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Aleratec Universal Tablet Car Headrest Mount Holder for iPad, Galaxy Tab, Note, other 7"-10" Screen

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Great For Streaming Video to Backseat Passengers
This so-called "universal" car headrest mount holder will easily connect to the two rods that typically support an adjustable front-seat headrest. It will fit headrest rods that are as far apart as about 8 inches or as close together as about 1 3/8 inches if you turn around the adjustable clips. Once the holder is mounted it will prevent the headrest from being pushed all the way down because the headrest bracket needs about 1 1/4 inches of space for itself.

An adjustable ball joint between the headrest bracket and the bracket that holds an iPad or tablet allows as much adjustment of the viewing angle in every direction as the back of the seat and the headrest will permit and can be quickly adjusted for portrait or landscape display. The bracket will clamp and securely hold any tablet, Kindle or iPad as small as 4 1/4 inches and will expand up to 8 inches.

I found this device to be solidly made, easy to adjust and able to securely hold a wide variety of tablets. When not using it on a headrest, it can rest on a table and hold a tablet, Kindle or iPad at an ideal viewing angle of about 30 degrees. When considering the purchase of this device it would be wise to check out the headrest of the vehicle where you plan to mount it. Not all seats have adjustable headrests. If your vehicle seats are among those without adjustable headrests supported by metal rods, then this holder will have no place to mount, despite its claim to be "universal." Using your common sense will help you make the right decision.

This holder was supplied to me in exchange for an honest review, which you have just read.

A nifty accessory that works as advertised with tablets

Length:: 0:20 Mins

I've seen several dashboard- or windshield-mounted holders for cellphones, but this is the first headrest mount that I've reviewed. It's clearly intended for tablets. With its adjustable jaws, it will hold tablets as narrow as about 4" to as wide as about 8". I tested the holder with my Kindle Fire HD 7" (2012 model) in my car. Installing the mount was very easy and took about one minute. The Kindle Fire mounted in both the landscape and portrait orientations. I have a cover on the Kindle Fire, and there was no problem mounting it with the cover on, but with thicker covers it might be necessary to remove the cover first. By raising the front seat headrest, it's possible to adjust the height of the tablet, although how much you can raise it would depend on the comfort of a person in the front seat. A nifty locking swivel on the holder allows tilting the tablet in a range of angles.

The two pieces of the holder are made of high impact plastic that appears to be pretty much indestructible. The latching mechanism of the holder has a positive action that isn't likely to loosen and release a tablet accidentally. Likewise, the two screw fasteners that hold the unit onto the posts of the headrest are pretty much foolproof as well. The gripper feet that hold a tablet in the holder have rubber pads that improve the grip and give a little cushioning when the vehicle goes over bumps or ruts in the road.

The mount holder appears to be a well made, handy accessory for anyone who needs to mount a tablet for backseat viewing. I've included a short video showing the tablet mounted in the holder.

A product sample was provided by the manufacturer for review purposes.

Versatile Mount
Aleratec sent me a review unit of this unique tablet mount. My first thought was that the package seemed too small. However, that is actually an asset. The mount is very compact and easy to move. But, how does it work?

There are two clips that can be tightened down over the little metal arms of a headrest. They are adjustable, so they should work with any car. In fact, they are so adjustable that this hardly seems like a headrest mount. It is a mount that could be used to attach a tablet to many things. I've already considered using it with a little music or speaker stand next to my bed for watching movies or playing online when I have insomnia.

Since a tablet needs to be touched and tapped to work, the mount needs to be sturdy, and it is. The angle is adjusted easily, too.

This is my first experience with a headrest mount, but Aleratec thought it through before releasing a product. If you want to mount a tablet to a headrest or just need a versatile mount, this should satisfy you.

Easy to install iPad holder
An interesting toy. I will have to revise this post later to put up a video but I attached my ipad to this in my car and it worked perfectly. The holder itself hides really well behind the headrest and you can't really tell that it's holding the two metal bars which I though was very clever. It's a very secure feeling and doesn't seem like it would ever really fall off which is always a concern for me. This is by far a really nice design for ipad and tablets alike. It was easy to use and easy to install which is more than I can ask for.just a few adjustments to get it installed and a few adjustments to squeeze my tablet in. Took me less than 2-3 minutes to put it in my car. I received this ipad holder for a honest review

This is a universal tablet holder for automobile headrests.

Quality: This product is very well made. All the pieces are thick, well designed and padded in the right places. This is not a flimsy piece of hardware.
- Tablet holder has nonslip padding anywhere that touches the tablet.
- Tablet is locked into place by snap lever in the back.
- Viewing angle of the tablet can be adjusted by a 360 degree ball joint.
- Headrest attachments are secured by oversized thumb screws.

It's easily adjustable and it will accept anything as big as a tad under 8 inches and anything as small as 4 1/4 inches. The max thickness of anything that will fit in the clamps is about 5/8 of an inch.

Testing on two different headrest shows that it holds the tablet well without slippage, works as advertised.

But the real gem we found is that this holder works just as well as a tablet holder at home. It can hold the tablet upright or sideways and you can either hold it at a high angle or low angle depending on how you put the holder. Just put your tablet in it and set it on the table and voila, a tablet stand.

Overall a high quality headrest tablet holder that can also be used as a tablet stand. Made of thick sturdy plastic. Sample was received for review purposes.

Nice way to entertain your backseat passengers...
This worked better than I expected... the Aleratec Universal Tablet Car Headrest Mount is a tablet holder that you can use to hold and display various-sized tablets on the backside of the front car seats. If you have kids (or adults) in the back seat on car trips, this could be a perfect way to keep them entertained.

The unit uses the two headrest posts as the anchor. There are two clips with curled parts that slide left and right to allow for variable headrest post distances and placement (please note it only works with headrests that have a two post design... not a center post headrest). Once clipped around the posts, they tighten down like screws to give a solid base. The part that holds the tablet is an X-shaped bracket that ratchets down to customize the fit on various tablets. There's a single knob on the back that twists 90 degrees to lock that in place. The headrest bracket and tablet bracket are separate pieces, and you join them together with a tab-slot design that holds the two securely. There's also a ball-joint on the headrest bracket that allows the tablet to swivel around to various angles, and can easily be tightened down to hold it in place.

I know all that sounds somewhat complicated, but it's pretty easy once you actually hook the tablet in and mount it to the seat. The hardest part was getting the tabs to line up in order to connect the two brackets together. I suppose I could have put them together, hooked it up to the headrest posts, and then put the tablet on it. However, I think on a regular basis you'd leave the headrest bracket in place and remove the other bracket so there's less chance of something getting knocked around or broken. Overall, I found the entire unit to be very stable and solid, and I didn't have any fear of the tablet slipping out or falling off. The only "instability" would be based on how rough your ride in the car might be. On smooth roads, there's minimal movement. On an uneven surface, it'll shake a bit more (but I would expect that on any type of mobile device mount).

I can see this being ideal for people who have kids who are in the back seat. It's pretty easy to hook this up, maybe run a USB cord from a USB outlet to the tablet to keep it charged, and the kids are entertained for hours.

Obtained From: Manufacturer
Payment: Free

Exactly what I was hoping for
I was looking for something that would hold my Kindle safely and securely. I found it in the Aleratec Universal Tablet Car Headrest Mount Holder!!! I am not nervous at all about the Kindle flying into my kids face if I were to hit the breaks hard and all of a sudden. I am very happy.

Great product that is being marketed to the wrong demographic
When I accepted a review sample of this holder I had visions of using it to entice my constant companion to sit in the back and play with her iPad. Indeed, this hooked right onto the two posts of the front seat headrest that would allow a backseat passenger to watch movies and do whatever else they use the iPad for. My companion did not take the bait, so I was left with a review sample that, frankly, I could not give away.

Necessity is the mother of invention and the best use for this mount was in my music room. This hooks into my Belmonte Orchestra Stand Deluxe Black to mount an iPad and still have room left for sheet music and a The New Real Book - Volume 1. I have uploaded customer-supplied photos to show how this securely attaches to the stand and holds an iPad in place (it will work with any tablet up to 10 inches.)

I love how this holder allows you to place your tablet at practically any viewing angle, and also how it positively and absolutely holds the tablet in place. For the record, these claims apply equally to the dual headrest posts in my 2014 Outlander and to the music stand cited above.

Personally, the manufacturer is missing a major market because tablets are now common on stages and in studios and I suspect that there is a much larger market for this holder than significant others who refuse to be relegated to the back seat. I am so pleased with this holder that I have already recommended it to fellow musicians.


Technical data

  • Fits Tablet with 7" to 10" screen
  • Adjustable viewing angles - portrait or landscape
  • Screw type tightening system for sturdy mounting
  • Make sure to demand original Aleratec product


Product Description

aleratec Universal Tablet car headrest mount is the ideal solution for mounting any 7 to 10 tablet for your passenger sitting in the backseat. This portable mount securely holds your tablet for easy viewing - portrait or landscape view. It features a screw type tightening system that will fit thin or thick headrest metal post suitable for universal application.

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