a virus. I could be wrong but that's my belief. I decided to download Norton security for 5 devices from OnlineShopDealer. The down load was without difficulty. I went to and downloaded the trial version of Norton security. I was careful to download the version that I purchased from OnlineShopDealer. There is Norton Security that replaced Norton 360 and Norton Security with backup. I signed into my Norton account and downloaded Norton Security trial version. I then entered the downloaded code I received from OnlineShopDealer, in Norton Security trial version. The section to enter the code is on the left side, at the bottom of the program. I did not use the trial version. The program downloaded and I followed the instructions to customize the program, check for updates and scan my computers. The amount of days left is noted at the bottom of the program. When scanning is completed the amount of programs scanned, the amounts of threats and tracking cookies eleminated are noted. The program is running well and I am happy with my purchase.

Norton Security (For 5 Devices) [Download]
I've used Norton's Internet Security for many years and have always found it to be top of the line. I buy it every year from OnlineShopDealer along about February or March when the pricing is discounted to around thirty-five to forty dollars. I bought the 2015 Norton Security a few weeks ago at under forty dollars at OnlineShopDealer and waited till my 2014 Norton Internet Security was within one day of expiring before installing it.
What a breeze the installation was!
I installed it from my "Your Games and Software Library" where the purchase was located by clicking the link "How to Redeem This Item," then clicking the link '' in the pop-up window. I was taken to Norton's website where I logged in and when the pop-up window asking for a Product Key (down in the lower left corner) came up I entered my product key number from OnlineShopDealer and from there everything was completely automatic. In the past I have always purchased the disc. Not anymore! I'll take the Download from now on.
I have two computers (PC's). I started at 8:30 AM and Norton Security installed itself on both my computers (following the same procedure for both) and was done, updating and all, at 10:10 AM without so much as a hic-up!!
Great product! Fantastically easy installation! Great price! I'll be back next year at this time to happily do it again. Congratulations Symantec!

Love my Norton ... keeps my computer free of the bad stuff out there!
I absolutely love Norton for its ability to keep my computer virus and malware free and have used it for many years. However, I found this version to be a bit cumbersome when installing. I had to go to OnlineShopDealer’s site for the product key, and then go to the Norton site to download; all without clear, concise instructions. Once I got started the install went quickly with only one restart of the computer. The install kept all of my old settings and I was up and running without issue quicker than most of the other installs I have done in the past. This version seems to require less processing power and overhead on the computer, which is always a good thing. All in all, except for the initial confusion, I think Norton has done a much better job than in the past.

Twice as expensive as just updating Norton Internet Security for $39.95
Like it! Twice as expensive as just updating Norton Internet Security for $39.95, but hopefully I'm getting better protection. I read the mobile functionality is useless but did not plan to use for that purpose anyway. 5 licenses is nice so can be shared. From what I can tell the only benefit over prior year's Norton Internet Security is that virus definitions are kept on cloud, so perhaps less time spent downloading updates so possibly more efficient, although I haven't noticed any difference. All that said, great security product as usual from Norton.

Norton Security is the best without a doubt....period.
Used Norton Internet Security for many years and then switched to another internet software product one year ago because the product had a higher score in tests by independent testing laboratories. BIG MISTAKE. Abandoned the software and went back to Norton Security. Since going back, Norton Security has been reliable just like ALL of the previous versions I have used in years past. Installation has been a breeze and the software is easy to use. No problems whatsoever. Avoid headaches and use Norton Security to easily and safely protect your computer.

Good product, multiples licenses, no issues.
I've used Norton for years but stopped using an antivirus when I switched from Windows PC to a new IMAC about a year ago. I decided to go ahead and put AV on my IMAC so purchased Norton again. No issues with installation and doesn't seem to slow down the computer. This purchase came with 5 licenses so I also installed on my and my wife's new Samsung Galaxy 5 smartphones with no issues. I was using free AV software before but just felt a paid subscription would give me better support if I needed it. Only time will tell.


  • Complete 5-piece, 3-cymbal electronic drum kit
  • LED illuminated drum and cymbal pads enhance built-in learning features
  • DM Lite Drum Module with built-in drum coach with play-along patterns and 30 songs
  • Pre-assembled, collapsible 4-post rack with integrated drumstick storage slot
  • 1/8-inch (3.5mm) stereo aux input for jamming to your favorite tracks; USB connection for use with audio recording software & virtual instruments


alesis DM lite Kit 5-Piece Electronic Drum Set with Collapsible 4-Post Rack

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